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  1. I got the carrying case for it, and I have taken it to lessons for years now. I picked up a bunch of eneloop rechargeable batteries, so I don't have to plug it in. It lasts for a month or two of lessons before I need to recharge them. It's got a built-in Tuner, and it even has a tap tempo button for the delay effects. If you get one, I would also recommend installing the computer software. It allows you to adjust some effects parameters that you can't do with the knobs alone. Between the three versions, I went for the regular one, as I play everything from jazz to rock to early metal. It covers the most ground and made the most sense to me. It also has quality construction. The guitar input jack looks to be a real metal jack. Even many higher end guitar amps use plastic input jacks these days. For high gain stuff, it can even handle most metallica up through Master of Puppets. The EQ works well. And of course there's the fact that they put orange LEDS inside, so when you turn it on, they slowly light up like tubes warming up.
  2. It's stupid legal crap, and generally it means that someone made a complaint. It may not be regarding that specific video, but possibly the song, the artist, etc. Yeah, it's stupid.
  3. I love finding lots of bluegrass covers of just about everything. Then I look them up, and realize, they are all in Europe. Steve n' Seagulls are based in Finland. Starting with the Hermes House Band doing Country Roads, a lot of areas really have a fascination with the more "rustic" areas of America. The only places you see lots of tractor pulls are also in America... and in Europe.
  4. What the???? THAT is a three bolt to 4 bolt conversion? I feel very sorry for that neck. It's been done wrooooong.
  5. I hope he's able to work with or around the wrist issues. Having your life/livelihood go away due to injury sucks, especially when it's not something usually considered highly physically strenuous.
  6. From what I read, it was almost like he would wear on out, and they'd just give him another one. Some had fancy fine tuners on them, others didn't. But, he just said the word and another would show up. He also was supposedly the one who turned Billy Gibbons onto using lighter strings. According to Dan Erlewine, he liked a high action, and would wind ALL of the strings onto the peghead. He didn't cut them down at all.
  7. Do they sound that good? Yes, yes they do. Yamaha does not "half-a$$" anything. They really made a portable modelling amp that is incredibly versatile, and also sounds freaking awesome. It's a great recording interface, and with the computer software you can mess with a lot of parameters.
  8. AHH. Yeah also noticed the lack of a skunk stripe. I think my Fender tele is the only guitar I have with a skunk stripe. I've never understood why the rosewood fretboard Fender guitars still have them, but I guess so that they don't have to make the necks differently with regards to the truss rod.
  9. 90's Hamers are my bread and butter. I have a Newport, which is 2000, but other than that, all are from the 90s. I was looking at a Monaco for a while, but honestly there's nothing guitar wise I need anymore. Except a doubleneck with a 12 string.
  10. Sounds kinda like an ebow. It's great to hear what people are able to do with non-standard playing technique. However, honestly no one can touch the master. There were no clarinets, trombones, or other instruments used in this song. Just banjo with a guitar using analog effects, the deacy amp, and a lot of creativity and endless overdubs Recorded in 1975... The section from 2:50 to the end is brilliant.
  11. Ahh... Ok. I can never keep it straight. I guess that's why Fender went "VOS". instead. Marketing stuff is lost on me.
  12. Nice!! It's good to see builders thinking outside the box more often. Some really interesting designs!
  13. Wha? What IS that thing? Is the maple cap on the body, or the neck? Anyway, I think the "NOS" is what Fender called it. It was their attempt at the VOS crap that Gibson was doing. So when it was "new", it was supposed to look "NOS".
  14. That mirage is awesome. If only I wasn't in "sell guitars to buy brass instrument" phase. I'd buy that in a second if I was in the market. Euphoniums are freakin expensive. PHEW.
  15. I originally put one Black Powder and the Blue Tick Hound into my Carvin MTS combo, in a (probably futile) effort to get a better overdrive sound. Then I had a Vintage 16 as well, and put the blue tick hound in that, where it does very nicely, and got another black powder for the MTS combo. Right now I don't even know where the MTS combo is exactly, but I Should probably start playing it again to see if I can actually get a decent sound out of it. The CV-75 I have is replacing a Celestion G12T-85 in my Rivera R55-12. It's just to sterile of a speaker for me.
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