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  1. True, but it's one of those "it's not what you do it's how you do it". I know plenty of people who buy and sell all the time, but very few who go on a curse filled tirade and threaten to shoot someone because they dared to buy a guitar he wanted. Mind you this is after we had a bunch of meetups at the Heritage factory. No, I wasn't the one threatened, but it really is the reason I stopped going, and why I barely post at that forum anymore.
  2. Good luck with the sale!!! Even though they are SLIGHTLY different compared to the original EVH model, the story about how they were designed is incredible. Those pickups also cannot be found anywhere else, but in the MM Axis guitars, or the EBMM Albert Lee HH. It's a great color too, when it seems like half of the ones out there are that Gold or Amber color.
  3. I know some people have been thinking the same thing. Paul Rivera talks about some magic that happens between the huge magnet and the output transformer, but who knows if that's really happening. I don't know if any company but Sweetwater is selling them, but it could never hurt to ask. Also wouldn't be that hard to just swap out the speaker afterwards. I just had a good hour long playing session with it, and used the footswitch for the first time. It is Channel, Lead Boost, and Tremolo on the F/S. It's also got a dual color LED on the channel select, so it is green for clean and red fo
  4. I am going to have nightmares about that now. I swear, he's a person who needs to flip a guitar before he 'gets used to it' or something like that.
  5. Oh no, the thread went there. Now I'm gonna go buy every Hamer, Heritage, Gibson, PRS, etc that I can, rip out the pickups, put T-tops in them, and top wrap the tailpieces. Must have really burned that he couldn't top wrap this one!
  6. Nice! He can hang out with the Enron CEO Ken Lay.
  7. There are a few demos out there on youtube. I think the Sweetwater one is probably the most honest, as the other two have people using pedalboards. Hopefully soon some more demos will show up. It really does sound great though. I know some will probably be curious about the tubes that Rivera recommends, and it looks like it shipped with all 12AX7EH preamp tubes, an Electro Harmonix 5U4GB Rectifier, and Shuguang 6V6 tubes.
  8. Oh that is nice. I always though the upper horn looked weird, but it kinda grows on you. Glad to hear a nice happy ending. I went up to the old factory a few times, and they now build in a different part of the building. I remember when one of the workers bought back this blue to green to yellow guitar she had worked on.
  9. I'm curious as to how many pro players are going to pick these up. I know Jay Graydon, who did the solo on Steely Dan's "Peg" with a modded Rivera, had his own signature Jake and Rake amps with Rivera. However there are plenty of players who used the Rivera modded Deluxes in the studio who still send them back for repairs. Paul Jackson Jr. had his in recently, around the time that Sweetwater literally had Rivera mod some Fender Deluxe Reverb amps for a limited run. They said something about that special run made them decide it was "time" to put out the definitive Rivera Stage IV amplifier. I'
  10. I was just about to put a Stage IV on order, and begin the weight. Never got that far, because I noticed a “Demo” model for 200 off, with some small tear in the Rolex. So here it is, in my Rivera “Stack”. I took a picture of the tolex issue, which I later glued down so it doesn’t spread. This really is the ULTIMATE incarnation of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. It does EVERYTHING that a Deluxe does, and then goes so far beyond it. It's the original Rivera modded deluxe, but has none of the "downsides" that a modded deluxe would have. - True Channel Switching - Reverb and Tremolo available on
  11. It's a great guitar. I'm still on the fence about swapping out the stock hot Seymour Duncan P-90s for something more "vintage", but I love the sound they get with overdrive.
  12. Update: Jason was suffering from an infection, which is now clearing up. He has been released and is back home sitting on the back deck with his cats.
  13. Oh, I just realized I forgot to post pics.
  14. Yeah. Kinman really has gone so far beyond just about everyone else. He's had a whole bunch of different versions, and is always working to improve them. You almost need to be an electrical engineer to just understand his explanations of why and how his pickups work. I mean, there have been plenty of great noiseless pickup designs, like the Lace Sensors, etc, but no one has really gone after making a "no compromises" version like Kinman.
  15. Yes, and no. There is really only one company I would consider to have created noiseless P90s and other pickups that don't lose something along with the noise Kinman.
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