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  1. I love Daryl's house. It's such a great format, and really gives you the feeling of being "inside" with a bunch of musicians just playing some songs. I keep meaning to go see a show at his club, but unfortunately that won't be happening this year.
  2. That's just incredible. How does the foil adhere to the guitar?
  3. While I hate the "Greatest of All Time" crap, Brian May is an incredible musician and guitarist. He's also a great songwriter, and a singer. He really doesn't get his due for his incredible level of talent, as well as his VERY unique playing style. I still have trouble believing that someone with those huge hands can play a 24" scale guitar with 24 frets with such dexterity. I remember that early Queen albums had disclaimers saying that synthesizers weren't used. This wasn't because they were anti-synth, it's because they wanted people to know that Brian May made all those tones and sounds with JUST his guitar, and a whole lot of crazy recording tricks. That was also well before the digital effects revolution.
  4. I think he also used the SG special in the studio for the first album or two. Some great guitar tones on those two albums, Santana and Abraxas.
  5. I love them both, but Eddie's tone and command of the Rhythm/Lead style is just incredible. Such musicality even in single notes. I wonder how Randy would have changed over the years regarding his tone and playing. I like his tone, but never really loved it. Too grainy and distorted. But that's how he liked it.
  6. Dangit, those 70s white flying Vs keep getting backordered further. I can't tell if they are just delayed, or if that many people are already waiting. I checked reverb, and people are asking for crazy money for Vs.
  7. Yeah. Gibson I think wanted to maintain the layout of the Single Cut Les paul, but that deep of a treble cutaway doesn't work unless it is a single cut, resulting in one of the most often broken neck joints out there, especially with the neck pickup. They then didn't learn their lesson when they made the first SGs.
  8. It's definitely based on that shape, but it's not exact. Also the neck joint is WAAAAYYYY better.
  9. I thought about that... but on the other hand, if I want a guitar to play non-stop early Metallica riffs, an antique white flying V is pretty much the ultimate guitar... Even though Hetfield's guitar wasn't a real Gibson. Also... that classic white color is growing on me rapidly. hrrrrmmmmmm. I do already have plenty of blue guitars. I could always get it refinished later if I want.
  10. I need one. Now if only Gibson would cooperate and make one in blue or something. Still.. so tempting: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DSVS00CWCH--gibson-70s-flying-v-classic-white
  11. This is a fantastic guitar!!! I owned it myself for several years. Great sound and one of the most gorgeous guitars I've ever seen.
  12. Man they suck at taking photos. I'd think about it, but who knows how beat up it is, AND I already have two awesome studios. Gotta let someone else experience the awesomeness of this one.
  13. Oooof. COPD is bad bad news. My aunt died from that. I am a Tull fan, and there more than a few photos of him smoking from their Heyday. That damage can take decades to appear.
  14. They used to call Okoume "African Mahogany". I'm not sure they were ever using Honduras Mahogany with the Armada. That is one sharp looking instrument. They have nice cases too, though my only beef is that they are kinda thick, and won't fit in my guitar case rack. Yes, I'm being petty, but I can't put my Steve Morse of my Luke III in the rack.
  15. Just curious, but what kind of guitar is this, and what's in it now? I've also always been curious about different pot values. I keep almost all of my guitars stock, unless I can't STAND how they sound, so I've had very little experience with the electronics side. Generally if I don't like the sound, I just sell it.
  16. I also love them. I have a B4A, a B5, an XB75, a PB4, and a Fretless LB70. They actually did make some good pickups for bass, like the J99 and J99A. Their music man style humbuckers were REALLY mid heavy. Like tear through the wall mid heavy, which is good in some cases.
  17. I also kinda liked the pizza slice. However I'm definitely not in the market for any new guitars, amps, basses, etc, so I'll have to live vicariously through youtube videos until I sell off a bunch of guitars I don't play.
  18. I probably have said this before, but I used to be a Carvin junkie. I had a new design DC150, a DC135T, a 1979 CM130CE, a Carved Top CT6M, and maybe a few others I have forgotten. Ergonomically and playing wise, they were INCREDIBLE. I Don't think I will ever find a guitar that played as effortlessly as the DC150 and DC135T. But those pickups. Some love them, some hate them, like Schaller Golden 50s. Carvin is now Kiesel and has done away with their 22 pole pickups in favor of more "standard" ones, and people still swap them out left and right because they can't get the sound they want. The late 70s early 80s solid maple Carvin guitars were HEAVY, and bright, but also sustained for a few years.
  19. Now that sucks. All those fixtures, tooling, and etc. That's a dang shame, as they are hard to recreate. Was there any reason they didn't make the move? I'm assuming it was a financial or other issue involved with being owned by Kaman music. Having posted here a while, almost all of the gripes regarding Jol seem to be regarding things that he wouldn't do for custom orders, and/or some idea that someone had got rejected, but then he did it anyway. But the man pretty much was there from the beginning, and also the reason it became so great in the first place. Reputation is a big thing in the guitar world, and I know of ANOTHER H-brand that would limit what was allowed to be built at the factory, even employee builds, if they wanted the company logo on it. I guess the idea of a custom shop is different for some people. Being able to get "whatever you want" is often just not possible.
  20. Oh dang, that is a steal. I would see if you like the stock M22 humbuckers. Could be an M22SD and M22N set, or maybe M22T and M22V. They aren't horrible, but they are kinda flat, the same way that the Ibanez Dimarzio USA IBZ pickups are. The ebony fretboard and neck through neck access should make it really comfortable.
  21. Both MJ and Prince were great at what they did, and both had pretty sad ends to their career's lives. However, Prince's Superbowl half-time show was AWESOME. Also his stuff during the Concert for George Harrison was great. The beginning of his career was simply incredible. The problem was maintaining that as he needed to be an "artiste" and went off the rails. I do need to pick up his early albums one of these days. MJ had an incredible talent and voice. But then came fame, stardom, and all that, and it ruined him. He ended up becoming a caricature of himself, which was just sad.
  22. I am STILL bitter that Apple decided that something that just plays music wasn't in their master plan. They were such a nice platform, and you could control them easily without having to look at them. I did manage to find someone to install an SSD and a new battery in my iPod classic, so now I have a 256GB ipod classic.
  23. Looks like a great guitar, regardless of the changes that have been made. I believe a fair number of Les Paul guitars got sent back a few years after they were made for finish changes, humbucker upgrades, etc.
  24. Oh man that sucks. It must have fallen over, and it looks like neck joint area or body wasn't properly supported. that is just a DAMN shame.
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