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  1. It's definitely a cool guitar. I've never seen a Hamer with that particular factory option or a case like the one pictured. The wiring looks a bit suspicious too. I'm not interested in buying it, but as always, you all have provided some great info for someone who is.
  2. https://reverb.com/item/34000856-hamer-usa-sunburst-1982-bound-crown-all-original-paperwork-rare-custom-order-onboard-clean-boost Factory installed clean boost? Brown Hamer case?
  3. If you're not already doing this, make sure that you always tune slightly below the desired pitch, tug gently on the string and then tune up to pitch.
  4. IIRC, I bought this here on the HFC For Sale Board. The original hardware would have been chrome, but everything had been changed to black. I replaced it with gold, down to the pickup selector toggle ring and output jack, P-90 pole pieces and mounting screws. The pickups are Fralin noiseless models. The fretwork on this guitar was absolutely perfect. I suspect it had been Plek'd or dressed by a very good tech. I was able to get the action uncomfortably low with no buzz. If the neck profile would have been just a bit thicker, I would have kept it.
  5. I remember trying out 5 or 6 Triple Threats at Dave's guitars in La Crosse, WI in 2005. All new and listed at $2,500 IIRC. Absolutely beautiful and just an exceptional custom neck carve. I've owned 3 of the 30 and consider them to be the pinnacle of the Hamer brand. If only they would have used crown inlays rather than the Victories . . .
  6. I was a scotch drinker for most of the 80's and 90's. Johnny Walker Red is a solid blend and a good introduction to the basic concept. My favorite, before I transitioned to tequila, was Laphroig. It's very much an acquired taste, with primary flavor notes of cilantro and ivory soap. Johnny Walker, J&B or Dewars are a safe choice for a scotch newbie. Avoid Passport or anything made in Japan!
  7. Ben, did you buy this one? I have photos and the backstory if you're interested.
  8. Anyone remember the Ovation orange "tentacle" 1778?
  9. That was excellent. Except for the parts with Dave Matthews. 🤭
  10. If you want adjustable saddles, I like the Schroeder bridges: https://www.schroederguitarhardware.com/collections/all
  11. Excellent on a 12 string. The sound of the 60's.
  12. The original plan was to reinstall the Sealfasts. I may decide to remove the gold plating and put them on later.
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