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  1. Somebody needs a black Eclipse. Make an offer!
  2. BadgerDave

    My "Last" new Hamer

    I love the knobs
  3. Looks great from a few feet away, but has some dents and dings. Pickups are oxidized as usual for the Duncan minis. All stock with a Epiphone hard case that fits well. Medium C neck profile, light weight - exact measurements and photos are in the Reverb listing. Well set up, frets are good, plays and sounds great. Realistically priced at $695 + $50 shipping, $100 HFC family and friends discount. Reverb Link
  4. BadgerDave

    Triple Threat or R9?

    There are thousands of R9s out there and more are being made every year. There are 30 Triple Threats. Your TT is built better and has better wood, including a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and real mother of pearl markers. The R9 has neither. Prices on used TTs have gone from $1,700 to well over $3,000 in a few years, based on sales that I'm personally aware of. R9 prices seem to be going in the opposite direction. Based solely on current cash resale values today, I think it's a fair deal if the R9 is in excellent condition, with nice wood and a good burst, case and COA. No way I'd do the trade, though. If you really want a Historic Custom Shop LP, I have a near mint chambered R8 that I'd trade and add cash for your TT. 😊
  5. When I first saw the ad I read it as $5,000.00. I immediately thought that was on the upper end of reasonable for that guitar, close to it's original list price. We're seeing a lot of very interesting Hamers listed for sale recently.
  6. I agree with Kiz on Chuck Berry. I was just a bit too young for the first wave of Beatles inspired players, but jumped in when I heard Leslie West, Richie Blackmore and Johnny Winter. The California Jam was probably the event that pushed me hard to take up the guitar. The moment Ritchie smashed the camera lens I was on board. Then I saw Kiss on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and I was in deep. I'll add one more under a new category: "Who saved Rock guitar from death at the hands of disco and keyboard pop? Johnny F'n Ramone, that's who!
  7. Interesting. Anyone I might know?
  8. BadgerDave


    Tough decision, but I'd have to go with this one. An early 70's Gibson Les Paul Signature. It was a total wreck when I bought it. Horrible amateur refin, bad frets, hack and patch humbucker mod, and lots of other issues. Murkat did a brilliant restoration and Stike worked his magic on a beautiful new Ruby sparkle finish. I saved it, so I feel like I'm responsible for keeping it until one of us is "done".
  9. The pickups and hardware, yes. The guitar is a 2003 model, I believe.
  10. Going to Reverb this weekend. I'd rather sell it here. Feel free to sen me an offer.
  11. Sadly, it has the wrong headstock. 😟
  12. Downed But you have to have the singer to pull it off. The rest of the band isn't overly challenged. My favorite CT song.