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Found 4 results

  1. Posting here before listing on reverb. For sale my 1989 Chaparral Elite with boomers and sustainiac. Bought it couple of years ago on reverb but I find myself playing my Diablo more. This one wasn't a case queen and has been used and played. Has some dings and scratches but nothing unusual for a 30+ year old guitar. Overall in amazing condition and sustainiac is really fun to play with. Images were taken by previous owner who did a better job capturing the finish colors. All original except 3-way switch. Currently has Seymour Duncan Sh-11 Custom Custom in the bridge but I can install original Parallel Axis back. Asking $1900 + shipping which is fair considering current crazy prices on reverb in the past couple of years. Or PM me your price if you still think it's too much. Also I'm from Uzbekistan (Central Asia) and selling anything worldwide takes some extra bureaucratical steps but I think we can figure it out. So please PM me if interested so we can figure out the shipping and payment methods. Or email me at gustanoid@gmail.com or PM for additional info or higher resolution photos. Sorry for my english.
  2. Well, this was a nice surprise: my girlfriend bought me a guitar! (I think she was trying to make me feel better about turning 60.) The description read, "1988 Hamer Chaparral. This guitar was one of the prototypes brought to the 1988 NAMM show by Paul Hamer. There it was signed by the members of Cheap Trick and auctioned off for charity. Has hologram back plate stickers and newer knobs." Does anybody know the full story on this one? In any case, it's pretty dang cool. '88 Chap, set neck, boomer inlays, ebony board, Hamer-branded Floyd. And, if the seller's description is accurate, signed by one of my favorite bands! There are better pictures here, but here are a a few taken indoors right after I opened the case for the first time (and before I brought the strings up to pitch). I'll take better pictures as soon as I have more time and better light.
  3. Is it blasphemous to play a BB King song on an '80s shred machine like an '89 Chaparral? Maybe. But since I don't have a Sustainiac-equipped ES-355, the Chap will have to do. Besides, I contend that those old blues guys played whatever they could get their hands on, so I say play anything on anything. Signal path: neck pickup -> Fulltone Full-Drive2 (for just a little extra oomph) -> Mesa/Boogie Mark V. The real Sustainiac ridiculousness kicks in about 3:30. We were experimenting with different placements of the GoPro cam; for this song it was clipped to my monitor. Anyway, from last Friday night:
  4. As some of you might remember, "the Mutt" has a neck from a Hamer USA Chaparral, & the body is from a Centaura (a 2nd single coil middle slot is empty under the stickers). Stock Schaller licensed Floyd Rose bridge still works great, no tuning issues. It now has Ibanez USA pickups (from an 80's Saber, made by dimarzio I believe). Disclosures; tone knob is disabled (my tech said the tone is better that way, I dunno). Pro headstock repair (BCR Greg did it, i think). Med/thin neck has been sanded to bare wood (feels great), & has been glued into the neck pocket (an experiment in tone/sustain, but I couldn't tell any difference). Prism stickers look great under stage lights, or peel 'em off and refinish it yourself. Lots of dings/battlescars/wear, as its a gigged rawk beater that still feels/sounds/looks very good, imfo. Crwth145 has 1st dibs, otherwise its $300 + actual shipping (UPS Store Packing Job, Insured). Consider trades for guitars/amps/shotguns, whatcha got?
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