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  1. Hypocrisy and double standards. I'm out.

    1. JGale


      What the fuck did I miss?

  2. dünyayı daha iyi bir yer yapmak istiyorsan / Kendine göz atın ve bir değişiklik yapın.

  3. Şeytanın yaptığı en büyük hile, dünyayı var olmadığına inandırmaktı.

  4. Sonsuz tavizler bütünlük yanılsamasını kırar.

  5. Somewhere in a vast guitar wasteland, beneath its dark skies and devoid of humanity, lies a pile, sky high of lonely, unloved Blackjacks, Bobers, and Princetons, that eagerly await the company of Lovepedal BOAs...
  6. Final serial number in 2014 = 456449
  7. You Sir, without a doubt have been good for the economy.
  8. It's why I like the Phase III and thew brass shafts. I put them on some non PRS types and they were fantastic. Holes not matching up may bother some... But the tone! My second favorite has been Hipshot.
  9. Jeez Don, roll the freaking window up, you're getting old car interior smell all over that good wood.
  10. That album was brilliant. So many of its songs dealing with mortality, ironically he was diagnosed with cancer after this album was released and died two years later. I loved his music. One of the greats.
  11. You Can't Save Me is on the setlist from the Winery Dogs "Unleashed In Japan 2013" album. Great album, great musicianship. Kotzen of course, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) on drums and Billy Sheehan on bass! Fucking RULES.
  12. Huber Reitenbergen Morgan RCA35 Red Plate Blues Machine
  13. I've not found the "box" of these things yet, but I did stumble across a pair of them as well as a pair of the Schallers. Somewhere in this God-forsaken garage is a box of gold Dunlops! PM me with your address and I'll put Dunlop pair in the mail to you.
  14. meh... I would be most interested to hear what it would've been like had Hendrix done it.
  15. If he wasn't before, he is now for trying to sell a 349.99 guitar for $3700. What does he think he's got there, Clapton's Epiphone? Or does he think because he played it it's worth so much LOL?
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