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  1. That’s a problem.... mine’s not going anywhere (and not not because it’s still in storage!)
  2. Just stunning! What a great top and body combo. So envious! Congratulations!!!
  3. Right! I was just reading this thread and was going to tell Tim I got nothing, can’t get past the thread title!
  4. Still gotta try one Shawn, the AMP808 is everything you like about a TS, sans everything that’s annoying (huge annoying midrange bump). Hear me there Buckaroo? Can I have a witness? @Jakeboy
  5. Ma Brutha! Stick some TAD 6L6 short bottles in that bad boy! (WGC-STR)
  6. Musician no buy drowned cat; he have no money for wet pussy. Rich man with hands in pocket feel foolish; Poor musician with hand in pocket feel nuts... Musician who kiss girl’s behind, get crack in face! When musician have hand in bush, he trim shrubs. Woman who love musician like falling in love with elevator operator; they get shaft.
  7. Yes naughty bits...um [img] remove them and paste the new url line and hit the space bar.
  8. What are you guys doing? Just paste it, hit the space bar and voila!
  9. Aside from the crazy aging (wood doesn’t rust) being limited to only the top, while the rest of the guitar looks newborn?
  10. Have you ever been boned up the hey-hey for being a wise-guy?
  11. I know I’ve been out of circulation for a bit; what happened with LP?!!
  12. I’ve never really been a compressor user, but I had a Tone Press on a board for over a decade. It was fun and lively sounding when I did choose to stomp on that switch. The only compressor I’d ever bonded with.
  13. It’s one heck of a beautiful instrument though Dave, big congrats!
  14. I don’t know either, but when I pasted URL without them it worked.
  15. [img]https://i.imgur.com/o17Uz6A.jpg[/img] You can just upload it by doing a quick copy-paste too.
  16. I removed the html embedding tags and it worked fine. https://i.imgur.com/o17Uz6A
  17. This Les Paul is one of the most chimey LPs I’ve ever owned. It plays VERY smooth and fast. New owner will not be disappointed!
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