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  1. All the links in that list go to current listings, silly.
  2. Think again. From eBay: Blonde 2006 Hwy 1, $1239 Black 2001, $1335. Daphne Blue 2003, $1018. Black 2006, $1065. Black 2006, $1152.65. ...etc.
  3. You very kindly brought your white Vector up from L.A. to the gathering because my wife's son in Cincinnati was jonesing for a Flying Vee and we were going to fly back there for a visit. But he had his mind set on a Gibson and there was no convincing him otherwise, so I bought him a Gibson Vee for completing a music degree. As for the Hamer Vector, Jimbilly picked up the story and arranged a purchase of your Hamer Vee, and since I still had the Vee in Greater Seattle, Jim and I met up and he picked up the Hamer Vee. My opinion of the sounds and playability of spruce top Newports equipped with Phat Cat pickups seems to match your experience exactly. BTW, I've also had the experience of a hard-driven semihollow blowing air out of the f-hole, but in my case it was the red Anniversary in the group shot. That's another guit that compresses nicely and howls when driven hard.
  4. And I don't see anything about a conventional Fender guitar that evokes any action or imagery associated with Game of Thrones.
  5. I find a finish/color/2D graphics treatment pretty lame: Given the beheadings, dragon-induced abductions, amputations, disembowlings, and castrations of the series, and the 3D death metal electric guitars on the market, they could have done much better with more violence and shock value that honors the art design of the series. A stock Strat with a tweed paint job and an oxidized copper finish? Gimme a break! Put the guys to work who came up with the guitars below and work in some catastrophic, irreversibe violence:
  6. I remember that episode. I think he managed to catch enough fish for dinner with a stick, his shoestring, and (IIRC) an open safety pin (nope; it was his key ring).
  7. I was in a vintage/collectible guitar store in my neighborhood a few years ago. They had an all koa Weissenborn acoustic guitar like this: A customer was interested in it so one of the store employees brought the Weissenborn out to show him. He then formed a chord and strummed the guitar. Talk about a tone wood! It seemed to explode with sound and made the entire display room seem to reverberate with the sound of this Weissenborn.. This was in their biggest display room, and I was at the opposite end of it. The sensation of the guitar activating the entire demo room was palpable. I later found out that the thicker, oversized neck is part of the design; it's hollow, which increases its volume and room-filling capacity. This all-koa, all-acoustic guitar certainly showed what makes koa special.
  8. Really good advice. I was going to recommend some G&L Legacys (their Strat-type), as they used to offer a variety of neck profiles, fret sizes, and fretboard radii. I never had a problem with "fretting out," and their vintage "boatneck" profile prevented hand fatigue. I had several G&L ASATs and Legacy types and they were just so "dialed in" from the factory. Now I check their website for the USA-made instruments, and their neck profile and radius options are much scarcer. Here in Greater Seattle, we are blessed with Mike Lull's Guitar Shop and custom repairs. I have not had to use his services for a long time, but I remember having him go over my $259 Peavey Predator, where he worked some serious magic (frets leveled and crowned, fretboard radius, pickup height adjustment, etc., etc. for a reasonable price. After that it played (and sounded) like a much more expensive guitar. I suspect you have a local shop that can take care of you.
  9. In the aftermath of a crippling snowstorm this past February, I bought a used Jeep Grand Cherokee. Later I noticed that it had a CD slot in the radio panel, so I gathered up a couple handfuls of big band CDs from the house and started playing them when I'm running errands in the Jeep. Today I was having a lot of fun with Buddy Rich's "Big Swing Face," a live album of new charts generated for his newly formed band in 1966. One of my favorite cuts (and it's legendary among BR fans) is this rendition of Cole Porter's "Love for Sale." Pay attention to the break at 3:54 for the blistering single stroke roll that kicks off the final chorus. The crowd always went nuts when he did that.
  10. Sounds like good advice. But as a bass pickup newbie, I have to ask--what about going from EMG to Bartolini hum-canceling soapbars?
  11. I don't have the mono pressing of RAM, but I have the September 2014 mono reissues of the Beatles EMI/Parlophone albums. They are quite a revelation and have spoiled me compared to the stereo Capitol pressings we're all used to. The Mono remasters are richer, fuller, and have a powerful "in-the-room" presence. The cartridge stylus doesn't have to work as hard to extract the music as a stereo cartridge would.
  12. Your suspicions would be correct, sir. Here are a couple of G&L's Indonesian-made Tribute series J-basses priced at $449.99 each, new w/warranty: and BTW, those cast bridges deliver massive tone with excellent clarity.
  13. The top wrap makes pitch shifts bigger on bends. It stands to reason because the top wrap has less resistance to bending. However, this is the Reverend Billy G we're talking about, and there's some likelihood that he "tuned" his signal chain to have it both ways--easy bending AND ballsy tone. And I suspect that he "forgot" to reveal how he restored the ballsy tone. (JMHO)
  14. They take you to The Gear Page. If you don't have the permission or access cookies, you won't see anything.
  15. I guess that "absurd power rating" was for real. Good on ya.
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