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  1. I'm not married to the pickguard. Thats just the stock pic. I'm gonna try to run without it unless the fretboard overhang is just too hideous. We're just going to have to take a point away from "BATERMASTER" with that attitude Mr. Kizanski!
  2. Yeah, I'm kinda liking TELEBLASTER too. I kinda felt that Kiz should get naming rights since he's letting me use the "Fackyo" logo, but I'm feeling like TELEBLASTER is more the vibe!
  3. I'm liking the Fackyo "BATERMASTER". Kiz, how do you do that? (think of the names, that is)
  4. ooooooh! I kinda like that. BTW, my FACKYO custom shop neck plate is coming along nicely. Something like a "LIMITED EDITION", "BAD ASS SERIES". LMAO!
  5. I took the plunge after a month of dicking around and bought a Warmoth Tele body and neck. I wanted to get my custom water slide decal made for the headstock, but can't really think of anything clever to replace "TELECASTER. I'd hate to leave it that way, but I might just have to. Can anyone here think of any clever replacement names for "TELECASTER"? I'd post pics of the neck and body, but I no longer have access to my photo hosting.
  6. You mean this Jerk?! JERK Post This reminds me of the time some dipshit on here bid the minimum bid on a 4 digit auction just to remove the Buy-It-Now! He had no intentions of buying it either.
  7. Thanks for all the comments, but she's left handed and I'm pretty set on letting her learn that way. Many of you had no choice due to limited or zero options back in the day. There are decent guitars out there for lefties. With some electronics changes I could dress her up a killer guitar if it progresses that far. If the day comes that she really needs a killer guitar I know where to get her one made.
  8. For those interested here is a whole slew of cheap lefty guitars to begin with. Cheap lefty gutiars
  9. I have zero interest in pushing her to play right handed. I can see the look on her face when I ask her to play it right handed. It's not natural for her. There will be enough frustration in just learning and I don't want to force something on her that will possibly make her quit. I'm not sure she'll play much at all, but I'd like to give her the opportunity without making it uncomfortable.
  10. Well, my biggest fear seams to be a reality. My soon to be six year old Daughter is left handed (GASP!) As much as I've gently tried and tested her to see if she could be right handed I've come to the realization that she is left handed. She writes left handed, bats left handed, throws left handed and now after the longest time of playing her Barbie guitar (right) handed she now picks it up and strums it LEFT HANDED! When I ask her why she plays the guitar that way she says it "feels better" this way. She said she used to play it the other way (right handed), because that is the way I do
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