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  1. About Might Mite MFG: https://mightymite.com/about-us/ https://mightymite.com/
  2. That thing is in great shap! I’d love to have that!!!
  3. Speak for yourselves. Now bugger-off and BITE ME!
  4. gtrdaddy

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    Hamer experience: Pretty darn good. Hameritis, not a big deal to me. A lot of guitars wind up with finish issues over time. They rectified it eventually. Bygones. Never played a Hamer that was a turd, not saying they’re no out there, I just haven’t seen one. Pickups are personal taste. Nothing I could fault a builder for, me not liking a certain pickup. Finishes have been stellar on all I’ve owned.
  5. gtrdaddy

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    Gibson issues I’ve experienced: Twisted necks in new guitars with action set high so a buyer won’t notice LOL! On a related note, it is common that crap wood with no resonate quality is used for guitars ending up with a guitar that sounds like you’re strumming through wet concrete. I ordered an R9 around 2000 and it came in with the neck pickup ring mounted crooked so much instead of the ring being flush with the neck, it touched it on one side, and there was a 1/16” gap on the other side. A very common problem is they don’t take time to do a proper setup. Most new Gibsons I’ve seen have nuts that haven’t been correctly slotted, leaving action at the first fret so high that the notes pull sharp when fretted. Tuners mounted crooked and/or misaligned. Bad fret work. (Improved in recent years) Just lousy attention to detail that creates so many issues.
  6. When I've more time I'll look at this bad boy a bit closer. I'm kinda stoked, it looks awesome really.
  7. If it needs to be lightweight high compliance I'm out! It's long been proven that with the correct arms, that heavier medium and low compliance cartridges are superior. I'll have to check this out further!
  8. He still can't hitchhike.
  9. Only one way to know for sure! 😉
  10. He also probably got confused when he tried to flip you off. ....uh, hmm, index, middle, middle, ring, pinky, WAIT! I'll get it!
  11. Been a couple of years! Mickey_C? “....he seemed so normal.”
  12. Strike a nerve there Haynie @Steve Haynie
  13. I had a KAB damping unit on one as well. It’s primary purpose is sonic damping, of sympathetic frequencies that lend themselves to frequency cancellation and feedback. Sort of a silicon and paddle version of Q-Damping. One of the added benefits is better tracking of warped discs, particularly for low and medium compliance cartridges. It can be a detriment to the suspension of a high compliance cartridge. Reason of course is that as the stylus rides up a warp, the VTF is increased, and the VRA is decreased. The damping effect of adding resistance to the arm’s motion can increase the VTF even more so as well as decreased VRA. The stiffer low and med compliance cartridge suspensions can handle that better. That said, while the arm tracks up a heavy warp, my curiosity was how the floating platter would respond to the downward force created by the arm’s mass as the record surface rises. I would think there would be some wobble of sorts.
  14. gtrdaddy

    Sitting In

    Been there done that! In ‘84/‘85 I was at a Fasching festival in Zweibrueken, Germany listening to a cover band (they were playing rock of the day, Scorps, Ratt, Deep Purple, Maiden etc)and during a break I was chatting with the guitarist, talking about gear when he asked if I wanted to check out his new Kramer Pacer. I said sure and was just noodling around with his full stack and hundred watt head on standby, he asks me if I know Eruption, and I said sure. Began playing it for him while on standby and he flipped the switch!!! Completely caught me off guard, as I was squatting in an awkward position and looked up to see close to a thousand people staring at me LOL. I got on my feet quickly and while I was finger tapping he asked if I know the VH version of You Really Got Me, I nodded yes, the band all joined me on stage and we played for the following hour. Had a lot of fun that night, but during that first couple of minutes I just wanted to hide, completely unprepared for what was about to happen!
  15. Any TRUE Beatles fan can’t stand Yoko! SHE, is the reason the Beatles broke up!
  16. @Dave Scepter I had a beautiful Redwood Ltd with the SLUs. I really loved those pickups! I miss that guitar.
  17. Looks like a pic from his doper days!
  18. I’d have to wonder how it responds to the fluctuation of VTF as the stylus tracks a bad warp? Does the platter teeter as it tracks? I’d love to see it in person and run it through some testing. @JohnnyB Zero bearing friction, that just gives me a chub!
  19. I know what the Ultimates are. They were designed by Seymour with Jol as I recall the story, made with a seven-9 OFC Monster Cable wire stands, specifically made in very limited numbers for use only with the Artist Ultimate. They were assigned serial numbers to go with the guitars. There were several made that went unused in the Ultimates and Hamer decided to use the remaining pickups in the 30-unit run of Studio Custom Redwoods Ltds. Those pickups were not serialized in the Redwoods and were named Seymour Duncan SLUs, which stands for “Slightly Less than Ultimate. These pickups weren’t used in any other guitars. That’s why I asked what the story is, as in how were they acquired and installed on this guitar.
  20. If you’re looking to be a member of this fantastic, and very well respected forum, you’re really going about it the wrong way.