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  1. Bring it on. Happy New Year yuze guyz!
  2. I hope everyone has a safe, wonderful, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Festivus, whatever it is you celebrate this season!
  3. Dave, despite the jokes, FLA is a fantastic place to live. While I'm a Jersey-Boy at heart, spent most of my yute growing up there, I've spent most of my life in FLA and you will be a happy man. A Florida-Man, but a happy Florida-Man nonetheless!
  4. I’m about four hours away too, and @Greg G. I used to live down there. If you need anything, if you need a good real estate agent, any advice, gimme a shout!
  5. Yes Suhr, suhr is a beaut for suhr!
  6. This is a board I built when I was distributing Palmer and G-Lab a few years ago. I broke down my current rig when I packed the house up in the spring. As some of you know I'm in the process of unpacking and settling into the new house, once I figure out where everything is and have time, I'll build my next one. I'll definitely go more basic next time, leave the switching and midi stuff out. I'm more down to Earth than this board, which was more or less built to work with any amp (Tim OD), showcase the effects, power and functionality of G-Lab, and doesn't really reflect anything about my base
  7. Killer guitar. You could ask Mike Eldred about it, he could tell you everything you need to know. http://mikeeldredtrio.com/contact/ https://m.facebook.com/mikeeldredtrio/
  8. I have one as well. The only phaser I’ve ever bonded with. I’ll never part with it.
  9. Now, THIS PEDAL, is a "must have" at any price. I used to have a "Talent Booster", but with age I seem to care less and less about talent, and find that sucking less is just more important to me.
  10. Lovepedal. Black Glass OC-42 BBB. KILLS. This pedal impressed me the first moment I'd tried it. Each time I've played it, I've only grown to love it more. My favorite pedal for blues, jazz-blues, and blues rock. Also into the heavy fuzz mode is great for Hendrix and other fuzzbianz of classic rock. I've never owned a dirt pedal that has felt so right in so many genres. The blend knob and the COT knob together create such a variety of sound, it boggles the mind, all from one pedal. It is a germanium fuzz and treble B, and a COT all in one pedal. You can choose all out fuzz with the blend knob
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