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  1. Yep. My DC-5 is like that. Green LED to show you that you're in the Rhythm channel, red to show that the graphic EQ is engaged. I think the maverick as well has it set up that way: Red LED on when you are in the Rhythm channel. It's also a single button footswitch, identical to the one that comes with the Trem-O-Verb. It does not make any sense to me why they put in such complicated effects switching options, but didn't think maybe that putting an effects button on the footswitch would be a good idea. Thankfully, you can use the external switching options for that. Reminds me of 90's Volvo cars, which my parents had/have. It does not have a button to turn the Air Conditioning on. It has one to turn it OFF. It literally says "A/C OFF". And the manual says "when the button is depressed, that turns off the Air Conditioning". So, is depressed when it's in, out, or just upset about why Volvo has such weird logic? We finally figured out that when the button is "IN", that means that the A/C is OFF.
  2. He used Mesa Boogie gear from the early years. I think his techs had insisted when he got some earlier amps that they have LEDs on the amps to show which channel they were in. Typically mesa only put the LEDs on the footswitches, and also if you needed an LED to tell whether you were in the LEAD mode, you weren't using a Mesa Right. That's what I had heard: The tremoverb was one of the best sounding rectifier models. And, with the channel cloning, you can get the perfect set of two channels.
  3. Yeah... at least it's got wheels. I've still gotta put the wheels and tracks on my Maverick to make it a bit easier to move around. Also still need to retube the stiletto as well, and then figure out what to do with all the used preamp tubes I have lying around. I need to find some way to test them to see if they are worth keeping, as a lot are Beijing China Foil Getter tubes, which a lot of people love in high gain amps.
  4. They definitely do look cool. A lot of people are still using them, because they look that way. But, if they want the spongiest possible sustain, they usually go with the 5U4GB. With my Stiletto combo, I have no choice, as the Coke Bottle won't fit. There's about 1/2 inch clearance for the rectifier tube on the left. Getting them in Europe is unfortunately not easy, even the more affordable models. It's not just cost, but just how scarce they are over there. I have seen a fair number of owners from over in Europe, but mostly with the Mark Series amplifiers.
  5. Those are the 5U4G rectifier tubes. Back at this time, mesa was big into the "coke bottle" rectifier tubes. The 5U4G also looks really cool and drops 44 volts under load. They have now moved to using mostly the 5U4GB tube, which is pretty much the same size as a 6l6GC tube. It's identical, except that it drops 50 volts under load. The two tubes are interchangeable.
  6. I don't think Mesa makes a light ANYTHING. This one is from when they were putting ceramic tube sockets in everything, which added to the weight. Of course this means the contacts can get loose in the socket, so sometimes you need to push them back in, never a fun thing. I pulled the chassis and bent over that one contact so it wouldn't slip out again. 100 watt combos are never light, but at least I get some nice exercise.
  7. Looking again, I think the RK cab is half-open, so that you can run some settings to the open, and some to the closed. The Lone Star open back would definitely be the best choice of their current lineup for an open back. I have a 2 button footswitch I got for the mesa Boogie maverick, which can control reverb as well as channel switching. I've kinda realized now that when you've got per-channel reverb, you really don't need the second button, so I'll probably use that with the Tremoverb, and use the single button switch with the Maverick.
  8. Glad to hear that there was a somewhat happy ending. Hopefully it'll show up. I sometimes thing part of my reason for favoring combo guitar amps is that most people will run away in fear the second they try to lift one. Have fun with that new speaker! And YEAH, some eminence drivers have HUGE frames, even for guitar. Kills me because I love combos, but a lot of the eminence speakers won't clear the transformers in a lot of tube combos.
  9. Pick up a nice open back cabinet, like the Mesa Roadking cabinet. Avatar also makes some nice cabinets. I've got a 2x12 I got years ago loaded with Eminence Texas Heats, as well as some Carvin vertical slant cabinets with their BR12 speakers in them. Alas, I keep getting combos. Of course the price was also quite attractive. That footswitch by itself sells for around 100.
