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  1. I tend to do better if the whole band is playing together VS overdubbing solos by myself (which feels more nerve racking). We did that HFC recording of Snowblind in 2 takes (it would have been one but I dorked up my live vocal, ha).
  2. I have a Creamback in an oversized 1x12 and agree w/ Bubs description (I had a Greenback at the same time to compare). Haven't tried the CV65. I like the idea of those angled cabs; I have a few wedge monitors that I have gutted and put guitar speakers in; a Peavey 1x12 w/ another Creamback that has some cone cry (my niece's husband has it on permanent loan), and a Kustom 1x10 w/ an Emi Lil Buddy (high wattage dull toned speaker, it's my utility cab for jazz guitar/vocals/whatever). I got an "AmpRamp" to prop up my oversized 1x12. My fave Eminence was a Manowar which sounded kinda li
  3. Shawn Lane's stuff is hit or miss for me, but ran across this recently, which is pretty damn ccol; The album I watched Charlie Hunter record live in 2018 came out in November; Read Rob Halfords CONFESS!, which sent me down a JP rabbit hole;
  4. Guilty as charged! ha Stayed up all night on booze and adrenaline the night I got word my insurance payment was approved for my motorcycle accident 2010, bought a $1400 Jackson PC-1 off Ebay, haha
  5. Consider yourself slagged! ha Kiss up thru ALIVE! > all the other Kiss related stuff (IMFO, YMMV,etc) (Frehleys Comet was especially bad, haha 😁)
  6. I love both Ace & Holdsworth. But, IMFO all 4 members of Kiss were essential to their early sound, even with their shortcomings.
  7. True for me on all the tunes, w/ the exception of 100,000 Years.
  8. Wasn't Dio's cousin in the rods? EDIT - yep. The Rods are an American heavy metal band formed in 1980 by David "Rock" Feinstein (guitar, vocals), Steven Starmer (bass, vocals), and Carl Canedy (drums, vocals). After the first two albums, Starmer was replaced by Garry Bordonaro. Feinstein had first come to mainstream attention after playing in Elf with his cousin Ronnie James Dio.
  9. Excellent, thx for posting this. FDU was/is one of my fave RAWK records! "Bridging the gap between Reale’s beloved Montrose and the nascent thrash scene that would emerge a few years later, it balanced its melodic chops with a tight energy and walked a lyrical tightrope between fantasy and gonzo rock’n’roll". Yep. I only like a handful of tunes from their other albums. Rhett Forester was also a great singer but those studio albums didn't have the great tunes (the RIOT LIVE E.P. was great, my cheesy metal trio used to open w/ this one ~86); THIS TUNE has always been
  10. Hi Geoff! The Fat Pat was one of several GFS pups that I really liked.
  11. So sorry to hear that Jeffro, been there done that (been over 10 years since my bike wreck). Hang in there buddy!
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