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  1. Yeah, if your neck humbucker sounds too muddy w/ your regular OD, you can tweak the monkey for just that pup, brilliant.
  2. Digitech synth wha is cool if you need an envelope filter or quasi synth sounds. Digitech bad monkey was a decent OD w/ bass & treble controls. I have a Zoom G2 that has lotsa good sounds (except the ODs), I use it mostly for delays & tuner on duo gigs direct into the PA. I had a Zoom BFX707 (?) cheapo bass pedal years ago that had a buncha great noisy envelope filter or quasi synth sounds, you could assign the ring modulator to the rocker pedal for crazy theramin sounds.
  3. I'll give ya $350. Wow, you guys are slippin', ha
  4. Glad you liked it. My fave is The Church Within. Even better IMFO is the Spirit Caravan compilation The Last Embrace. I think Wino shoots himself in the foot by changing the name of the band each time he swaps up rhythm sections, as he's the main man (Vocals, guitar, songwriter).
  5. Sweet guitar! Hum From Hell is a great pickup, wound to sound like a single coil, I had 'em in my Hamer Slammer Series and in a LP back in the day.
  6. Always wanted to try one of those combo amps. I sold my last tube amp, my gig rig now is a Carl Martin Plexi Tone thru a Quilter 101 head into an oversized Creamback loaded 1x12, sometimes I'll put a Zoom G2 in the loop for delay and tuner.
  7. Hey Stonge, just now saw this, sorry. Agree. My Kiesel has a brightness that's hard to dial out of any of the humbucker or split coil sounds, with the exception of neck humbucker (which is gorgeous clean). Not sure if its the combo of headless/ebony fretboard/SS frets/chambering... Initially the bridge Holdsworth pup was underwhelming and dull for heavy tones (could be the chambering), so I put a Dimebucker in, which went a little too far in the bright direction. Now it has a Super Distortion and it sounds better, but it still is a little lacking in the lows. This is not necessarily a bad t
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