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  1. This reminds me of the companies that sell video promo packages to high school athletes. "Let's send a highlight video of your boy gaining 4 yards against Presbyterian Intramural to Ohio State. I'm sure there's a scholarship available. That'll be $5K." Who is this Allizee D and what are her credentials for proclaiming "Lexi Rose" the best female guitarist of 2020? No doubt Ms. Rose can play, but did she pay?
  2. Why do photos on Reverb get smaller when you enlarge them? I think it could sell quickly at $2,500. Any more than that would require a dedicated Hamer fan who likes green and is flush with cash. I'd say the finish is likely to narrow the prospective purchaser pool, though I personally like it.
  3. I’m not sure how helpful it is for me to constantly have the words, “You’re a loooooserrrr” in my head. lolz

    I not only totally dig your contribution to the HFC Volume IV but I can’t get it out of my friggin’ cranium! Great song!

    1. BadgerDave


      Thanks for your very kind comments about Looser.  It's definitely the least technical song on the list, so I'm honored that you would enjoy it enough to comment.

      My apologies for taking so long to respond.  I'm just coming up for air after a cross country move to start a new job.

      I really appreciate the compliment and I'll pass it on to the author of the song.

      All the best,


  4. Sorry, I'm in Florida and all my stuff is in Chicago.
  5. I was going to mention this one. The Shuffle Inn was a popular but smallish music club. I also had the opportunity to go and passed. I have no idea why. I had the album and knew who they were.😖
  6. Loser was written by a friend who moved next door when I was a freshman in high school. I'd been trying to learn guitar on a horrible piano store acoustic and he lent me a Silvertone amp-in case guitar. We immediately formed a band and have been playing together off and on ever since. The song was first played in public, at a school dance, in the mid 70's. Two years ago we decided to record some of the songs we wrote and played in bars through our teens and 20's. Loser was the first. Sadly, (for me anyway) it was the only one we completed tracking and got to the rough mix stage.
  7. So, did the guy with the congas own the PA or something?
  8. Thanks for the warning, but I won't be participating in that scene. Mrs. BadgerDave would would kill me (and them) dead.
  9. Nope. I've been BadgerDave in South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota and Illinois. Haven't actually lived in Wisconsin since 1989. I'd still love to spend summers in Madison if I ever retire though.
  10. I need to be in Florida on January 4. I likely won't be back home for 2 months and then it will be for weekends only. I'm moving to an apartment for at least 6 months, so . . . I need to downsize ASAP I'll be putting a lot of gear on Reverb, but I want to give you all first shot at my Hamer guitars at prices that reflect my motivation and avoidance of Reverb fees. 1. 2005 Hamer Studio Custom Triple Threat. This is the one that Hamer used in the Designer Gallery (as was discussed in a prior thread) and it's in near perfect condition. There's some patina on the pickups and l
  11. I'm sure that bass has stories to tell. If it were sentient, and could talk, of course. It would be interesting if the owner would post here and give us the history. The Boys from Illinoizz were an excellent and very popular bar band in the early 80s. I believe they opened for Cheap Trick (and other big touring bands). A close Hamer connection would not be surprising.
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