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    Hamer Division: 1978 Sunburst; 1980 Special; 1981 Special; 1981 Vector; 1983 Blitz; 1989 Chaparral; 1990 Archtop P-90; 1990 Californian Custom; 1992 Special P-90 (Cherry); 1993 Eclipse-12; 1993 Special FM; 1993 Special P-90 (TV Yellow); 1995 Studio; 1996 Diablo; 1996 Duotone; 1996 Standard; 1998 25th Anniversary Edition Artist; 2005 Korina Artist P-90; 2005 Newport Pro; 2005 Special Korina Junior
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    Fulltone Full-Drive 2, MXR Dyna-Comp, etc.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! That video was cool!
  2. Yes it is. And THAT's what makes it so great. 😄
  3. I like how Rigs of Dad puts the virgulilla over the "n": Ibañez.
  4. Everything @kizanski said, plus... I think everyone here will agree that it's well worth the wait. And if you describe what you're looking for in a pickup, @JGravelin can custom build it for you.
  5. Oh I do. The Eveready cat, yellow-and-blue Ray-O-Vacs...and of course the Radio Shack Battery Club (stock photos).
  6. Good: I added TWO awesome guitars to the family in 2020. In January we drove up to Sully HQ and picked up my blue-sparkle Sully ’92 that I had ordered in 2018. With a custom pickup by Josh, this thing is a rock-n-roll beast. And it sparkles. Then, in July, FedEx delivered the best guitar in my entire collection: Shishkov DC Custom 0092 (interesting coincidence between the Shish serial number and the Sully model number). I picked out the wood for the top on July 10, 2017 and it was delivered on July 5, 2020. Although I was furloughed from my job in March, I retained ful
  7. Bill Monroe was the "father of bluegrass," but Bob Wills (along with his Texas Playboys) put Western swing on the map. Asleep the Wheel is an unabashed tribute to Bob Wills.
  8. Yes, Stike did the finish. And yes, he does some awesome work for Sully - like my '92.
  9. No affiliation, other than I have seen this guitar in person at Sully HQ and pictures don't do the finish justice. Glitter is embedded into the clearcoat and it sparkles in the light. Personally, if I'm gonna pay $3K for a guitar it had better come with a hardshell case, but this was built as a NAMM demo so maybe that explains the gig bag. https://reverb.com/item/38210604-sully-guitars-71-trella-custom-2019-glamazon-honey-burst-hipshot-locking-tuners-pigtail-bridge
  10. In Texas, I had multiple opportunities to see him in small clubs before he hit big. It was always, "We'll catch him next time." Years later, I saw him on the tour he did with Jeff Beck - which was VERY cool - but I regret not seeing him in one of those tiny dive bars when I had the chance.
  11. I don’t mean shows that happened before you were born or were on the other side of the country or something; we all wish we could have seen the Beatles rooftop concert or Hendrix set his guitar on fire at Monterey. No, I mean concerts that you had access to and could have attended, but for whatever reason, didn’t. Here are a few of mine: KISS, November 7, 1975, McDonald Gym, Beaumont, TX. In November of 1975 I was 14 and my friend/neighbor/bandmate Keith was 15; we were both KISS fans. Neither of us was old enough to drive, of course, but my parents would have taken us had we
  12. Back in 2000 when I got my Nomad, there was a little-known "professional courtesy" agreement between M/B and the company I work for. There was a lot of paperwork involved and I had to wait for the next batch of Nomads to be built, but I ended up paying considerably less than retail. I mailed a cashier's check to M/B and they shipped the amp directly to me. By the time I bought my Mark Five in 2015, though, that deal was long gone and I had to pay full price like everybody else.
  13. Yikes. I'm glad I got my Boogie(s) when I did. I'm thinking the new line will look something like this:
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