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  1. So sorry to hear this. I hope you are able to make the most of what you have before you. Jonathan
  2. I bought a MicroPro Mach 2 8" five years ago after I'd done a fly-in gig and the sound guy plugged me into a 1st generation MicroPro. I thought for sure it was mic'd or DI'd into the PA, but no, it was just this tiny little amp putting out this huge, full, killer tone. Got mine as soon as I got back home. I typically have real or modeled pedals in front of it (used to be a Boss MS-3 with a t.c. electronic HyperGravity comp and a Wampler Tumnus), but now I use a Boss GT-1000 in front of it and bypass the Boss amp modeling stages because the Quilter amp sounds/feels so much better. Quilter keeps coming up with cool new amps, but I've been fine staying with the MicroPro.
  3. I sold off a bunch of gear when I got divorced and moved into a small apartment. Now that I'm into a decent sized house and done with my, um, divorce obligations, I have room for more gear. But a weird thing happened. When I downsized to the apartment, I found having less junk to be kind of freeing. I kinda like having a big, uncluttered space. So, weirdly, no new guitars or amps have come to the new house. And I'm finding I can more than make do with what I have. Go figure.
  4. The Raconteurs' 2019 album "Help Us Stranger" kicks all kinds of ass.
  5. I developed over 60 Unisyn profiles. Now I don't own a computer that can run Unisyn. Last I spoke to him, neither does Unisyn's author.
  6. It was a decent low-mid priced synth for its day. I wrote an editor for that family of devices for MOTU's Unisyn back in the 90's. I worked on the project with Marcus Ryle, who went on to co-found Line 6.
  7. Not yet, but never say never. During my 10 year Hamer obsession I went through: 3 Eclipses (one 12 string) Newport Newport 12 Diablo Korina Artist Daytona Arctop GT Cruisebass 30th Anniversary All of 'em great guitars, none of 'em really for me. If I could have one back it would be the orange Eclipse.
  8. I had one for a while that passed through Thundertone's hands. Great guitar. One that got away.
  9. Crashed and burned this year. Sold three, bought five. Sold: 30th Anni, Eclipse 12, Huss & Dalton 00SP Bought: Vox SSC-55, 3 Bedell acoustics (dread, grand auditorium, parlor), 1 Alvarez Masterworks acoustic 000 Overall quite pleased with the gits, and netted mucho clams
  10. My family bought me an engraved BlueChip pick. Love it. Best of all, my 13 year old daughter took it upon herself to learn ukulele (she's already a capable violinist), and led us through several carols. We spent Christmas afternoon calling relatives and singing at them, even my 16 year old son, who normally avoids singing. My wife bought me a cocktail shaker that leaks terribly, but has a cap with a wonderful ringing tone when struck, which was lovely for "silver bells." So for Christmas, we became a family band with my daughter on uke and my wife on lead cocktail shaker. Awesome.
  11. Ah, the poor, deformed Eclipse, with its anemic little stump for a lower horn, and only partially developed humbuckers. This is what happens when Specials have abortions. And my last Hamer standing. Love it to pieces.
  12. BlueChip picks came to my attention for non-musical professional reasons (I'm a patent lawyer, and the patent application process for these picks caught my eye). They are made of a VERY expensive material used in electronics and medical devices that has some very interesting properties. It is self lubricating, so extremely low wear characteristics, and is super smooth yet is very grippy on the fingers. Musically, it produces very little click on the strings (important for acoustic players), and very nice flexibility characteristics so the picks flex enough to very your attack, but they snap back to position quickly, so they never feel "floppy." These are marketed to bluegrass players as a tortoise shell replacement, and are pretty thick picks. Reading the patent prosecution and the discussions on the Acoustic Guitar Forum got me interested enough to spring for one. I now have two, and am considering a third. It turns out they have another benefit I'd never read about before: very clean attack which results in very accurate tracking on Roland guitar synths. Some folks seem offended that a pick has the audacity to be so expensive.Yeah, they are stupid expensive. Are they worth it? It depends on what you need in a pick. I like mine and have no regrets.
  13. Serious zombie thread! I only have one electric guitar from when I started this thread, so clearly I swap guitars more often than I swap pickups. I dropped Bill Lawrence pickups in my Dean Tonic because the plastic stock ones imploded when I was adjusting them. Major improvement. My USA Eclipse has the DiMarzio minis it had when I bought it, and they sound great, although I also love the Duncan Antiquities in an Eclipse. My other three electrics have stock pickups. I thought about changing out my MIM Strat pickups several times for no real reason, but I like 'em fine. The S22 pickups in my Carvin Fatboy 2 work really well with it - very versatile (I rarely like full sized humbuckers). And the stock Coaxe pickups were a major reason I bought my Vox SSC-55. As an aside, more often than not, I am fine with stock pickups on an electric guitar. On acoustic, I have never found a pickup I like, except when I run it through a Fishman Aura system, but even then only when an well matched image is available.
  14. My Carvin Fatboy 2 with synth access is getting a bunch of play. I put flat wound strings on it which lets me pull cool jazzbox tones from it, but it can also twang and jangle just fine. The flatwound strings also improve synth tracking. Overall, just a joy to play, and very versatile.
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