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  1. Oh come on, we all know the extra headstock density added by the checkerboard label is the key to the early-80s Special's distinctive tone and sustain! 😆
  2. Same here - after a lengthy lecture about copyright law. (haha) I assumed the covers would just be tacked on with minimal solder, but it turned out they were fully wax potted. I pressed on and got the covers off, but you can still see remnants of wax on the bobbins. Then, after all that trouble, I didn't really like the sound of them all that much. So now they're in a box, gathering dust. I should probably try to sell them.
  3. I could definitely do with another t-shirt. And maybe another hat. Possibly even a hoodie.
  4. Subscribed. 🙂 Here are mine, if you want: https://www.youtube.com/user/SUITblues/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hrpgx_DkI232S8KMa4T6g/videos
  5. Hey, I used a Nady 201 all through the '90s! The Line 6 Relay G10 is very compact, easy to use and sounds good BUT, if you're going to be using it alongside other wireless users beware. Rather than operate on a fixed/selecable frequency, every time you power it on it scans for an available channel. Which is fine as long as you're the only wireless user in the room. Here's the problem I encountered: the other guitarist and I both use Line 6 Relay G90s, which operate on a selectable, fixed frequency. The bass player was using a G10 for a while and as long as we turned our G90s on
  6. I recently did a detailed inventory for insurance purposes and the number of stringed instruments in the house - including my daughter's ukuleles and other oddball instruments - is 64. Mostly because I never get rid of guitars; I still have every one I've ever owned going back to 1971 when I was ten years old. Twenty of those are Hamers, although my Hamer count was three from 1984 until 2015. After my wife died in 2014 I went a little nuts for a couple of years and my collection expanded exponentially, but I've reined it in since then.
  7. I've gotta go back to my Number One, My Beloved Blackie, the 1981 Special that I bought new in October, 1984 (it sat in the shop for three years waiting for me). It's the neck profile by which all others are judged (I sent the measurements to Mike when he was working on 0063 and 0092). I've cycled through several bridge pickups over the years; currently it's a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary. However, I recently came across the original pickup in a dusty old box and I'm considering putting it back in. The drummer in the band once asked me, "When was the last time that guitar missed a gig?" My answer
  8. Yes we should. You've got some pretty cool guitars yourself!
  9. Blue guitar - good. Blue sparkle guitar - even better!
  10. Nice! I like the look of the tortoiseshell pickguard against the black finish. I have three SGs - a '75 Standard, a '79 Standard and a 2013 SG Original - and the necks are all different. What's the neck like on yours?
  11. Oh good - I thought I missed it again. 😏
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