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Found 3 results

  1. bubs_42


    Gushing on NGD has a bipolar affect on the guitar community. We have a select few who have been lucky enough to be able to pony up, those who dream of the day that when they can afford their own NGD, and then we have the jaded and sarcastic to make up the remainder of the bunch . I'll leave it up to your imagination, but if it was a Pie Chart you could envision what the shares would look like. So i'll do my best to lay this out as honest as I can. This is for the ones that are sitting on the fence, with a dream of one day owning a Shishkov. I ordered the "Working Man's Guitar", it was a
  2. Neither of my bands got to do a Christmas/holiday show this year, so I texted the other guys in SUIT and said, "I've got a Christmas song we can do; wear a black shirt, bring your hat and meet me in the rehearsal room." We ran through it a couple of times, moved around so we would all fit in the frame at the same time and hit record on the video camera. I probably could have worked out a better solo, but this is what I came up with of the top of my head. Anyway, here you go. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that stuff. Guitar signal path: Shish 0092 -> Fulltone Full-Drive2 ->
  3. Hello HFC Friends! Once a year I like to do a special run of pickups at a deliciously discounted price to support all of you here on The HFC, to encourage casual participants to join up properly and be Supporting Members, to keep Shishkov Guitars on peoples minds, and to do good by/for the best and only internet guitar forum I will align myself with. It's now 2020 and this amazing New Year deserves some amazing new pickups! The cost of parts, coil wire, and all of it has bumped up on my end but I'm going to stick to last years prices of $220/set. Shipping to your doorstep with insurance a
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