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  1. HOT DAMN. That's a LOT of guitars and amps. I wonder how many the family is keeping. I keep hearing the Dom DeLouise from History of the World Part I in my head : "Nice. Nice. Not THRILLING. But NICE."
  2. Honestly, I don't think banning Brazilian rosewood has done a damned thing to actually help stop deforestation. If anything, it took what was a valuable commodity, and turned it into scrap, so they just burn it now.
  3. So... how old was he? I remember looking him up years ago, and even then there was "uncertainty", which I find mind boggling for anyone born after the great depression. Right now, if you look at the wikipedia page, there is a raging discussion over his age, and the page keeps flip flopping between 1949 and 1944 as his birth year.
  4. I figure NBC news probably knows their stuff. Dang. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Ric-Ocasek-Cars-Singer-Dead-in-NY-at-75-560430391.html
  5. Walmart Marketplace is the "next big thing" in online marketing. A lot of companies are pretty fed up with amazon and ebay, and etsy is too quirky. You can expect to see a whole lot more listed there.
  6. It is kinda sad how things have returned back to the "Song Farm" assembly line that dominated "pre-rock" music. Just another example of things ruined by an effort to maximize profit. At least I have my CDs, so I don't have to worry about future remixes by corporate idiots.
  7. Stay tuned! Tomorrow, Dimarzio will invent double cream pickups, and the wheel! I mean, I like P90s. Love maybe even. But I don't really see how they could do much better than the multitude of versions already out there. I wonder why they decided to do this NOW, and not like 20 years ago.
  8. Damn! That's nice! No idea why someone would do that. People ARE weird. They do things like saw the horns of "demonic" guitars like the Gibson SG.
  9. Yeah, they are pretty plentiful on the used market. I picked up some Philips and RCA NOS 5U4GB tubes a while back. I only have two amps that take them. But, pretty much the entire Mesa Boogie "Rectifier" series of amplifiers were built around the 5U4G/B. The Mark V uses it. The Lone Star series uses them. The Stiletto Series as well. When the Rectifier series first came out, mesa was using only the Big Bottle 5U4G tubes. But now they've switched to the 5U4GB mostly, and moved the sockets closer together on some of the amplifiers, so you can't use the big coke bottles anymore. The 5AR4 / GZ34 are just much more in demand due to them being arguably the "best" tube rectifier design, with the least amount of voltage sag. Audiophiles love them.
  10. Yeah, it took off BIG TIME at the end. When I looked, it was 380, not 3800. That's hopefully gonna make some vintage gear head REALLY happy. They don't make them like that anymore.
  11. No matter what we say here, it won't matter nearly as much as it did to people who play dreadnought acoustic guitars, which traditionally had rosewood back and sides, as well as fretboards. That's a whole lot more real estate and function than just a fretboard will ever be. Also the bridges could be rosewood as well. Nothing quite looks like a brazilian rosewood acoustic back with herringbone inlay.
  12. The 5U4GB is also popular for Mesa Boogie Rectifier people. A bit more sag than the 5U4G
  13. It's really interesting how the control pots are all mounted on that separate aluminum face plate, and not on the chassis. Just an interesting way of construction. That price is a STEAL. Those speakers alone... ORIGINAL early 70's Greenbacks? FOUR of them? and FREE SHIPPING. If you wanted to level your house, this would definitely be a very cheap way to do it, currently.
  14. I don't think that's the number of tubes, I think that's the wattage going to each cabinet. So, when you have two cabinets plugged in, each gets 50 watts. As you can see, it has 5 output jacks. It must have a 4 ohm, 8 ohm, and 16 ohm tap off that MASSIVE output transformer, which looks hand wound to me.
  15. Is the paint on those actually fluorescent under UV light?
  16. Oh man, that sucks! Look at him playing that GLORIOUS HIPPIE SANDWICH guitar. Man, he was from Denville NJ! I am in that town regularly. What a dang shame.
  17. Which ones are you using? The Paul Gilbert set are quite nice in my G&L legacy, which I need to unbury soon. Also the ones in my Luke III are VERY nice, and I think also based on the Dimarzio AREA pickups.
  18. Should be the standard Switch craft recessed switch. What's going wrong with it? Not sticking in place, or is it cracking/making bad contact?
  19. UGH. What a crappy listing. Who the heck are the sellers? They honestly think someone with a 90% feedback will be able to sell something like that with zero documentation? That said, is this a Hiwatt from the glory days, or one made much more recently? Certainly doesn't look to be 70's vintage or anything close.
  20. Awesome!! Such a great gift! That is one really classic looking guitar.
  21. It sounds pretty good. Brian May and Queen were never afraid of technology. The "no synthesizers used" on early albums was there so people knew that the strange sounds were all created with Brian May's guitar and studio tricks, not a synth. Also I think the original Red Special was Chambered. And also has a pickup setup unlike anything else. If it's the sound you want, and it sounds good, use it!
  22. I look at TGP sometimes, but damn things just move so fast, and there's a 90% chance that any thread started has already been done 200 times already. More specialized forums are where it's at.
  23. tbonesullivan

    Eric Otten

    RIP Eric. I wish I had gotten more chances to interact. What a bummer.
  24. I have found that in most cases, I wish I had a full size humbucker in the bridge position of a strat. If you like the sound, keep it the way it is.
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