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  1. LedZepmann


  2. Hey BadgerDave, do you still have that red B12S for sale? thx :)

    1. BadgerDave


      Hi LZM,


      Just checked in and saw this.


      Sorry, that one is long gone.

    2. LedZepmann


      Ok - thanks for the reply. Any others? Looking for a maple B12A and B12M :)

    3. BadgerDave


      Nothing multi-string. I have a newer Music Man Stingray 5 that I'd sell, but no other basses.

  3. Hello BCR Greg,

    I am in search of Hamer B12A and B12M 0r B12S basses and saw some of your bass porn posts (old posts, but still). I was wondering if you know of any that would be up for sale?  I've recently joined up with a new Cheap Trick tribute act that is being put together by a Management/Production company that specializes in tribute acts, and they're pretty fussy about authenticity, right down to the gear and instruments.. Their goal is to match the 79, 80 era of Cheap Trick, so I'm in search of a maple top B12A and the same for a B12M (or B12S if that's all I can find).  Any help is greatly appreciated!



    1. BCR Greg

      BCR Greg

      If I see one, I will let you know.


      If you have a Facebook acct, check here....12 string bass

    2. Kingdom bass

      Kingdom bass

      My turn! Looking for Hamer Bass12 any scale


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