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  1. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but neither does milk.

  2. Everyone knows “T” didn’t die in that damned diner with Journey playing on the jukebox. He got croaked choking on a cannoli sunning himself on RT 3 in front of Satriale’s pork store.
  3. I'm glad you had fun Dirk, it's great to hear that it was a good show! Wish I could've seen it!
  4. That one is exactly like my very first Newport Pro. Love that guitar!
  5. @Dave Scepter nailed it. Great season so far. People ALWAYS have to have something to whine about even when there’s nothing to whine about!
  6. Big finale tomorrow night. Who here thinks Tyrion Lannister will kill the Mad Queen?
  7. Dang! Nice sounding rock speaker! Great high end chime. Cool playing too!
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