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  1. The kid’s got some good chops. Has some serious Setzer going on there.
  2. Shite! That’s crazy! I want to hear it in person. I think the audio demo they did was real decent.
  3. I didn’t know Mike Reno was in that.
  4. That’s pretty slick. Me likey! I bought one relic. It was a Fender CS “Master-Built” ‘56 Strat. A buddy of mine works for a dealer that snagged it. It was an ‘07 NAMM guitar I think? He told me that it was one of the coolest sounding Strats he’d ever played and I should get it. It was absolutely the best Strat I’d ever owned. The soft V neck, the playability and sound was out of this world. I couldn’t get over that I paid that much for a guitar that was beat to shit(very authentically looking too), but it was somehow really sweet. When I showed up for rehearsal with it I had fun for a short while before fessing up to my band mates that it really wasn’t a ‘56 LOL. One day I accidentally dinged it. At first I was disappointed in myself, until I realized it was an upgrade. Fender would’ve charged another $75 for that work.
  5. As goofy and rock’n’roll as he was, Dave actually had a great knowledge of old music. In many old interviews, both taped and in guitar magazines, Dave talked about music he loved that came before rock, and many times had referenced Milton Ager and Jack Yellen (hits in the ‘20s and ‘30s) who wrote such classics as Ain’t She Sweet, Happy Days Are Here Again, Hard Hearted Hannah, Mama Goes Where Papa Goes, and Big Bad Bill(sound familiar?) Dale Evans and Happy Trails. In fact it was DLR who had to convince Eddie to cover BBBill, and Happy Trails among others. Dave was a fan of ragtime, jazz and swing.
  6. Ah. I always thought Donald Sutherland ate him.
  7. I know, right?! Now, in the spirit of Kumbaya, bite me!
  8. Duplication. I have one one the board, one in my den and one in the music room. Same with the Eternity burst. It’s silly having so many. Want the money more than the duplication these days.
  9. And yet today you can be a pop star without being able to sing, dance or know who Van Halen is.
  10. Man! Just discovered two absolutely fantastic jazz albums by none other than the actor(& excellent musician) Jeff Goldblum. He’s apparently a very accomplished pianist, with two very good albums. He’s playing with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra and he’s got John Storie on guitar. Really great listening!
  11. It’ll also mean that she knows how to read. I have $20 that says she doesn’t know what “alphabetically” means.
  12. Damn it Beavis! My boner just hit the ground. Um, yeah hey, that’s your mom. She makes my bunghole itch. Heh-heh you’re gonna need a ball washer after that. Uh, can you like tell her to shut up and show us her home porn? I am the great Cornholio! Uh...wait, Does she have a butt? Hey Beavis, heh...we’re gonna score.
  13. NEVER! I feel like I just watched one of Thorn's rapper-devil-girl videos. Some people are into piercing their genitals these days, doesn't make it good and I ain't watching! Yoko Ono is almost talented compared to this. No truer words have ever been spoken. I wish Jerry Garcia was here to opine.
  14. That was really different. I like it. Sort of early ‘80s New-Wave pop meets YES?
  15. That explains why the picture smells like fish and Aqua Velva.
  16. Isn’t he a game show host, or on Animal Planet?
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