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  1. Was that the Tobacco burst with the EMG's ? I like that color !
  2. I know I'm a newbe, but what's the deal with first fret inlays ?
  3. LMAO !!! Laughed so hard, my gut hurt, even a few minutes after. I needed that.
  4. I did that neck trick on one of my bolt necks some time ago, can't remember where I read it from. But they suggested about 1/4 turn at each screw 'till you hear that "click", then lock that baby up. Was kind'a scary when I heard it, but after a retune and truss rod adjustment, smooooth !!
  5. Geez.... I just saw that Mirage 1 on Reverb for $1450. Guess it's cheaper if you buy local. Picked mine up a couple weeks ago off eBay, better shape than that one and no fret wear !! But that one definitely has a nice Koa top.
  6. Ha.... I remember reading this old post a couple days ago researching older Hamer models. Funny how some people have good retention spans, I can't remember what day it is sometimes !!
  7. Well, at least someone will be happy. So far, not a good year for my G.A.S. I've missed a couple amps, a few speakers, some pickups and now this. I don't think I'll see another one as clean as that Sunburst. Oh well, so the hunt continues !!
  8. Got up late (as usual), saw this post, ran to my lap top, pulled up DGS website, searched for Hamer, clicked "pay with PayPal" then........AAAAAAAAAH "THIS ITEM HAS SOLD" Missed another one !!!!
  9. Wow. What's the build time for a Shishkov ? Guess, it would depend on the wood type, scale length, electronics, etc. etc. no?
  10. tweed


    Nah, it looks nice. I thought it was the lighting at first, but seein' the unfinished version, with that hint of flame across the spalted grain looks really cool under the red. Hey, you picked IT, you liked IT, so that is IT !!!
  11. Ooooh, would that be a Shishkov ? Maybe I should hold off on my next Hamer purchase and look into one. Got some sweet lookin' pic's in their gallery. OH ! , an all Black Korina with some P90's, YEAH BABY !!!!
  12. Dag !!! So it is true, I should have read further up on this thread before I posted ! Man, gotta' get me some P90's !!!!!!!
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