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  1. JohnnyB

    Studio Is Set Up!

    Smell it & see.
  2. Nope, just picky. I'm diabetic, so when it's hot I wear canoeing sandals rather then flip-flops to protect my toes. Not long after I got a couple of pairs of Nocona Ranchers, I was going to accompany my wife at a gala where she worked. I didn't want to buy tuxedo shoes and I'd really gotten hooked on my new Western boots, so I bought the Justin black ostrich ropers for dressy and formal wear. Since then they've been my footwear for weddings and funerals. Stuff like that. It just added up in a few months.
  3. I go seven ways--Keen canoe sandals, Justin ostrich/kidskin ropers, Nocona ranchers x2 (one with leather sole, the other crepe), Nocona cowboy, TwistedX bullhide foot /cowboy heel, and Ariat rancher.
  4. The cowboy boots in my closet won't let any flip-flops in..
  5. This was the Hamer guitar group shot at Pesocaster's annual HFC NW BBQ and get-together in the summer of 2012. In the lower half of the arrangement, that's my red Anniversary just to the left. Immediately to the Anniversary's left is my standard Newport--hand-carved spruce archtop, handwound Phat Cat pickups, Bigsby, and dot fret markers. Hop over the blue Monaco to its left and land on my orange flame maple top Phantom Custom. That's not me at the top of the pic; I don't do flip-flops.
  6. Back when I got my Newport (around the year 2000) I was playing it for hours a day and posted my reactions, which echo gtrdaddy's observations. For me, the Newport redefined what you can expect from an electric guitar. And not just in tone, but in dynamic responsiveness and being able to change the guitar's tone by modifying your picking attack.
  7. The 2000 original--routed mahogany body, carved arch spruce top, Bigsby vibrato, and hand-wired Phat Cat pickups.
  8. It's also really lame compared to a Newport--kind of dull, limited dynamics, no sparkle, etc. I played one back-to-back with a Newport. No comparison. I bought the Newport. Still have it.
  9. I'm inclined to think that Phat Cat/Newports are rather dependent on a good amplifier match. A couple months after I got my Newport, I stopped in at a pawn shop. There, in near excellent condition was a Mesa/Boogie DC-10 packing 2 channels, 100 tube watts, and two cast frame 12" speakers. I checked the price tag--$299! I plugged a guitar in and ensured that everything worked. Paid the money and took off with it. Then I stopped in at a vintage store where they checked it against Blue Book, which was somewhere around $1,000. SCORE! I took it home, still with low expectations because my main amp was a handwired PTP Top Hat Club Deluxe. It turns out that Newport/Mesa combo was sheer magic. I played the hell out of that combo for the next several months. My Top Hat sounds fantastic with my Anniversary (mahogany artist), but wouldn't sing with the Newport. The Newport also sang wonderfully with a Gibson Goldtone 2x12, basically a reworked Trace-Elliott.
  10. In case there's any misunderstanding, I was merely bird-dogging that Newport. The finish on that one is like new. However, I'm not a fan of swapping out Phat Cats for production line Duncans, and finding a replacement truss rod cover could be a bitch. Maybe I'm spoiled. I bought my Newport when it was hot out of the factory, with handwound Phat Cats from Seymour Duncans Custom Shop, which were designed by Seymour Duncan himself, specifically for the Newport. I've also had a 25th Anniversary Artist since 1999. It's a simple yet attractive platform, and for two pickups and a 3-say switch it has a wide range of available tones. It makes for a really nice-sounding jazz box without all the bulk and fragility. And when you crank it up for distortion, you can get all the compression, sustain, and wailing you could ask for, and yet--thanks to the semi-hollow all-mahogany construction, it retains a sweet, melodic tone throughout. Here's one for $999. I'm not selling, just passing along the listing at Reverb.com.
  11. JohnnyB

    What's Spinnin' ..

    To go with this Christmas week: I didn't used to be a fan of "The Little Drummer Boy. But Lou Rawls' version just kills it.
  12. 1965 was also the year I discovered jazz, but it started in June when I was still 11. I had just "graduated" from grade school and I'd played drums in my elementary school band. My 29-yr-old sister sent me a Gene Krupa big band album--it was sort of a reunion album of Krupa and some of the star soloists of his post-War big band, with Quincy Jones doing the arranging and conducting. I was hooked. Soon afterward, my 33-yr-old sister gave me a Dave Brubeck Quartet album because I was interested in the drummer, Joe Morello. The previous Fall my dad gave me both Slingerland and Ludwig drum catalogs. Krupa was the featured endorser in the Slingerland catalog and Morello was the celebrity endorser for Ludwig, but I had not heard either of them play until my sisters gave me these record albums. I always liked combo jazz. I immediately liked Vince Guaraldi's crossover hit, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" released in 1962. The Brubeck album reinforced my attraction to combo jazz (as opposed to big band) and when "A Charlie Brown Christmas" debuted on TV in 1965 featuring the Vince Guaraldi Trio, I was ecstatic. It was small group jazz performed by a busy and experienced Bay Area jazz trio. A few years ago after I got back into vinyl and started accumulating LPs, I picked up a reissue of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I was surprised by the clarity and sound quality. I had become used to the somewhat murky and noisy music soundtrack of the TV broadcast. The LP arrived in the mail about the same time the TV special was broadcast, and it confirmed to me that the LP was recorded in a tight, low noise studio venue while the TV soundtrack was more typical of TV sound with a higher noise level. It could be that I noticed the noise more because my video surround system is a bit more "ruthlessly revealing" than a 1960s TV console with a single 4" speaker. Anyway, I'm glad I bought the album because the song list and song lengths are complete and the sound quality is surprisingly good.
  13. JohnnyB

    Samick or Peerless Part II: A Review

    Doesn't/Didn't Brooks do solo restaurant gigs with an Epiphone semihollow? If so, I'd like to see him weigh in on this thread.