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  1. It's an OK song, but why did they leave the click track in the final mix?
  2. Very nice! I'm a fan of the PRS McCarty model, preferably with moons, rather than birds and lower output pickups. Here's mine with a set of Florence Voodoos:
  3. Or you can tape the edge of the fretboard where it joins the non-rosewood part of the neck and carefully sand the finish off the rosewood edge.
  4. Not like a Strat, no. It's more like the middle position on a Les Paul. Probably very similar to the middle position on a Firebird, but I have limited experience with those.
  5. I'm thinking of pausing the sale and reverting back to the original chrome pickup rings. Which do you all think looks best, black or chrome:
  6. If you have some $ to spend, you might consider buying the full Faber Master Kit. The locking bridge and tailpiece design is brilliant.
  7. Is anyone else annoyed by the huge amount of signal noise between phrases? I assume thats a noise gate crashing open coupled with lots of compression and drive. I wonder why it wasn't "fixed in the mix"? Brian plays beautifully, as always.
  8. I am also a fan of the look, but can't adjust to the playing position. I think the issue is caused by two factors: 1) the strap button is attached to the body at the very end of the neck, which requires you to either physically hold the guitar body against your right hip or reach about 8 inches further with your left hand to play open chords. Same problem as the Gibson Firebird, and 2) the strap attachment at the back of the neck/body joint rotates the face of the guitar body outward and down towards the floor.
  9. Actually, assembling a Stratocaster is easier than some of the IKEA cabinets I've encountered.
  10. Following The Kiz directive: I will alway be a fan of Cheap Trick but never need to hear Surrender, IWYTWM Dream Police or I Know What i Want again. I will gladly listen to a repeating loop of the first album for 24 hours straight.
  11. "Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"
  12. https://reverb.com/item/35883211-1981-hamer-special-usa-transparent-green-with-original-case
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