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  1. JohnnyB

    Samick or Peerless Part II: A Review

    Doesn't/Didn't Brooks do solo restaurant gigs with an Epiphone semihollow? If so, I'd like to see him weigh in on this thread.
  2. JohnnyB

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    The Crutchfield page I linked to is a dizzying display of drop-in dash units that don't play CDs, but can play a variety of wireless digital sources. Example
  3. JohnnyB

    Next question- Ceilings

    Well said. Not to mention that the ceiling fan adds the Doppler Effect to the sound generation. Trust me: I have a ceiling fan on the edge of my listening room and I can NOT use it when I'm playing music for serious listening.
  4. JohnnyB

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    Yeah, I have one of those in my console storage compartment. I thought about mentioning it, but a stereo jack that accesses the car's audio would sound better. I have another relic that was state of the art about 20 years ago--a 6-CD Alpine changer in the trunk. That's the one I use now. Sounds great.
  5. JohnnyB

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    It's a relatively simple and inexpensive modification to have a stereo mini-jack installed somewhere on your dashboard or stereo faceplate. From there you are free to plug in your portable Discman, an iPod Classic (if you can find one), a Smart Phone with music streaming subscription, etc. With all those options I think you'd quickly find a single disc portable unit to be a drag. On a road trip you'd be surprised how quickly you run through a CD, and changing a disc while on the move would be pretty dangerous. I know the iPod Classic is long out of production, but the 160 GB model can hold the equivalent of 200 CDs, and of course a streaming subscription is nearly infinite.
  6. JohnnyB

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    How about Crutchfield Audio?
  7. JohnnyB

    Speaking of missing members

    Ditto for me, except it was a Stephen King novel, but I still have it and appreciate it just the same.
  8. JohnnyB

    Was there a wraptail P90 Studio?

    String instruments with a bridge and tailpiece have an "effective" string length (from nut to bridge saddles) and a "total" string length (from nut to tailpiece termination). For wraptail bridged guitars, the total and effective lengths are the same. I can see where a wraptail could improve sustain as Camstone mentions, but also, when bending strings, you get a larger pitch shift because none of the string pulling or stretching is wasted on the string length between the bridge saddle and the tailpiece termination. When you bend on a wraptail, you get 100% pitch shift for your effort. I had a USA wraptail Eclipse for a while and it just seemed to be a faster, more responsive guitar vs. tailpiece models. It was just like this one, right down to the Vintage Orange body color:
  9. JohnnyB

    60 Cycle Reverb Hum on Rivera R55-12 Amplifier

    Perhaps you could try swapping in a compatible reverb driver tube with less gain. Also, how old is your house? Does any of the house wiring precede up-to-date code?
  10. I didn't realize Germany has such a Crack problem.
  11. JohnnyB

    Bass traps! and other room treatment

    The boxes full of newspaper are closed--taped shut IIRC. The newspapers are wadded up into about 4-to-8-inch diameter balls and moderately packed into the boxes. Since these are functioning as bass traps (27.5 foot long low frequency soundwaves, remember?) I don't think open or closed will matter much, though I think sealing the boxes will make them more effective--and therefore more selective--with long (i.e., LF) soundwaves. That's the way I have mine and I've been satisfied since 1999 or so. It's part of my 7.1 channel home theater surround sound. Adding the cheap-as-shit cardboard box/newspaper bass traps made the bass more linear, reduced bass resonances (i.e., standing waves), and--most important to home theater--made the film dialog much easier to understand.
  12. JohnnyB

    Frettless build

    It's no accident that the USA Bartolinis show up on so many boutique basses. I've had 'em on a couple of MIK basses and the tones were sweeeet!
  13. JohnnyB

    Samick or Peerless?

  14. JohnnyB

    Wilkinson wrap tail ?

    I had a '96 or so Eclipse in Vintage Orange with a Wilkinson wrap. I liked it on pretty much every aspect--tonal transfer, uniformity of sound, quickness, and intonation. In fact, I was impressed at how spot-on the intonation was with just that 2-saddle slider for adjustment.
  15. When did eBay start requiring a membership?