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Daytona priced for sale!

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1995 Daytona Trans-Blue.White pickguard,compleatly stock,rosewood finger-

board.$500.00 +shipping.Sorry,no trades and please no negociating on price.I do

not gig,but the guitar has some minor playing wear.Bought from jisham a couple of

years back.I would rather give this guitar a good home with a member of the HFC.

Please don't make me use FleaBAY.

P.S. Any descriptions can be had by e-mail,or by phone.



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I would snatch it up if you listed a month from now. :lol:

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Members of the HFC,

I apologize for not having any pics.I don't own a digital camera.The guitar is

in good shape.I accidetally scratched the surface on top,but it is only a finish

scratch,it does not go to the bare wood.Also,the neck plate is tarnished.The guitar

plays and sounds great.The only reason i am selling it is because i recently bought

a Reliced Strat and something has to go.



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