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  1. I believe it’s more simple than that. They shoot in low light with a dark background. Extending exposure and bumping illumination (brightens brighter images before dark*background*)and tweaking brilliance, dropping contrast and black-point creates a very dramatic image of whatever your subject.
  2. I do prefer early AC/DC to post Scott as well. Back in Black is the only album after Scott, worth a damn in my opinion.
  3. Here’s a cool perspective of a great band!
  4. I’ve played it twice a day since I got it Monday. It’s truly a fun listen!
  5. There were a couple that hit the ground over the years too. I watched it almost happen at the Jackie Gleason Theatre years ago. Man, that thing slid off his lap and he caught it on his knee with his ELBOW! What a freaking noise it made! My wife screamed “Oh no! Lucille!” I told her to relax, there are three more back stage and ten at his house LOL.
  6. ‘50s Strat baby! Nicest playing Strat I ever had was ‘56 CS Reissue. Kick myself for trading it away!
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