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  1. I had the combo version. I forget what type of speaker it had in it, but it was nice. I wish I had given it more of a try. I've historically had bad luck going after Marshall amps. I don't see WHY they couldn't have made a DSL 50 COMBO instead of the 40 with its high chance of catching on fire when they still made them in the U.K. Instead I have a TSL122 Boat Anchor that will probably sink into the ground before I find a buyer.
  2. There's a lot of "legacy" features on guitar amps. Like the two inputs, the bright cap on the 2nd channel of Fender amps, etc. Most of my amps have only a single input, but the older ones like my Carvin X-100B Fuzzy have the two. Rivera amps all seem to have a "High Gain" and "Low Gain" set of inputs, even the ones that they currently make. Some of their amps with a single input, like the pubster, still have "High Gain" under the input. The way rivera explains it is that if you want max clean headroom or have a very hot output guitar, use the low gain input.
  3. They are really nice pickups. I think most of the "bandwagon" had to do with Fender having them as the stock pickups in some of their strats. Once the relationship ended, so did people's interest in them. A shame really, as Fender's own noiseless offerings are less than stellar.
  4. I will admit to being far too lazy in most cases to ever change pickups, mainly because with so many options, choosing becomes nearly impossible.
  5. The Antiquities are pretty much aged Seth Lover pickups, however the '59 pickups are definitely different. They are constructed using the modern techniques, while the Seth Lover is a recreation of the original PAF pickups. "Designed to deliver classic P.A.F. tone with modern construction, the ’59 (SH-1) vintage output humbucker pickup’s open, detailed sound and sweet top end make it the perfect choice for rock and blues." The '59s also use Alnico 5 magnets, compared to the Seth Lover Alnico II. Of course, the original PAFs could have either, or Alnico III even, whatever was on hand. Gibson obsessed far FAR less over their construction than pickup makers trying for the "ultimate PAF recreation" do today.
  6. The Hamer switches are all made by Switchcraft. The only real difference is that the nut on top of the switch has two slots cut into it to make it easier to tighten. And, it's not just the switch tip that's longer: the actual metal portion under it is longer as well. Otherwise it is identical to the regular version: https://www.stewmac.com/electronics/components-and-parts/switches/switchcraft-right-angle-toggle-switch.html You will note that the switch is pictured with two nuts: Hamer uses the "recessed" nut.
  7. The only place I have seen that sells the correct switches is "Pick of the Ricks" in NJ. The pickups in my newport were replaced, and for some reason they also replaced the switch. I hope that they didn't replace all of the electronics. I haven't gotten the motivation a chance to pull it apart yet.
  8. I was definitely advised that even for the Alnico pickups, to get the "traditional" strat sound I should roll off the bass a bit using the Passive Treble Bass control. I had an SB-2 bass for a while, and holy heck those MFD pickups were HOT.
  9. I've got one Legacy with the regular Alnico Pickups, and I haven't noticed any real issues with the sound. I don't really have any other guitars to really compare it with though, with the same SSS setup and Alnico pickups.
  10. I had the combo version for a while. I liked it but never majorly bonded with it, so I moved it on. Probably should have given it more of a go, but I was kinda in "TUBES ONLY" mode at that point. I wanted to see what a solid state preamp with tube power amp could do.
  11. It's one of those famous mods that it seems like few people can agree on what makes it work. Was it just the flipping of the magnet, or did the flipping of the pickup make it work as well? I will honestly say that in general, I find the "middle" position on humbucker guitars to be kinda useless. I don't know what to do with it.
  12. Truly a great and influential player. It's a shame that all the drugs flying around at the time really pushed his mental health into the dark side. He was thankfully able to emerge and continue creating. Sure he was eclipsed in terms of popularity by the band he formed, but he was a great musician. Without him there would be no Black Magic Woman or Green Manalishi. And there was also that magical les paul...
  13. Has it been thoroughly scrubbed, sterilized, disinfected, and exorcised?
  14. That pedalboard is pretty insane. Now if only they knew how to take decent photographs.
  15. That's correct! It gets a good amount of play time for sure.
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