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For Sale Board Guidelines

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All threads regarding the following belong in this forum:

  • Items you have for sale
  • Items you saw for sale that people here might be interested in (PSA's) i.e. Ebay, Craigslist, or your local Pawn Shop
  • Items you Want to Buy (WTB)
  • Items you're "paying forward" (PIF) For the new people: Sometimes we just give stuff to each other for no apparent reason. Hopefully the favor gets returned some day.


A few simple rules:


  • No yard-sales. Guitar/Music/Recording gear, effects, and related books only. Computer gear related to recording is OK.
  • No "auction" sales via this board - list your price or feel free to post a link to your eBay listing or Craigslist sale.  Offenders will have their PMs disabled until prices are posted or the threads will simply be deleted.
  • Don't "bump" your thread to the top incessantly. Use common sense. Every hour - even every day - is too much.
  • Don't post "laundry-lists" of separate item topics. Try to combine items under one heading and in one thread or at least group them in logical fashion. Posting too many separate threads pushes everybody else's stuff off the main page and results in excessive "bumping".
  • Don't dump on other people's threads. Keep negative comments about price, the manufacturer, the seller, or whatever else to yourself. Please refrain from taking over For Sale/WTB threads that aren't yours with other offers. If you are selling or want to buy something, start your own thread, don't commandeer somebody else's!
  • Don't hijack other peoples threads. Start your own.
  • Don't post your offers to the seller in the thread - use the PM or email function.
  • Report possible fraudulent activity to the moderators. Do not take it upon yourself to alert the masses based on your own opinions or knowledge of the item/seller, etc. Let the moderators handle that part.


Be sure to check the http://www.hamerfanclub.com/faq.htm#17'>FAQ Page.

Thanks! :o


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