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  1. BadgerDave

    For the Love of Seafoam

    This was a Warmoth Jazzmaster build from a few years ago. Seafoam and white pearloid are a perfect match.
  2. BadgerDave

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    Oops! Happy belated birthday, Greg. Hope it's the best year yet.
  3. BadgerDave

    Hamer Scarab?..

    Right . . .
  4. BadgerDave

    Hamer Scarab?..

    Seems like a legitimate seller, but . . . One bad photo, minimal description and "This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed." 🤔
  5. I don't think there is anything unappealing about this one: At $4,750.00 it's less money than a comparable Huber or other "uber-boutique" builder guitar. As divisive as Jol seems to be here, I don't recall anyone questioning his formidable skill at building guitars. I'd love to spend an hour or so with this one.
  6. BadgerDave

    Triple Threat Color

    Congratulations! You own the finest guitar ever made by Hamer. Well, one of the thirty anyway.
  7. Nice Impact bass in that video! Who's the dude talking to the cop at the beginning?
  8. Thanks. It looks worse with me playing it.
  9. Like a full size medium gain humbucker. The one in the Eclipse isn't wired t split the coils, but I've done that in another guitar and it worked really well.
  10. Eclipse Chap Bass is SOLD Im asking $1,599 for the Eclipse . Offers accepted with special deals for HFC Supporting members. I'd trade + cash for a Triple Threat but I'm not interested in other trades.
  11. BadgerDave

    Desert Island Pedals

    A good two stage OD + Distortion pedal and a Chorus are essentials for me. My favorites are the Menatone Fish Factory and an old Ibanez stereo Chorus.
  12. The best PRS color! I have a Hollowbody II in black cherry.
  13. BadgerDave

    control plate screws for 79 Sunburst

    I believe these are the same screws used on neck position humbucker mounting rings.
  14. BadgerDave

    Which Hamer has the biggest neck?

    The thickest necks on any Hamers I've played were Triple Threats. The TTs were not uniformly huge, like an early 50s Tele, but the section of the neck from the 12th fret to the 22nd tapered from big to really big.