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  1. gtrdaddy


    Anyone remember when Sir Paul got thrown in the pokey in Japan? I remember it like it was yesterday. Ted Koppel was doing his 11:30pm nightly report on the 52 Americans held hostage in Iran, Koppel would start out the report with "DAY 299, DAY 300 etc", (this nightly hostage report went on to become the evening national news show "Nightline"). So McCartney gets busted with weed in Tokyo and winds up in a Japanese slammer with no sign of the Japanese willing to release him anytime soon. SNL's "Weekend Update" segment opens with a picture of McCartney being hauled off to the clink and I think it
  2. Hey did you happen to use a credit card to fund the PP payment? If you did, go to your card company and tell them what happened. Using your credit card is an extra layer of protection. They should certainly protect you no matter what the PP nazi fucks do. If they side with you on it (and I'm sure they will) they'll reverse the payment for you and PP will be stuck without a dime and the guitar WILL go back.
  3. Get a quality Weller with adjustable heat. They're not too expensive. I use a 70 watt model that runs as hot as 850F. For stuff like that I'll run it at 700F and at that temp it will melt the solder on that jack way before it heats the pot up. Using a 700F soldering gun is way better for your stuff than a cheapo that runs at 3-400 F because you don't have to sit there waiting for everything to get hot enough to melt solder. The 70watt iron knocks the job out real fast and without harm.
  4. Brutally honest until he sells you a Chibson Gibson instead of the real deal.
  5. Um, that or he’s intentionally torturing everyone around him.
  6. You'd just have to ask the legend himself. I searched "brentrocks" on YT and it came up LOL.
  7. I pretty much stopped using PP and will more than likely close my business account with them. I officially closed my Reverb account a couple of weeks ago after being turned off by the declining standards since Etsy bought them. When I asked them politely to close my account and why, I received a notification from them that my account "...is being closed due to suspicious and possible illicit activity." Fuck those cocksucking pieces of shit.
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