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Because we get so many spammers from around the world trying to gain entry into the Forums (at least a dozen or so daily), we must require that you manually enter some relevant information in your profile - anything will do - or send an email to me ( chris at hamerfanclub dot com )in order to approve you as a Member. This has been posted in our HFC FAQs for years, but some people seem to have had a tough time finding that.

This applies mostly to anyone using a free or "throwaway" email service, like gmail, hotmail or yahoo. If there is nothing in your profile to identify you as a Hamer player, owner, fan, or whatever and your email and/or user ID don't turn up in a Google search, your account will sit in the Validation queue for 10 days and is then automatically deleted by the system. There is simply no way for us to tell your profile apart from the increasingly clever spam army out there.

We're not collecting any of your information here, we just need a way to confirm that you're a real prospective member and not some Spambot in Belarus...

...or Nigeria...

...or the Ukraine...

...or China...

(etc., etc.)

** If you are already a posting member, this does not apply to you! **

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