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  1. Not only was it an option, but you could also play 3 periods of hockey when you were done playing! It was even available... ON THE DOUBLENECK
  2. I have heard people say that the Pubster 25 is pretty much an updated Rivera-era Super Champ. 1x10 with reverb and modes for more gain. Can't wait to bring this one up to top condition. It looks to be a 2008 model from the writing on the chassis, so hopefully the foam on the chassis hasn't turned to goo already. It really is a solidly built amp, just like my R55-12.
  3. Yeah, I've got the fever, the fever to have an amplifier that uses every type of major power tube, and the one that I don't have is a 6V6. I saw a Rivera Pubster 25 pop up locally a few weeks ago, but I was kinda 'meh' about it, because I hadn't actually researched it. Well, I did, and then I decided it was worth getting, especially at the price. It's a really simple amp setup, single channel with a "boost" mode, which is pretty much like a 2 channel amp with a shared EQ. It has master volume controls for both the regular and boost mode, reverb and also a presence control. The volume for the standard mode also effects the "boost" mode, so you can get some interesting sounds with both the regular and boost mode. It's got a standard T/R/S/ footswitch jack for the boost and reverb, though I rarely see these for sale with the FS-20 Rivera footswitch, which does actually have LEDs. Aftermarket ones are about 40-50 bucks. I have a bunch of carvin FS-22 switches around though, so I'll probably use those, as the amp also has LEDS on the faceplate indicating the mode it is in. Sound is surprisingly good. The amplifier came with an Eminence Legend 10 inch speaker, though I don't know what exact model it is. Haven't gotten a chance to get inside yet. Amp is solidly built. It does however only have 2 preamp tubes, one for the EQ/Dirt/Preamp and one for the Phase inverter. The reverb is solid state driven, which I know some people are down on, but it's a real spring unit, and sounds good. It came with Groove Tubes GT-6V6-C tubes, which are a Chinese design made only for Groove Tubes. Currently there's a Sovtek LPS in V1, and a JJ ECC83S in V2, which should change shortly. It's a bit dusty, so I'll post some pictures when I get it cleaned up. Also the speaker cable is some bad splice job onto the original jack. no idea why anyone would do that. It'll be replaced shortly. Until then here's a stand in picture:
  4. Definitely looks like it could be a TV yellow a very bad photo graph taken.
  5. NICE!!! I don't see why Fender doesn't put the TBX on more guitars. It's a great control! What does the little push button control do, split the bridge pickup?
  6. I'm not sure that the Shuguang factory in China makes any EL84 / 6BQ5 type tubes. They might be making some for Tube Amp Doctor, but I can't find Chinese EL84s from any of the major suppliers. Unbranded EL84s are usually Russian of some type, or possibly JJ. You can tell by the plate structure. I have 3 amps with EL84s, most came with Russian tubes, but the Mesa Maverick has JJ's.
  7. What do you use currently? Most of what's out there are the Sovtek EL84s or the JJ EL84s. The Electro Harmonix are also nice. The one thing to look out for is tube diameter. Some EL84 amps have the socket buried inside the chassis, like with a preamp tube. Some tubes are too wide to fit.
  8. It all depends on what rating they are, and what amp you put them in. The 6V6's are JJ 6V6s, which many do not feel sound like a "real" 6v6. The 12AX7's are also JJs currently, so it's really a case of needing to know what the tubes really are. I don't recommend their preamp tubes to anyone, or the 5881 tubes, which are really 6P3S tubes, not true 5881s. The Rectifiers they offer are all overpriced, but their 6L6GC and EL34 offerings are nice.
  9. Nice!!! Is it new or used? They've made a bunch of different versions for that strat. Looks like a beauty!
  10. Ruby, TAD, and other rebranders also test their tubes, though I don't know if their testing is as rigorous as the Mesa Boogie process. For my MESA amps, I usually just use the Mesa tubes, especially since for EL34s, Mesa has the best prices around for the out of production SED EL34s. For preamp tubes though, they are just tested JJ tubes, which is good, I guess, but JJ tubes as of late just have not been as reliable as other brands. There are many great tubes coming out of the Shuguang factory in China, and the Reflektor Plant in Saratov Russia.
  11. I love the Vintage 30s in my TremOVerb combo, but the one in my Stiletto Combo just does not work well with the voicing of the amp. The vintage 30 really works well in some situations, not in others.
  12. From what I've read, Earcandy cabs are the place to go for front ported cabs. They make great cabs in general, but they are one of the few cabinet companies out there that really do the ported guitar cabinet thing., and they have a 2x10 called the Sweet Tooth. You can also get them shipped unloaded if you wanted to put some Jensen or other speakers in there. Right now they only have Eminence 10 inch drivers available, though they have 9 choices of speaker.
  13. $3800 for LES PAUL JUNIORS. If someone really wants a Pelham Blue SG.... https://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-SGSA19-PBCH3
  14. Honestly, I'm always torn between open and closed back speaker enclosures. For playing at home, the open backs just sound better, as they are much less directional. I'm not into the "thump" that sucks the air out of your lungs. I also have a thing for combos. Always have.
  15. I don't understand that segment of the market, but I don't think I ever will. Also looks like Dave's has stopped carrying G&L guitars.
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