  10. It's close, to that, but the heaviest combos that Mesa Boogie has ever made are the Road King II 2x12 at 98lbs, which is open back, and the Roadster 2x12 closed back, which is 100, though those are without casters on, which I think add another 10 lbs. From what I've seen they are around 70-75 lbs, supposedly. That's about the same weight as the Lone Star 2x12 combos. At least it's got side handles. For some reason, mos of the other 2x12 combos don't have them.
  11. Yeah, so I keep telling myself that I'm gonna switch to all heads and cabinets, and make all kinds of weird plans that end up with me needing to own 10 different cabinets for various amps, situations, etc etc etc. And then I give up and just get a combo. Well, it happened again. I had been thinking about picking up a real "Rectifier" for some time now. I have a Maverick, which is technically a Dual Rectifier, but it's not THAT kind of Rectifier. This definitely is. It's also got one thing that I really do like having in an amplifier: reverb. I just like... spring reverb, and don't like having to plug in some type of unit to an amp to get it. The typical "rectifier" doesn't have reverb, or tremolo for that matter. If you want reverb you had to go with the Rect-O-Verb, but that doesn't have the Tube Rectifier option, which is one of the big reasons for getting it. The other options were the Tremoverb, the Roadster, and the Road King. Well, the latter two are just insane amps, with 4 channels, tons of switches, tons of tubes, and that many more things to go wrong. So, the Tremoverb it was. It's also got the kinda unique "channel cloning" feature, which allows you to have two of the same channel, so you have two of the 4 total modes dialed in at any given time, along with reverb, and tremolo (which is fun but of questionable usefulness). I was on the lookout for a head, but then a combo popped up locally, original owner, in great shape, with some extra goodies and the original hang tags. Perfect for an OCD idiot like me. Original casters, footswitch, manual etc. Also came with an aftermarket custom footswitch that uses the external control jacks, so that you can turn on/off reverb, tremolo, efx/ etc. Not sure how useful that will be for how I'll be using it, but it is nice to have. Mesa Boogie has a history of either having a minimal footswitch, or something huge with a ton of buttons. Currently the amplifier is set up for EL34 tubes right now, and it's got a set of "7" rated Groove Tubes EL34 -R2 tubes, which are the same as the "Svetlana" brand of power tubes made by New Sensor. Preamp tubes are a mixture of the original Beijing China 12AX7 tubes, Groove Tubes 9th Gen Chinese tubes, and some Russian. Currently it sounds really good, but loud, though it's got an overall master volume that really helps tame it. Now I've got to decide if I want to keep it running EL34s, or switch it back to 6L6GC tubes. Pretty much all my amps right now have EL34s, so I was looking for something different.
  12. Oh nice! Is it supposed to sound like any particular amplifier, or just supposed to sound GOOD? That's some seriously neat wiring on the inside, and some BIG IRON on that little guy. Almost looks like a Mesa Boogie combo with that much packed into such a small space.
  13. Well, that sucks. I would wager most of his present and former crew didn't leave the healthiest of lifestyles, so this is unfortunately not surprising.
  14. I would say, if he was doing something bad, after 5 seconds he wouldn't have needed to make any further dialog. Virtually every company has outsourced their tech support to India. A command prompt is honestly the easiest way to see the structure of your network. I used to do computer tech work, and that "cmd" is always a life saver, and it's often just so much easier to go that way, than to try to navigate menu after menu of windoze 10.
  15. A lot of routers from various makers these days come with built in firewalls. Also, most anti virus suites and windows 10 itself actually have firewalls installed by default. I would guess that there was something lost in translation, and honestly I wouldn't really be worried. Now, what issues are you having with the extender? to be able to upgrade it, often that would require making connections from your computer that windows may consider "suspicious", so disabling the firewall may be necessary.
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