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  1. tbonesullivan

    Yardbirds, 1968

    That was the Tele used to record the Stairway to Heaven solo. Then Jimmy bought No.1 from Joe Walsh and went on a U.S. tour, and some "friend" decided to refinish it. I saw a great Led Zeppelin all-female cover band last Sunday called LEZ ZEPPELIN, and their guitarist (who is amazing) had a Dragon Tele, as well as the requisite Les Paul bursts. And now, FENDER is recreating it: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/28103-fender-and-jimmy-page-announce-signature-model-telecasters It is supposed to be released soon: https://www.fender.com/articles/gear/chasing-the-dragon-the-magical-mystery-of-jimmy-page-s-painted-telecaster
  2. tbonesullivan

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  3. tbonesullivan

    Hmmmmmmm~~~ any thoughts good or bad?

    Well, that would be a two-fold bonus, as you get both the signal integrity from an active preamp, as well as the tube coloration. Having to have a big cord go into the guitar from a floor unit is kinda annoying though.
  4. tbonesullivan

    Hmmmmmmm~~~ any thoughts good or bad?

    So, is it anything more than a tube-driven preamp built into the guitar? I don't see what the big deal is about, unless of course you GOTTA HAVE DEM TUBES.
  5. That thing looks great in person too. Good luck! Hopefully you'll find it a good home.
  6. That's a 1990 right? Looks good, and has the case. Hopefully the bridge plate isn't stripped, but that comes with the territory.
  7. I would just worry that eventually it'll break in half. While the resin is strong, the pencils really are not, especially with the colored stuff in the middle. There were a bunch of tear out issues during shaping and routing as well.
  8. tbonesullivan

    P90's: who loves them and why?

    I will say, the P90s that came stock with the P90 specials and most Hamers are HOT. They are the Custom and hot P-90s, which are definitely hotter than standard. Even just switching to the Seymour Duncan "Vintage" p-90s will get you a much better pickup for "vintage" sounds. The "vintage" P90s from Seymour Duncan have Alnico 5 magnets with 8k / 9.7k neck/bridge. Pretty much standard for a "regular" P-90 The "hot" p90s have Small Ceramic Bar Magnets, with 12k / 15k winds, and the "custom" p90s have two BIG ceramic bar magnets, with 12K / 14.6k winds.
  9. tbonesullivan

    P90's: who loves them and why?

    If you love the sound of early Who, Mountain, early Boston, Steve Miller (who owns some of Leslie West's Juniors), the p-90s will get you there. They have the bite of a single coil, with more of the beef of a humbucker. The wide and flat bobbin just does something wonderful with the sound. A P90 Special is the way I got into Hamer. My first P90 guitar was a 70's SG Special. LOVE. THEM. P90S. Sadly, you don't see them very often at all anymore on hollow bodied guitars these days.
  10. Not all of the 1993s were think. My 93 studio is really nice, and the serial number is only 51 off from my Special. Did did you measure without the strings on, or with the strings? I'll try to take my guitar into work to measure it tomorrow.
  11. One of these days I'll have to get the measurements off my "thin neck" special from 93. It's... really thin, or at least if feels thin.
  12. NICE!!!! If only it wasn't cherry red.... Not that I don't like it, but I've already got a 96 in that color... with Fralin pickups. Also got a 93, in Candy Apple Red. Good luck with the sale! That will make someone very happy!
  13. tbonesullivan

    FMIC about to obliterate another brand?

    I guess with this, FMIC can finally say they invented the headstock shape they copied from Paul Bigsby's guitars:
  14. tbonesullivan

    Switching to Mac?

    Macs still do have a pretty substantial leg up for audio recording and production, mainly because a lot of people already use them for that purpose, so most of the new interfaces and software come out for the Mac. But, you definitely have to spend a bunch to get one that will have the features, memory, and power that you need. Mac is unfortunately not big on towers, my preferred home computer configuration, which are also super easy to work on. ANyway, good luck! I would definitely look at Imacs, unless you really want to travel with it.
  15. Oh wow! Good luck with the sale! I'm trying to finish up all guitar and amp related projects before I think about Hi-Fi systems again. Those are some really nice prices for awesome condition products. For most of the HiFi fans, are they more likely to use the analog or digital outputs from the CD players? Seems like the Fancy High-End DAC units in the CDs are kinda wasted if you use the digital out.