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  1. It doesn't show any signs of being a refin, so I'm pretty sure the finish is original.
  2. Well, this was a nice surprise: my girlfriend bought me a guitar! (I think she was trying to make me feel better about turning 60.) The description read, "1988 Hamer Chaparral. This guitar was one of the prototypes brought to the 1988 NAMM show by Paul Hamer. There it was signed by the members of Cheap Trick and auctioned off for charity. Has hologram back plate stickers and newer knobs." Does anybody know the full story on this one? In any case, it's pretty dang cool. '88 Chap, set neck, boomer inlays, ebony board, Hamer-branded Floyd. And, if the seller's description is accura
  3. A pretty cool shot from last Saturday night.
  4. ...and what's going on with her (?) hands? Are those mittens? And what is she (?) doing? Welding?
  5. Love me some D-A-D! Look at that guy in those tight leather pants He can't sing and you can see he can't dance And Soulfinger's spinnin', throwing his hair He's got nothing to say, he's just happy to be there Look at his friend and look at his face He's got a one track mind and a two-stringed bass On garbage drums with a license to swing Pete sets the pace to anything
  6. It's back. 😏 https://reverb.com/item/18933889-hamer-satfw-dcb-the-archtop-double-cutaway-dark-cherry?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Watcher_Item_Relisted&utm_term=bumped_similar_listings-default
  7. Agreed. But with the weird pictures, almost unintelligible description and no evidence of a case, I would never have been brave enough to buy it.
  8. Well, yeah. 😆 But he's a "real pro"! This is a 2018 one owner guitar It’s their once a year walnut guitar , And made in the USA has a tremolo arm I block the tremolos and tighten down the screws to springs , I don’t use a tremolo no whammy bar for me , every thing works and It looks good and plays real well it’s been set up by a pro , a real pro seriously ,,, me ,, It has a great tone which is unique , the intonation , string height , pick ups are perfect , Very very good guitar
  9. Wait a minute! I KNEW it looked vaguely familiar but wasn't sure until @kizanski posted the one-string picture. That guy was trying to sell that same guitar back in 2019. He had it listed as "mint" (and priced ridiculously high) but admitted that he didn't know anything about it. So I, being Mr. Helpful, sent him a message through Reverb. He changed the wording of his ad and lowered the price a couple of times, but apparently gave up when he still couldn't sell it at $850.00 plus $50 shipping. https://reverb.com/item/21921082-hamer-special-usa I find his ad copy more enjoya
  10. Definitely no affiliation. Some reverb listings are full of useful information and plenty of pictures. Then there's this one. https://reverb.com/item/18933889-hamer-satfw-dcb-the-archtop-double-cutaway-dark-cherry This Hamer guitar is the best one out there for sale , There is no way any Other Hamer can top this one , I’m saying maybe match this one, but not likely, it’s just not been played it’s been in a case for many years and in a house not a storage , A heat and air controlled environment that makes a difference,
  11. I got on the KISS bandwagon with Alive! and I was all in. I bought The Originals set, then each album as it came out. The solo albums were kind of a mixed bag (and we all have our opinions on those), but I soldiered on. So when Dynasty came out I bought it, as any dedicated fan would, without hearing a note. Brought it home. Put it on the turntable. And "I Was Made for Lovin' You" came out of the speakers. What is this? Disco? Seriously? I felt BETRAYED. One of my favorite bands had gone to the dark side. Disco! The nemesis of every hard-rock-loving teenager in the 1970s.
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