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    USA 1979 Sunburst, USA Californian, USA Diablo, Les Paul, G&L Skyhawk, Californian Tele, Fender Strat, Ovation Anniversary
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  1. Chest high but not because of shred idols. I also try to match the height of sitting down because it feels best to me and my hybrid picking technique. One of the first that I saw with his guitar at chest level was Roy Buchanan.
  2. Quite a bit....I'm a gear junky. Once I find what I like, I pretty much stay with it. I love Bardens, and it's so great having a single coil sound with no buzz. Even if I don't change the pickups, I'll do some rewiring or push/pull pots to split or parallel humbuckers. My Hamer Sunburst , my G&L Skyhawk, and my Les Paul Standard are absolutely stock but everthing else has been tweaked or replaced. Over the years I've had DiMarzio's and Duncan's of most varieties and some Fralin's. I have not had any experience with Rio Grande's or Lollar's or some other booteek pickups but hear good things about some of them. So someday maybe I'll try some.
  3. One of my lewd and naked ladies.
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