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  1. Big Country

    Big Country

  2. Thats a sweet looking guit! Congrats to the new owner. Thomas
  3. cult tribute band!!!! Sweeet! Whats your set list? Thomas
  4. Man you are killing me here! I'm trying to build back the savings after the korina vector purchase, but i"m only at $150 LOL otherwise i'd be all over this! ~thomas
  5. wow. why bother posting a reply? I think I'll go sit down and play vector instead! cant get enough. ~t
  6. Thats exactly what they are: duncan 59/jb. Not sure if they are potted or not. Thanks Thomas
  7. Well, I got the Vector today.....in a word...awesome. Much more toneful than I had ever imagined. Problem is when I kick on the OD it squeels a high pitched squeel. And I'm not talking good feedback. Im talking bad high pitch squeel. My other guitar, a Les Paul with pretty hot Bill Lawrence L500 pickups, makes no noise. I've played cobras, other LPs, non of which caused the sqeel. My amp is a bogner shiva so it's not like it's a super high gain amp. Anyone know what the stock pickups are in these 97 runs? any suggestions? my cables are good. Would rather not swap pickups unless I absolutley have to. Thanks. Thomas
  8. Traggic losses like Layne and Kurt are definitley just that. Traggic. Heroine is an extremely addictive and life sucking drug. BUT, there is no doubt that when certain artists are on heroine they create some of the most intense music. For me G'n'R "Appetite for Destruction" era was there most bad ass years while they were dabbling with 'Mr. Brownstone'. Dave Mustaine wrote some incredible dark and vicious albums on the stuff. AICs Dirt is probably one of darkest, intense, angry albums of all time. Written while Layne and Jerry were into heroine. Do I need to mention "nevermind'? I wish the stuff never existed. But I cannot deny that some of my all time favorite music was written while the artists were on the junk. The music entered another realm, so it seems to me. Once they broke the habit the music wasnt as dark and compelling. So I think that heroine does alter the creative process in that way. I've been tempted to try the stuff a few times, being the singer/guitarist/songwritter in a hard/heavy band with mathy/progressive parts. But in the end, the price isn't worth the reward. I'd rather live a clean 'normal' life than go down that dark path. Thomas ps- some of the greatest poets of all time took a form of opiate. It was considered THE thing to do by the great early 19 century poets.
  9. Well fellas. I just bought #23 of the 1997 run. It ships monday. I can't even begin to tell you how badly I'll be pacing the floors in my house til she arrives. Thanks to everyone for the input. I was tossing and turning every night on this one. It's always hard to pull the trigger on a guitar you've never laid hands on. Your comments were my guide! ~thomas
  10. Very cool Paul> how would you describe the tone unplugged and plugged into the marshall? Thanks ~t
  11. Thanks guys!!! Are those 2004s? So what amps are people playing them thru. My main amp is a bogner shiva head -> bogner 4X12 w/ V30s. I think with the vector I'd possibly have the middiest mid tone around. Thomas
  12. Or maybe throw in a couple of EMG pickups! Thanks for the input guys. It's never easy buying a guitar you've never laid a hand on. But this one is really pulling me. And just think, if I buy it I'll be geaking out over hear alot ~t
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