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Pedal Repair? Worth it?? MXR Bass Compressor M78



After not playing bass for a while, I am now playing again, and so I broke out my trusty pedalboard that I obsessed over for a year building. Still does everything I need... EXCEPT... my MXR Bass Compressor M87 apparently now needs to "warm up" before it will actually work. I checked out a bunch of threads online, and apparently there were build quality issues, especially with early examples, and issues can take a while to show up. Mine is from I think 2015? 2016?  Anyway, turns out that the MXR "constant headroom technology" is a voltage power pump that gets the internal voltage up to around 18v. However some of the components they used, particularly one op amp, are only rated up to 16v... OOPS.

The issue involves the pedal being stuck at "max compression" when you first plug it in. The LEDS light all the way up, and gradually turn off. Once they are off, then the pedal will function normally, but that can take 15 minutes, not really any type of solution for a gig.

A new one costs $190, so I'm trying to figure out whether it's even worth fixing, or whether I should just toss it. There are now more options out there for Bass Compressors, and especially with this one going south, I won't buy another unless I can guarantee they use the right components. Of course the other way to guarantee that is to have someone fix the pedal I have.

talk bass thread about this issue: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/dead-mxr-m87-bass-compressor.1284462/


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