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  1. Ummm, 1 pedal? I hate pedalboards, had many bad situations w/ 'em. But thx scottcald & HHB for your reading comprehension, ha Messed w/ the G2 for awhile this afternoon, after backing down the compression threshold and creating pickup specific EQ patches, I think I can live with it for awhile. If not, maybe I will buy a few online that I can try out side by side for a month then return the ones that don't do it for me. I had a Magicstomp years ago, it was al'ight.
  2. Hi Gang, I've got a new project that's doing old school 60s/70s country. I use a MJT/Warmoth strat thru a '65 DRRI. Currently using a Zoom G2 for slapback delay, occasional light OD & EQ tweaks, and a comp for solos. It also has a "slow gear" swell effect, which is great for pedal steel licks! But, the comp is not great. I want to avoid a pedal board and keep things simple. I realize that something stand alone like a Carl Martin or Wampler Ego would sound best, but like I said, I want to stay with an all-in-one multi FX. Who has the best natural sounding comp in a multi FX? PS - I'm thinking <$300 USD. So Helix / AxeFX etc is not gonna be cost effective for delays and a comp.
  3. Generic Hustle, on itunes, cdbaby, youtube. I used 99% Hamers; Duotone, Special FM, etc Later era Priest & Krokus too
  4. great job, really captures the tones and vibe of the original. one of my faves too. I actually do a truncated version of this on my restaurant looper gigs.
  5. DiMarzio Super Distortion S. Thank me later. EDIT - nevermind, I see you've already modded it, that's what I get for not reading the whole thread.
  6. Ya know, I don't like bashing musicians. I hate to say it, but his solos were garbage. He'd play fast as possible and it was sloppy, no buildup in emotion, no melodicism, just awful. Dave & Adrian sounded great as usual. Its nice that they kept their friend in the band when Adrian came back, but wow that dude sucked last night.
  7. I love these threads. Here's some of mine from Jr High (early 80s) to ~25 years ago (mid 90s).
  8. My pal Benjy took these down in the pit, the stage production was the most elaborate I've ever seen;
  9. Maiden is a great band that I listened to incessantly in high school but honestly don't spin much anymore. My pal Charles is pals w/ drummer Nicko McBrain, so we went and hung out last night, great show.
  10. 2 pages of treble booster talk and no mention of Iommi? you guys are slipping. http://www.woodytone.com/2009/02/27/tony-iommis-paranoid-gear/
  11. I went down a Red V wormhole yesterday for a few hours, fantastic player. Bill K too
  12. http://www.djlservice.com/AudioIndex.htm http://www.djlservice.com/Ultimate Demo Speaker Cabinet.htm
  13. Met Charlie Hunter last night, and watched as he recorded a new Petr Cancura album (tenor sax, w/ Geoff Clapp on drums). Great guys, really great melodic grooving jazz music. I have been a fan of Charlies since the mid 1990s. Thx to my pal Benjy Johnson w/ Earthtones Recording Studio for the invite, the recording sounds amazing and should be released later this year. Here's a vid I shot; PS - Charlie got excited when I pulled out that 8x10 for him to sign - "THAT'S MY CAR!!!! I bought that '66 Mustang w/ the leftover advance money from my record deal w/ Blue Note".
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