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  1. I seem to remember that he used to have a few in his collection. Who said he didn’t have any? Did I miss something?
  2. I don’t think it is. Maybe here at the HFC with all us BAMFs LOL. Essentially I think the there are less guitar players today, and for seven decades the manufacturers had been building as much as they could. That leaves us with seven decades of used instruments with fewer players and a flooded used instrument market. Im not going to debate the economy, I’ve better things to do. All I’ll say is my portfolio is is doing better the last three years than it has since the ‘80s and ‘90s, and not just marginally better, but insanely GREAT.
  3. I believe what @bubs_42 is referring to is the fact that the market is flooded with tons of used gear. A lot of competition for the sale. I won’t speak to anyone’s having “sacks of cash”, but, yes, the US economy is smokin’ right now.
  4. How old are you Joe? Really. If you're not a boomer you sure are a stone’s throw away there junior.
  5. There was also a time every ‘59 went for $350 too.
  6. But if it hadn’t been posted this second time, we wouldn’t have got to hear about the great moment @Travis had with his wife!
  7. It is the result of currency exchange rates. Has zero to do with eBay or Fender.
  8. LOL. I haven't heard that in a while. Classic. Yeah, he had a temper for sure. But DAMN! What a drummer!
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