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  1. Have never had the opportunity to try one, but have loved the look & concept. One big question to those in the know.., are they neck heavy? Do they neck dive? Just seems like they would be. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I registered, but have yet to receive a confirmation. It's not in my SPAM folder either, so I'll wait a while and see what happens.
  3. I've been a forum member for about a year on this forum. I too stopped posting when I sold my last Hamer. However, I was a regular on the HOC since pretty much the beginning ('07). Now I'm going to have to get myself another Hamer. Not that I needed an excuse to buy another guitar! Did Hamer ever make a "Fucktard" edition of any model?
  4. Another HOC refugee too! Can't see Thorns' new site here in Michigan as of yet. Will keep an eye out though. Wonder if Brent will show up!
  5. Didn't you recently say something along the lines of not doing something dumb, like trading or selling off a Gary Moore model (again)?
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