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  1. Possibly heresy to some here, but. . . When fair condition 80's Specials are listed at prices higher than very good to excellent 2010 - 2020s Les Paul Traditionals and (non custom shop) Standards, I'm out of the Hamer market. I'm keeping my Studio Custom though.
  2. I just sold my Two Rock Studio Pro 35. It was a remarkably well built amplifier, but, in my opinion, it suffered from over-complication and a number of push-pull or switchable tone changing options that didn't really improve the basic sound of the amp. I also felt it was slightly anemic until pushed to unreasonably loud levels and that it was fighting me rather than serving as an intuitive flexible tool. It's certainly possible that I'm just not a good enough player to find the magic, but I'm much happier with my Victoria Tweed Deluxe and reissue Fender blackface Deluxe Reverb.
  3. Well, there's a brewery across the street and a few blocks away you'll find a Packer bar that does a decent bacon cheeseburger. It's amazing that Dave keeps that huge collection upstairs and allows people to freely wander through literally millions of dollars worth of rare instruments. I wonder how much that Belushi/ Richards Hamer Standard would bring if he would ever sell it?
  4. Wow! Thanks for your extensive response and research Josh.!
  5. I'm looking for a neck pickup to pair with a Peter Florance '59 Alnico 5 bridge pickup in a chambered Les Paul Standard. Prefer a slightly aged zebra humbucker but open to other options. Currently using a Lollartron, but it doesn't blend well in the middle position. Need something vintage PAF voiced that cleans up nicely when volume is rolled back. A Florance Alnico III would be perfect if you happen to have one stashed away.
  6. George McPhail at Music Gallery in Highland Park is a master with decades of experience. I'm not sure he does neck-off rerets, but it would be worth a call. Fast turnaround in my experience.
  7. 70's Traynors THD Univalve non handwired Vox AC15s Vintage Fender Bassman heads
  8. I am familiar with the 1st and 2nd version. Floyd Rose and Reissue versions? WTF?
  9. I, like many others in our demographic, have decided to shed several guitars that are not my absolute favorites. No Hamers, other than the Newport I have listed here, but there are some nice ones. I'll give HFC Supporting Members the benefit of savings on fees and taxes if you contact me here. I'm about halfway between Chicago and Rockford, IL and will drive a reasonable distance to do a hand-off and save shipping as well. Not driving into downtown Chicago though. 😟 So far, I've listed a PRS McCarty Hollowbody II and a Rickenbacker 660 12 string. Both are pretty exceptional. See the link below for many more photos and descriptions. Link to my Reverb Shop
  10. I was searching forever for that magic formula that would give me full range control of volume and tone with a hard "bump" up in volume between 9 and 10. I hated the standard modern wiring that only sounds good with the volume control on 10 and turns to mud as soon as you back it off. I wanted to be able to play clean on 4, progressively add crunch from 4 to 9 and then get a volume boost on 10. I also wanted a uniform progressive transition from bright to warm on both tone controls (on a Les Paul). Finally, I didn't like the change in tone i got with every treble bleed circuit I tried. What finally worked for me was high quality 500K (measured at or above 500K) linear taper volume pots and audio taper tone pots with 50's wiring and no treble bleed. Sorry for the thread deviation. I can't believe Marshallheads sound bad in anything and the best color combination is double cream in the bridge and zebra neck -especially in a Hamer.
  11. I've done one refret as part of a class at the Chicago School of Guitar Making at Specimen Guitar. It wasn't difficult, but you have to know precisely what you're doing at each step of the process and you need the right tools. Leveling. crowning, dressing the fret ends and polishing are necessary steps. Pre-cut fret wire is going to be slightly wider than your fretboard, so you'll need to file the fret ends flush and make them rounded and smooth. IMO, that's the hardest step to get right and requires skill and practice.
  12. Headrush MX5 LINK If you don't mind spending $400, you can have a lot of fun with one of these. Sounds great plugged into a PA input. You can probably find a used one for less.
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