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  1. Certainly true. But, since these guitars continue to be listed, it's clear that the sellers aren't accepting lower prices. I'm not seeing actual sale prices moving lower. Of course it's possible that listings at lower prices sell very quickly and disappear from the online sites.
  2. Where are you guys seeing low prices? On Reverb, asking prices on the higher end guitars that are interesting to me, like 80's Hamers, custom shop Fenders and Gibsons, 1st generation Fanos, etc. continue to go up. The lowest asking prices on Gibson R9s were in the low $3,000 range a couple of years ago. That's gone up at least $1,000.00 with most in the $4,500 - $5,500 range. Sellers are listing 80s Hamer Specials at more than $2,000. These sold for $1,200 recently. Of course.very few of these are actually selling.
  3. C'mon guys, it's a TIGER and it "purrs like no other". Get it? Frank is a marketing genius.
  4. I remember making it through 3/4 of Commando at the Muse Cafe before going completely off the rails. Fun times!
  5. Sometimes you get lucky. I was fishing for an Eclipse and landed a Newport.
  6. Looking for an electric 12 string. I had a great Eclipse 12 that I regret selling, so that's primarily what I'm interested in. A Newport 12 would be nice as well, but I expect those are selling for more than I want to spend. $1,000 is my upper limit for an Eclipse, Maybe $1,500 for a Newport. I'm also open to a Ric 660 12, and possibly others, though not a 620 or anything with a narrow nut.
  7. A 20% seller's fee on top of 28% buyer's commission and, I assume, another fee to the next buyer? Damn!
  8. I had a good experience with Third Coast Guitar and Amp Repair in Palatine. https://www.thirdcoastguitar.com/#guitar-repair
  9. I have no actual facts to base this on, but it's possible that the Auction company and the Becker estate agreed to shift all fees from the seller to the buyer. My wife does auctions of manufacturing tools and in that industry a 10% buyers premium and 10% seller's premium is common.
  10. There are a lot of very rare objects that are not highly valued: AMC Matadors Les Paul Personal and Professional models My artwork It's a cool guitar, the seller only needs one buyer willing to pay the price.
  11. For Cuban food and sightseeing, I'd go to Ybor City. It's been a while since I was there, but I have great memories.
  12. One bump before I raise the price and list the Cobra on Reverb. Actually, it may be a few days before I get around to writing a description and taking new photos. But, until then, Price reduced to $3,000.00 inc. U.S. shipping and insurance, but you pay PayPal fees if used. Still willing to trade for a Triple Threat in excellent condition, changed pickups and wiring are OK
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