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  1. Same here, I guess you'd have to use a really light touch to play one. Me, I like low frets 'cause I like to dig in. But, as the saying goes, to each their own.
  2. Nice. I like purple levant. Wine taurus is another favorite. So tempted to strip down one of my rigs and redo it, but even my Christmas wrappings looks like crap.
  3. Yes it is, has a nice meaty, jazzy tone, like a bigger body guitar. Been eyeballin' Melancons last couple years, then the Tally's show up. But, as mentioned, GAS is a powerful condition. My wallet's starting to hurt already just looking at it!
  4. Read the whole thread, up to 9 pages now (my eyeballs are burning). The owner chimed in when he found out on 11/23/22 and blamed the manager. C'mon, like he didn't know what was going on. What, like you don't check financial records, stock purchases or reports from suppliers about back orders? Kind of silly to run a business without putting your hands in it. Well, there's always a Fall Guy when something hits the fan, been there.
  5. Different body wood, pickups, bridge. Warmoth can build you a neck or body to your preference if it's in their listing or have them build you a Fender profile of each. You can make it different/better for you to call your own. I recently picked up a Warmoth maple Boatneck for a Strat style build I'm working on. That Warmoth Tele sure is tempting though!
  6. I've got a Stratocaster I picked up earlier this year and got a chance to play out with it, but was so noisy (not so noisy at home but then again, not so loud either). Since I'm a DIY'er and like to tinker, instead of buying noisless pickups I thought I'd take a shot at making a dummy coil. But the video sites I've seen so far never mention if it's a neck or bridge single coil. Does it matter? Can I also use a middle position coil and flip the leads? Since I'm working on a parts build now, thought I'd experiment a little with the 60 cycle hum before doing surgery on the Strat. So, any pointers, did anybody here ever make one?
  7. I picked one of those up some time ago along with a Crate 1x12 cab. 150W or 75W stereo output, effects loop, XLR line out with volume control. Nice li'l unit. Was a nice fit for the cab which had straps built in to hold it in place for travel.
  8. Congrats ! The long search for a Mirage Trilogy is now complete. Rock on brother. 🤘😎
  9. I can see now from the newer pics that the neck is a Modern Construction. Is the neck profile the Standard Thin or fatter?
  10. I remember my younger days doing a Battle of the Bands in my neighborhood with our rock band, got smoked by a group doing Tower of Power's "What is Hip". Ever since then, loved the sound of a driving horn section.
  11. I hear you bro! I'm starting to hit the old tread mill and workout bench so I can get back in the groove. Don't wanna throw my back out loading & unloading my gear.
  12. Sad,sad.....Very Sad ! Too jacked up even for a refinish project.
  13. No more Tal Wilkenfeld ? Wow.....I'm really out of the loop.
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