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  1. I was just messing around with a nylon guitar patch on my Boss SY-1000 and started playing "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian, and suddenly remembered that Bucky Pizzerelli did the wonderful guitar work on that song.
  2. I'd start with Utopia Parkway or Welcome Interstate Managers
  3. I saw him perform in a small venue in New Canaan CT when I was a young teen. Great player. It was the first time I’d ever seen a 7 string guitar.
  4. Sounds fun, and not too far from home. Let us know what dates you're thinking about!
  5. Bands are all about chemistry, and it sounds like it wasn’t there. I wouldn’t put too much weight in whatever rationales they presented. When you find or form a band that fits, you’ll feel it.
  6. Score: Vox Virage SC Custom. Simply a brilliant guitar. Fail: Boss GT-1000. Just can't bond with it, which surprised me after great success with the Katana and MS-3.
  7. I was tested about 10 years ago when I was fitted for my musician plugs (which were one of the best investments I ever made). https://www.westone.com/store/music/es49-custom Mine are flesh-toned. The technician said there was physical damage to my ears, and that my hearing scores were higher than my damaged ears are physically capable of hearing because my brain has learned to compensate, but eventually this will catch up to me. I wear my plugs anywhere there will be loudspeakers - movies, lectures, band practices, and of course concerts. Unlike foam plugs which tame the high end, they are quite balanced across the spectrum and actually improve the concert experience - amazing what you can hear when you aren't overloading your hearing sensors. Mine have interchangeable filters for different SPL (I have a 25 dB set and a 9 dB set). If I was smarter, I'd put them in every time I pick up an electric guitar. I should probably get a new pair, as our ears grow over time. This time I'll be smart enough to get the filters in different colors so I can more easily tell them apart.
  8. I've banged this drum before, but there's no one-size-fits-all rule for strings. I have strings that sound great on one guitar and meh on another. When I get a new guitar, I typically try out several sets of strings (brands, materials, gauges) to see what makes that guitar sing. I was on the fence about selling one guitar for a couple of years before finding a great string fit, and that guitar is a keeper (well so far, since about 1995). It helped to have the original "JustStrings.com" headquarters just a couple of miles from home, and the folks there (back when you could still just walk in) had great ideas about how to pair strings to showcase a particular guitar's strengths. It is really interesting to find out what strings suit a guitar. I've had a really cheap guitar that only liked expensive Thomastik Infeld strings, and a really expensive guitar that sounded best with plane-jane D'Addarios. My Vox guitars love Fender Bullets (nickel), even though they don't have trem bars. I have a Strat that sounds amazing with DR Pure Blues, but didn't bond with anything else. Weird thing was, that was still the case when I changed from the stock pickups to Fishman Fluence active pickups - it was a matching of the guitar with the strings, not the pickups.
  9. Well, sure, but we were discussing the effect of string gauge on the tone of a guitar, not how to fit a guitar tone into a mix. But if you want to talk about mixing, note that (1) it is generally easier to fit a clean guitar sound into a mix than a distorted guitar, and (2) it is always easier to start with a fat/full tone and thin it down to sit in a mix than it is to beef up a thin tone. And FWIW, I have never, ever, heard of a mix engineer/producer telling a guitarist to change string gauges to make his guitar fit better into a mix.
  10. With that much gain in the video, string gauge doesn't matter. When playing heavier strings clean or on an acoustic guitar the tone sounds fuller/louder to me, and heavier strings produce more jangle/twang factor. Feel wise, I like the strings to fight back when I pick'em. I pick aggressively, and that can pull light strings out of tune on the attack.
  11. Finally got a chance to play an Acoustasonic Tele this weekend (local Guitar Center had 3 new ones on sale for $1799). Typical of Guitar Center, the two I played were horribly set up. However, they both sounded great through a Boss Katana 50 amp on the acoustic setting. Really detailed and realistic amplified acoustic guitar tones, and nice tonal variations across the models. Didn't spend much time on the electric models. If I needed an amplified acoustic steel string, one of these would be on my short list. Disappointing that the body mic is not available on each of the models. Seems like there is plenty of power and variations available with the Fishman electronics, but Fender has decided to dumb down the interface to two knobs and a switch so as not to scare older guitarists.
  12. Picked up a used Wampler Tumnus. It is always on with the gain near minimum and a slight boost and treble cut. Hard to describe the quality, I just like it there.
  13. Hmm. 3 Fenders, 3 Vox, 1 Ibanez. Just 1, I'd go with Fender.
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