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  1. Looks like a great guitar, regardless of the changes that have been made. I believe a fair number of Les Paul guitars got sent back a few years after they were made for finish changes, humbucker upgrades, etc.
  2. Oh man that sucks. It must have fallen over, and it looks like neck joint area or body wasn't properly supported. that is just a DAMN shame.
  3. I've heard really good things about them. It's a single channel lower gain style amplifier, with a bunch of power section settings, which make it pretty versatile. Mesa made some great demos of it. Great for low gain stuff, blues, and clean playing. Really well thought out features, and they definitely found a great speaker to pair it with.
  4. Oh crap. I am LOVING the interface on that thing. It's like one of the other "stompbox modelers" but better in every way.
  5. I'll be going to an audiologist in the near future for a test and fitting for custom ear filters. I recently joined a Wind Symphony playing trombone, and they are GOD DAMN LOUD. The conductor is a brass player, like myself, and wants us to bring the thunder, so we will, but I think it's time to get some plugs so I can knock off 5 or 10 db but still have good fidelity. Now, playing a brass instrument with earplugs CAN be maddening, because what many don't realize is that the air INSIDE of your body is vibrating too. So like with talking when wearing earplugs, too much attenuation, and you end up hearing the sound inside your body louder than the sound outside.
  6. Well that is surprising. What about the whole "paypal verified address" thing? I thought the seller would only be protected if they shipped to that, but now it only has to be the right city? That's a load of crap!!! If paypal is aware of these scams, they should do something about them. Hopefully the account that tried this BS was closed. In most of my dealings, I will say I am the "seller" because I work for an E-commerce company that sells a ton of crap online. We always and ONLY ship to the paypal verified address.
  7. I remember years ago someone at the Carvin forum, got this really nice bolt, bridge humbucker, looked great. But he came back saying "it's always harsh/shrill sounding with my amplifier" when compared to a Les Paul. Well he took it to a friends house, and it sounded great. People suggested taking his amp in to have it looked at, and the tech said "yeah these caps are shot". After replacement, he loved it. Much fuller sounding.
  8. Yeah... I was really NOT feeling it honestly. If it's ALL ORIGINAL it probably is love overdue.
  9. I think the JCM2000 DSL50 was only produced as a head. Just make sure you find one with a date code 2005 or later. Some of the earlier ones had a "bias drift" issue due to issues with the circuit board at higher temperatures. This affects ALL original production amplifiers with EL34 output tubes, so the DSL50/100 and TSL50/100. The original run DSL40's had a different problem altogether. Probably easier to pick up one of the new Asian production DSL40 heads. Definitely cheaper and less issues.
  10. If it was shipped to the wrong address, you've pretty much got a slam dunk case for a refund. How the seller managed to ship it to the wrong address is beyond me. Maybe they wrote it out by hand?
  11. What I like about my Stiletto is that it has two really nice clean modes, in addition to the crunch and high gain modes. Solo function is also really nice.
  12. This is the problem that Mesa Boogie ran into when making their Stiletto Amps. Their "crunch" channel was much closer to the JTM sound, and many were just not a fan. The "Fat Clean" mode, with the gain dimed, gives much more of what late 70's marshall fans crave. Early Marshall's were bright, and yes, I also agree that I am not really a fan of a lot of the tones from Clapton and others in the early days that people spent thousands of dollars trying to recreate. Yes, even the WOMAN TONE.
  13. If they sent the wrong pictures, that would usually signal to me that they don't have the actual guitar, and have harvested pictures from the internet. Many people were noticing when previous auction pictures got re-used, so the scammers started raiding TGP and other pages, where everyone conveniently posts pictures of their guitars in "normal" settings.
  14. Ahh, this would be the auction from the seller with zero feedback, right? Registered 3 days ago on ebay.
  15. I remember when he bought it. https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/kirk-hammett-talks-about-his-prize-peter-green-and-gary-moores-les-paul-see-it-action
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