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  1. Oh damn yeah I guess I would maybe be able to stop by the shop! Except I am taking the Amtrak through the cities so no car
  2. I have no doubt that I wouldn't find them at Guitar Center (since no one wants to sell), it's just I don't know where else I'd try one if no one is around the area 🤷‍♂️ I will be in Philly/NYC/Boston for a week total or so around Memorial Day, and also SF/LA in June but that's a bit far away to be trying to make plans haha.
  3. What you getting? I’m interested in the Super C....who knows you may get yours before I’d have a chance to try, did you get an estimated time?
  4. Hi guys! I was curious, is anyone in the Chicago area and has a Shishkov? With the wait list being somewhere around 1.5-2 years I in general would consider that a dealbreaker, UNLESS I got the chance to play one and was in love. No worries if not, or people don't feel comfortable meeting up even with masks, just thought I'd ask and otherwise hope to see a used one at a Guitar Center etc. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, Like the title says, are 7 strings a thing that Mike offers? I tried emailing but received no response. Thanks!
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