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  1. A Certain Girl. Warren Zevon. For a week now.
  2. Great job Geoff! Tasteful playing as always, and the videography is fantastic, I love the perspective of the filming!
  3. Mr. Juber is flat out amazing. Long time fan here.
  4. While I haven’t sought a schematic (and I can read them) I find it difficult to accept that statement. I’ve seen it on other forums and have just ignored it. I currently have an AMP 11, and I had Tims on my boards for twelve years, and had a Timmy that I kept in my den. These pedals sound nothing like an AMP 11. Nothing at all like it. Also the right side of the AMP 11 is not a boost like on the Tim, it is a COT 50, another Lovepedal. They may have similar circuits, but don’t they all? What differences there are, serve to provide the AMP 11 with quite the discrete sound.
  5. I’ve owned a Simble, Tims and a Timmy, the Wampler, Plush Drive, Plush Valve Job, Zendrive I & II, the Zenkudo, and probably a few more D-types over the years. I currently have and am using Twimbles. The Twimble is superior to the Simble IMO. The Twimble has a more amp-like feel. I also have a Lovepedal Amp 11, which isn’t a pedal marketed as a “D-Type”, but plugged into my BF VR, is really great. It’s quickly become my favorite go-to OD pedal.
  6. You may have had an early one. I'm pretty sure the Vintage Carve was standard by mid '04. I've had two '04s, an '05, '06 and two '07s all with the Vintage Carve. A nice palm-filling piece of lumber that feels good.
  7. Use what ever feels good, and sounds good to you.
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