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  1. Only one way to make Uncle Ted cooler...add a Hamer. That's it. Love me some Nuge!
  2. I know they missed their 40th Anniversaries but wonder if they will ever do anything special for Fly by Night and Caress of Steel. They started the whole 40th Anniversary at 2112.
  3. Anybody have any idea how many Standards Hamer made in natural flame? Just wondering how much of a unicorn they are. If my dream is obtainable.
  4. Bummer. This is one on my list. The ever elusive natural flame top Standard. That is beautiful!!! Glad it went before I could see it because that makes it easier. Also the fact that I'm having new HVAC installed which depletes this year's guitar money. Maybe someday.....
  5. I hear what you are saying @RobB. Could definitely do that. I always just wanted to try and have as close to what Tony used from an amp, guitar, boost setup to get the "vibe". Now that I have those two pedals they do create some of that mystique pretty well. There isn't a replacement though in having that tube saturation from a non master Laney like he used. It's a "bucket list" item if you will. Could create it cheaper but want to feel what it would have been like to work with the gear he had since he is such an idol of mine. The amps I'm using are not really "classic" in that sense (Carol Ann, Freidman, VHT) so would like to own a more vintage style amp for this purpose. Again this is G.A.S. talking. ?
  6. I made the mistake of adding Reverb to my phone so now I check it literally every day. Most searches are Hamer, Gibson V's, SG's, and Explorers, and McNaughts. But lately I've got the Iommi bug and have been considering the Laney LA30BL which would then necessitate an attenuator. Haven't pulled the trigger on that yet but considering. I did manage to buy the Catlin Bread Sabbra Caddabra and the Black Country Customs TI Boost to cure my Iommi fix for a bit. I'm afraid I'll need to search for an SG with P90's now (and actually have looked already ?). Good thing the cool white ones are stupid money now so that's not happening..
  7. Saw that flame top Scarab. Really cool and love the double cream/zebra pickup look but can't justify that price. Cool lefty too. Never seen one like that before with the bound body. Really sets off the shape of the guitar. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Man, that is really nice. If that was in America I would need that. GLWTS!
  9. If it was me, I would refinish that one. You really gotta love that paint scheme to keep it. Thinking this is a really small audience. Smaller than the already small audience looking for a Blitz. Cool otherwise though. I agree with @cmatthes on the price. Too much for a refin.
  10. Guys this is unreal!!! This is a bucket list sort of for me but $2900??? That seems way out of line to me. If it was like $1500 I would say maybe that would be fair considering the condition and rarity. I just don't know who likes these enough to jack the price up to these levels. This is close to Standard money. Bummer the price is unreasonable. ☹️
  11. I saw that. Would have been way better without the pickguard and chrome Kahler. Black hardware is much better looking on these I think. Not sure if EMG's are original. I know a friend of mine had EMG's in his but can't remember if that was factory or not. Red and black zulu is really cool though.
  12. Thank you @HamStd. Yes that is what I was thinking of. I got the "W" part right. Ha Ha. Sorry for the confusion. Anybody here pick up one of those Willcutt Hamers?
  13. Here's a strange question I guess. If I get this wrong, I apologize but I think it was Wildwood guitars that carried Hamers and were a dealer. I remember seeing a bunch of really cool custom Standards and Vectors that were crazy cool. There were some insane curly maple topped bound and crowned Standards with ebony fretboards I believe. All different kinds of variations if my memory is correct. I think there was even some bound Korina Vectors. My question to the group is, where did these guitars go? Obviously sold but did anyone here buy them? I don't see any really cool ones for sale like those. There have been some good ones but the post about the Standard market value got me thinking about this. I also agree that it's been sort of quiet in terms of really killer Hamers for sale. Seems like tax time there were some out there. I swooped one at that time. Not a lot of Standards and old Vectors. Surprisingly seems like a lot of the 95 Korina Standards have been posting this year. Weird. Maybe it's better there aren't a lot out there. Would be very tempting and bad for the bank account.... If anyone has pictures of one of those old Wildwood custom Hamers, it would be great to see here (even if they aren't for sale ?). Thanks.
  14. Thanks, Dave. I see now what Studio Custom is saying now. Why you tempting me with the red/black zulu?...ha ha ?. Man I wish one of those came up that was original and reasonably priced. Other than a day-glo zulu, this would be the ultimate.
  15. When you say SS1 I'm assuming you mean a Scarab I with one pickup? No? Also, by Barney Rubble do you mean the zulu paint scheme? And really $4,000 for a Scarab? I was thinking any of the zulu's would still be in the $900-$1200 range but then again they don't come up often. Last red/black zulu on Reverb was asking $1100 and sold 3 years ago. Not sure the market changed that much in 3 years for the Scarab.
  16. Does anyone have thoughts on whether some of the colors add any additional value to that $800-$1200 value? Is a zulu finish guitar worth more and more rare?
  17. Krokit (Dave), are you thinking of selling the pink Scarab? Is it in the US now or in the UK?
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