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  1. I struggled w/ my progress a lot when I was younger, as I was surrounded by really badass players at school. The really amazing guys have an unnatural obsession to practice that the rest of us just don't have. At some point in my 30s I finally decided that I was not going to sweat my ability or progress anymore, I was just going to have fun playing guitar. It has been liberating. Here's something I came up with a few years ago; if you are like me, you are a "lick player". I've heard some people use this as an insult, but there are a lot of great players who repeat licks. My problem is tha
  2. My fave is this one. Turns a single channel amp into a 4 channel amp. The Crunch channel w/ the gain barely on makes a good organic semi clean tone.
  3. Nice. What kind of obscene refin do you have planned?
  4. When I was a kid I went to one of the 1st shows at the Sheraton, I remember playing Sweet Leaf at a booth and the guy cranked it up and drew a small crowd (I was in 6th grade but looked 7, ha). I remember Jimmy Wallace from Arnold & Morgan music in Garland. I bought a Les Paul from Charlie Wirtz in college. My last Dallas Guitar show was at the end of college ~91, my roomie "found" $400 so we had a full day of brunch, booze, guitar show and ended up at the Fare where my pal DJ'd, sitting with a table full of strippers. That was a good day!
  5. My 1st Sabs album was this compilation that I got in the clearance bin of the record store in 5th grade;
  6. No I think that's Trigger, he just hadn't played a hole in it yet.
  7. Strange to see pre outlaw Willie
  8. Is that a Baker? EDIT nevermind, DC Shish....
  9. I was gonna post that exact same sentiment. Cool band, have fun!
  10. I'm too old to afford something made in the year of my birth, ha
  11. Man, I have gone the opposite way. Used to be working 5 days a week and my expanding waistline kept my drinking in check. But my new schedule (24 hours on, followed by 3 days off) and keto diet (lost 15 lbs since feb) have removed the shackles, I have been drinking A LOT (of vodka). I think the boredom of the covid shut down has been a factor too. But I'm a happy drunk, and the wife and I have been having a blast w/ our pals at the local watering hole, so no worries. Been rehearsing w/ a new band, too. Fun!
  12. (Enigineer) - "What's it called?", (Ozzy) - "Bollocks!", (Enigineer) - "Bollocks, take one"...
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