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  1. My first Fender was a ‘Stang. I would’ve kept it if it was HSS. Me likey!
  2. Dooood! Great trem pedal. I have a really old one. Love it. It’s my always-on pedal! Yes it had a photocell. That ain’t the problem though. You got demons ‘n shit.
  3. If it still does it after using a different port, also try a different USB cable, and make sure it is a 3.0 (SS) variety. It could also be a resources issue. If you're multi-tasking on the computer while listening, terminate all programs and browser tabs except for the browser tab you're watching/listening to YouTube on. If it clears up, you've a resources problem.
  4. Michael, try using the Scarlett on a different port.
  5. I thought I was a starving musician as well, then I saw myself in the mirror this morning...
  6. One switch adds talent, one adds a suck filter, another adds a bit of pretentiousness.
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