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  1. wrtx

    Hamer SFX

    Hello Hamer Experts - saw a listing for a Hamer SFX - what is this? Suspect it's a down market Hamer, but don't know. Thanks Experts!
  2. wrtx

    What did I buy?

    Yes it is - sorry for the late reply
  3. wrtx

    What did I buy?

    Hello fellow Hamer fans. Kind of an accidental guitar purchase as I bid not expecting to win, won and here I am. Happy with the guitar, plays well enough and sounds great actually. However, no idea what type of Hamer it is - no serial #'s and it has an aftermarket paint job (described as off-white, really is a pale yellow that exactly matches the "white pickup" - so looks good imho) tuners (willkinsons) and pickups (Kramers). Any and all help is appreciated - and again I blame Rick Neilsen for my Hamer jones - this is my 3rd.