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  1. That is also what confuses me. Is it some type of special 3d rendering, or a hi-res video? It sounds like they 3d scanned and pictured the hell out of it, so it can't just be a regular picture. But the NFT is just a container for usually a web link, so guess it would direct you to download it and then it proves you "really own" it. Ugh stupid.
  2. Whoa.. they REPLACED the original neck pickup that was moved to the middle position and modified, but didn't keep it with the guitar????!??!?!?!
  3. The really high stuff from "On Fire" may not even be DLR. Michael Anthony was responsible for a lot of the really high harmony and other singing on a lot of the Van Halen Records. Kinda like how Roger Taylor, the drummer from Queen, was a lot of the really high shrieks and screams heard over the years.
  4. I guess Fender is going All In on the Music Man style wheel after they started using it with the EVH series. I don't know if it's a dual action rod though. Hmmmm.
  5. If it's fully plugged, and debrox isn't doing anything, I would see a doctor. Wax and other debris can get REALLY stuck in there, and there may be other issues as well.
  6. ARGGGHHHHHH. Seeing that just makes me sad. Such destruction and completely unnecessary. DO NOT SHIP INSTRUMENTS IN JUST A CASE WRAPPED IN TAPE. The cases cannot provide the level of protection needed for that. Even if it's one of those modern cases you can throw off the roof, the guitar can still break. I've probably told the story before, but I got a bass trombone off ebay and it was shipped in the case with tape wrapped around. Thankfully, Yamaha designed the case to securely hold the trombone by the bracing, so it actually arrived without any damage. If only more companies put that much through into the support their cases give.
  7. Looks like they have a bunch of USA Jacksons they "MAY" want to sell. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.129865880761424&type=3
  8. Oh wow, that is a really good price. I think only the 1995/1996 era had the Wrap-Tail and Gut Cut on the Archtop Studio as a standard option. Before and after, it had the usual TOM and Stoptail. My archtop studio is from 1993 and has that setup.
  9. Apparently the first TGP thread on this, which they linked to in their weekly email, got so spicy that it was deleted, and another thread took its place. The comments on the Youtube video are pretty wild as well.
  10. This verse is always MAXIMUM CRINGE when I hear it. It doesn't take a genius to realize it's cliche and sounds horrible. I tell myself Hey, only fools rush in And only time will tell If we stand the test of time All I know You've got to run to win And I'll be damned if I'll get Hung up on the line As for his vocal chops, he played it much more safe with his vocal lines, relying less on going to the limit of his range. This both makes it easier to sing now that he's older, and also probably didn't tear the hell out of his vocal cords during his prime.
  11. Ok, so is this a Brian May guitars special that has been upgraded with the RS conversions stuff? Did they have to fill in where the bridge is?
  12. I was watching these guitars get built on Instagram. I did get a sneaking suspicion when I saw it was a matched pair of a 1st gen P-bass and an Esquire, and then the .007 Mexican Lottery strings were another big clue. Great to see this. I ALSO am a HUGE ZZ Top fan, as is my guitar teacher, and i made sure to show him the pics so he could get hyped.
  13. I don't get why so many people scoff at Boss pedals. They have been making great pedals for decades, with buffers and I think FET switching. I know everyone was all "true bypass" for a while but honestly true bypass isn't always the best if you have a long signal chain. The chorus pedal is nice, as is the bass overdrive. They did not however have an envelope filter that I liked, and I fell in love with the MXR envelope filter. also the octamizer can't be beat. It took me sooooo long to settle on which pedals were PERFECT for the pedalboard.
  14. It's been a while since I have really looked much at pedals, but when I found that my previous bass compressor had died, I went back through the old pedal search again. I thought about just getting another MXR Bass Compressor, but having one die on me due to a design flaw that MXR won't admit is a flat kinda made me want to never buy an MXR pedal again, or at least not one with their "Constant Headroom Technology". Since my past search, a bunch of new bass compressors / limiters had come on the market. Some, like the Darkglass Hyper Luminal, are just insane with their digital features, and ability to change from multiple different profiles. I just wanted something simple, but I also wanted something with an LED readout like the MXR to really dial in how it was working. Many have an led that shows how much compression is being used, but something about an actual meter is just great and also sparkly. One pedal fit that, the Boss BC-1X, which had not been available the last time I looked at pedals. I've had good luck with Boss pedals, and with an attractive sparkle green finish it would look good in the pedalboard. While it doesn't have the set comp ratios of the MXR or the "attack" control, it still has all of the controls I really use. I also find it a bit more intuitive and easy to use. More importantly, it uses "multi-band compression", which separates out the treble and bass, which get compressed separately. The bass frequencies are the one thing I am most concerned about, particularly on a 5 string, as playing notes on the B string above the 5th fret can put out massive signal levels. Anyway, I'm happy, and here's a brand new picture of my bass pedalboard, which I STILL wish I had gotten the hard case for and not the gig bag.
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