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  1. @hikarateboy , @cmatthes I'm having difficulty starting new PMs. No matter where I try to initiate it from, I get a partial message window missing the text field. It happens in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Here's a screen shot of the pop up:
  2. We’ll just have to wait for the upcoming excavator vs guitar videos.
  3. That’s what I was thinking, but I saw the video above, and a couple of articles I read alluded to Gibson also licensing their name as well, meaning the guitars made could actually say Gibson on the headstock. I didn’t see that on the Echopark website though. Who knows. Either way, Brent has a new place to dumpster-dive.
  4. The only tours I seem to do these days are the Tour de Publix and the Tour de Kroger.
  5. They were supposed to be smarter with Negan as CEO. Scratching my head. Why? Really... Why?
  6. I believe it’s more simple than that. They shoot in low light with a dark background. Extending exposure and bumping illumination (brightens brighter images before dark*background*)and tweaking brilliance, dropping contrast and black-point creates a very dramatic image of whatever your subject.
  7. I do prefer early AC/DC to post Scott as well. Back in Black is the only album after Scott, worth a damn in my opinion.
  8. Here’s a cool perspective of a great band!
  9. I’ve played it twice a day since I got it Monday. It’s truly a fun listen!
  10. There were a couple that hit the ground over the years too. I watched it almost happen at the Jackie Gleason Theatre years ago. Man, that thing slid off his lap and he caught it on his knee with his ELBOW! What a freaking noise it made! My wife screamed “Oh no! Lucille!” I told her to relax, there are three more back stage and ten at his house LOL.
  11. ‘50s Strat baby! Nicest playing Strat I ever had was ‘56 CS Reissue. Kick myself for trading it away!
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