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  1. Ok, played w/ the Nova for a few days, a fairly sophisticated unit with decent ODs, tape/ping pong/ducking delays, diatonic harmonies, deep editing, etc... but then I set it up next to my Zoom (w/ recently tweaked down comp & EQ settings) and for what I'm using it for (slapback delay/slight comp & EQ, maybe a phaser or light OD on a few tunes), the Zoom sounded just as good. Returned the Nova.
  2. I have had a '65 DRRI for a few months, it is glorious, esp w/ my Carl Martin Plexi-Tone, and/or a delay.
  3. Yeah, Gorman was on Marc Marons podcast and said exactly that, Chris wanted 75% and Rich could have 25%, everyone else is salaried employees not partners.
  4. In Dallas in the late 70s to mid 80s Rocky Athas and his band Lightning were the next big thing. I worked w/ their mid 80s drummer so I saw them a bunch. Much like Gary Moore, Rocky dropped the hard rawk vibe and went straight blues in the 90s, ending up playing w/ John Mayall. I couldn't find any 80s stuff, but they used to cover Little Wing back then;
  5. Thx for the replies guys, just found a TC Electronic Red Nova System used on guitarcenter.com for $139, gonna try that, will report (or retort) back later , ha
  6. Here's a quick video w/ audio from our 1st gig, this was before I tweaked the comp settings on my Zoom;
  7. Also been enjoying this, watched the outlaw country episode last night. Binge watched Burns Viet Nam doc last year, that was fascinating, watched it in 2 days straight.
  8. yep, steve did ALL the bass except for "bodies", which is sid. sid was still learning to play at the time. just read steves book, which was hilarious. also his "jonesys jukebox" interviews on youtube are great.
  9. Agree about a bridge humbucker. Bigger thing for me was the neck; didn't like the traditional narrow round strat fretboard. I found this partscaster w/ a modern feeling Warmoth neck, wide/flat/big frets. Dropped a Dimarzio Super Distortion-S in the bridge slot, which is not stratty but sounds excellent, and still sounds clucky in position 4. This guitar is fantastic.
  10. There are some EARLY live recordings where Dave sounds good, but the bigger they got the less he gave a shit. IMFO his vocals on the studio albums are great, very soulful and they fit the music perfectly. Eat Em & Smile was also very good. EDIT - Found one, here they are right when they were getting courted by Warner Bros, Daves vocals sound more in tune than Mike & Ed's backgrounds, ha
  11. I have not, but usually HHBs ears are a good litmus test. agree that it would be too bulky; lately I like to throw all my gig stuff including my backup amp (quilter 101 head) in a milk crate, which I set my DRRI on top of.
  12. Ummm, 1 pedal? I hate pedalboards, had many bad situations w/ 'em. But thx scottcald & HHB for your reading comprehension, ha Messed w/ the G2 for awhile this afternoon, after backing down the compression threshold and creating pickup specific EQ patches, I think I can live with it for awhile. If not, maybe I will buy a few online that I can try out side by side for a month then return the ones that don't do it for me. I had a Magicstomp years ago, it was al'ight.
  13. Hi Gang, I've got a new project that's doing old school 60s/70s country. I use a MJT/Warmoth strat thru a '65 DRRI. Currently using a Zoom G2 for slapback delay, occasional light OD & EQ tweaks, and a comp for solos. It also has a "slow gear" swell effect, which is great for pedal steel licks! But, the comp is not great. I want to avoid a pedal board and keep things simple. I realize that something stand alone like a Carl Martin or Wampler Ego would sound best, but like I said, I want to stay with an all-in-one multi FX. Who has the best natural sounding comp in a multi FX? PS - I'm thinking <$300 USD. So Helix / AxeFX etc is not gonna be cost effective for delays and a comp.
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