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  1. Not really into gold tops, but that one, NICE ! A couple cracked knobs, but hey, it happens. Somebody should plan a road trip !!
  2. Contacted the seller at "taurowoodworks" to see if he can add P90 neck and middle routes to that Tele Bird, with a thicker body. If so, will do something similar to a Baker b3 Phoenix.....with some Gravelin's......Hooya !!! We'll see what happens !
  3. Aaaah, that's right.... may have to go with an original Gibson Firebird case for the T-Bird.
  4. Hey yeah, let's not forget the amps and cabs ! Speakers even, Alnico, ceramics ! Tube amp types, EL-34's, 84's, 6L6's, solid state. I'll bet we got 'em all too !!
  5. Some years ago, I thought my nephew was over doin' it with 32 back then. But I myself am up to 9 at the moment, expecting delivery of another and thinkin' of a parts build now. The wife thinks it's that old "male menopause " creepin' up on me and that I only have two hands, so why keep that many. Yeah right, coming from someone who has 2 feet and 40 PAIRS OF SHOES !! But, seriously, I MAY stop at 12, but then again, when I think about it, I don't have ANY with maple fretboards !!! (Dag.... here we go)
  6. Looks like the top strap button was lowered on the one Dave's was selling !
  7. A "Boo-Teek" guitar, (besides my Hamers) just to see what all the hoopla's about. Then maybe later have one built just for me, to my specs. The Full Monty, from wood type, neck shape, tuners, pickups, electronics, any hardware down to the very screws that will be holding something down. Then maybe learn to read music before I kick that bucket !!
  8. Ooooh, I see a solid body Shishkov korina Maverick in my future....thanks for the insight !!
  9. Just curious, were the original Duncan pickups on the Daytona's a standard alnico 5 like any other single coil, or custom made for that guitar ?
  10. There you go, "Ask and you shall receive "
  11. I think I saw an old post with that description, THAT was one cool Daytona !!!
  12. Same here, Dag, I let a few good deals pass me up thinkin' they were all boat anchors !!
  13. Were they all built with ash bodies, or were there any alder ones built. If so, how would you know, by the weight maybe ?
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