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  1. @RobB I get where you’re coming from regarding not getting it with PRS. I felt the same until around ‘09 when I got my first DGT, and since then, they’ve only gotten better. I think if you favor LP short scale types, the McCarty 594 SC will make you very happy. I believe their very best guitars have been made in the last three years. If you snag anything 2017 or later you’ll not be disappointed. PRS went to Nitro finishes on the McCarty 594s in late ‘19. Im not sure that it makes any real difference. I’ve had their limited run 245s finished in nitro and there wasn’t really a noticeable diffence between those and the others for me. Two of my favorite three guitars are PRS now, my McCarty 594SC, my DGT and my Monaco. I’d have a real hard time choosing if I was forced somehow to only have one.
  2. Indeed they are! I've really come to love the PRS hardware, everything they're doing is top shelf. Their tuners, the trems, the bridge and stop tails! Love the brass thing they've got going on, especially the use of those big fat, thick brass saddles. They have a great effect on the note bloom and tonality.
  3. I have a McCarty SC 594 and absolutely love it! The Pattern Vintage neck carves are terrific, but they do vary. The one I have is comparable in feel to my ‘08 R8s I used to own, feels incredible. It is larger than my SC 245. It measures nice and beefy at .89”-.97.”
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    I just love the flat cap!
  5. I think he was a much better player. Not so much as good a songwriter. There was and he was a very good player IMO. His name was John Curulewsky, RIP
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    ...and that serial number! It’s the same here as it is in Australia!
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    @Toadroller That thing is just beautiful!!!! Congrats!
  8. I’ve a bunch of them, I prefer low-medium gain tones. Of all of them, my three favorites for this in order are the Black Glass OC42 BBB, the COT (hand-hand-wired white-foldy), and the Vintage Modern. For medium/heavy gain classic rock tones in order I like the Eternity Burst (handwired), and tied are the Vintage Modern, and the OD11. The Black Glass OC-42 BBB is out of this world great, but it is rare and hard to find. My favorite!
  9. “Hmmm, perhaps I should buy them all and hand them out to his fans that would vote...”
  10. Great in the studio too, if the first take is no good, I suppose you could easily take another stab at it with this guitar. ”OK, cut....”
  11. It is absolutely the most idiotic shit I've seen in a long while.
  12. Who would ever think this is a good idea for a custom guitar? WTF? The amount of bad ju ju oozing off the picture of that thing is stinking up my f*cking music room (I mean pet and smoke-free studio). Gotta run. CYA.
  13. I saw a bad porno that began like this...
  14. Someone’s not going to get any sleep tonight...
  15. I'm a huge Styx fan. I discovered them in '75 or '76 when I bought my first Styx LP, the Equinox album. After I bought that, I got their previous releases and was hooked ever since. I never thought of them as a guitar or synth band. I think they were a very balanced band with great dynamics and they all complemented each other. The early music IMO was spectacular and to me their first few records were a mixture of rock stylings, some songs were straight forward rockers, and some were incredibly seductive compositions of almost a cross between mainstream rock, and prog. You'll hear this on What Has Come Between Us on the first album. This song, stands out on that album to me and foreshadows the music of Styx to come. It is also the highpoint of the album. No doubt, it was Dennis DeYoung behind it. He is indeed a genius and one of my favorite composers. Their second album released in '73, was a definite step up. Opening with You Need Love, this song again foreshadows the future sound to come. Lady of course is a classic, that went on to become a huge hit for them two years later in '75. Earl of Roseland is a song that sounds like it should have been written by Pete Townshend and I can almost imagine it as a Who song with Roger Daltrey belting out the song with ease. As a whole, this album really helps to see how the band got its sonic footing. Distinctly more congruent with the classic Styx sound. Tommy Shaw was a fantastic addition and can't imagine Styx of the late seventies without him. He definitely made his mark on the band. I Saw them a couple of times, the first time being at the Garden in '78 for the Pieces of Eight tour, and the last time being the Kilroy Was Here tour. I'm prepared to take the razzing, but I liked Kilroy Was Here. Still do. Those two shows stand out in my memory as two of the best concerts I've seen. They are definitely one of my favs to see. Great shows BOTH!
  16. I’m literally giving this guitar away guys, and it’s a pretty darned awesome one at that.
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