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  1. The gold hardware bothered me enough to consider changing it all out for nickel. I've never been a fan of gold, especially on guitars that aren't black Les Paul Customs. I was on the Faber website about to order when I realized I needed to curb my OCD. I realized that the biggest visual offenders were the big gold pickups and I happened to have a set of Josh's Shiblotniks on hand, so . . . The Seths are good, but it's better now.
  2. Arrived yesterday. An exceptional guitar in better than advertised condition. I'm assuming that the Duncan Seth Lovers are a post-factory addition. Wouldn't a '96 come with the '59 and JB set? I'm definitely not complaining -they sound great.
  3. There are many things I love about that design. It would be even better if the builder had recessed the front and back plates into the wood. He obviously has the skill to do so, I wonder why he didn't? Regardless, it's beautifully done and perfectly odd.
  4. Thanks JohnnyB and Rockola. Audiotubes is located about 6 miles east of me. I'll check to see if in-person pickup is available.
  5. The Triple Threats were really close to a true Les Paul spec, except for the double cutaway. My impossible dream Hamer is a Triple Threat Deluxe - with mini humbuckers and a goldtop/darkback finish. Or maybe a Triple Threat Custom - with 7 ply binding, ebony finish and gold hardware. Or just a regular Triple Threat without the hideous victory inlays.
  6. I wonder who was bidding against Irsay to drive the price up?
  7. The only hum cancelling P-90s I've actually played are Fralins. I was impressed. Slightly rolled off top end, but otherwise nice, clear and balanced. Definitely not a raw sounding pickup (like the standard Duncans).
  8. Thanks for the replies. Lots of great information here! 🎯🙌
  9. $1,900 + $49 Shipping *Shipping Details: - $49 is our handling fee ONLY, which covers the box, packing materials, and labor. - Please contact us for an accurate shipping quote via FedEx. I'm out
  10. Personally, I'd love to see them do the first two albums, in order, back to back.
  11. We did run into George and Carmie after the show. Hugs were exchanged. I didn't take any photos, but I think I may appear in a few taken by Sir Dan. I expect he'll put some up on the board. My observations: I was surprised to see a 5th member of the band onstage. He was next to Tom, sang and played guitar throughout the show. Turns out it's Robin's son, which explains how he was able to double Robin's vocals perfectly on several songs. A very talented young man! Robin was in excellent form. I'm amazed that he can still be so consistently flawless. Rick seemed a little off. I believe he may have been under the weather, based on a comment about throwing up that Robin made. He put in a solid effort, but I've seem him play more precise solos. The sound was sketchy for the first several songs, with overwhelming bass and some feedback through the vocal mics. They got it sorted pretty quickly, though. Song selection was mostly predictable, with a few twists, like Magical Mystery Tour and something that Tom sang after "I Know What I Want" and his bass solo. I wish they'd substitute Downed for The Flame as Robin's showcase moment, and play more of the first album. "He's a Whore" was great!
  12. Great band in a really exceptional venue. I'll be there. Anyone else?
  13. I've owned three 3Ts as well, including the one django49 mentioned above, I believe. All were exceptional. Unfortunately, I could not get past the fretboard inlays. I am visually focused and shallow.
  14. What brand matched pair of EL84 tubes would you recommend for a 15 watt 1x12 combo if the goal is maximum clean headroom? Groove tubes used to sell sets rated from 1 to 10 with 10 being the "hardest". I wanted a set of 10s, but I checked recently and post-Fender acquisition they seem to be available in 4-7 ratings with no opportunity to designate what you're going to get if you order. The pair of Genelex Gold Lions I paid way too much for break up sooner than the set of TAD 3s they replaced. They sound nice, but very little headroom. The amp is a Carl Martin Roadie.
  15. Call me a skeptic, but that looks completely staged. The girl is a really bad actor. I don't see any UPS logos on the guy's outfit. Bah!
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