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  1. Mines a little beat up no breaks or anything just was missing a red number knob , dings and belt buckle rash . Had to spray clean the switch To get it working properly . Replace two latches on the original case . But yeah still a good deal . The guitar plays real nice and sustain is great . Intonation is great too .
  2. Hello what’s he asking for the A10 , I picked up this A20V a few weeks ago at $300 out of nostalgic reasons plus pretty cool looking beaters . I know a guy on Facebook he maybe interested?
  3. Facebook market place $50 hard case if anyone interested, no affiliation. I tried to cut and paste link to no avail .. search Hamer in market place you should find it .
  4. No affiliation, thought someone here might be interested? Seattle Craigslist https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/msg/d/lake-stevens-1982-hamer-special/7034739883.html
  5. Yeah not for everyone I guess , accept flame maple lush solid chunk of beautiful goodness lovers . I drool at mine , almost sold a few times but couldn’t let the flame maple goodness go . yeah but I understand not for everyone.. painted bodies are just as beautiful..?
  6. Great record love the era , yeah high n’ dry would be very cool as well . Great time for that band my favorite time.
  7. My artist custom quilt was ordered through them sorry for the small picture you can see the tag in the cavity .
  8. Hey sorry I didn’t see your reply ! I’m not on here allot , any chance you have a schematic on hand ? Thanks so much in advance! Much appreciated !!
  9. Hey love to see the ultimate’s out there ! I have # 28 & the duotone .
  10. No luck on even getting a reply from BCR anyone know any where else to get a replacement jack ? Thank you in advance
  11. Hey there yes it’s defiantly the sloppiest jack I’ve seen , you can move it slightly to the side to get it to fail . Thank you on the advice I’ll contact BCR .
  12. Hello guys I’m having troubles with the acoustic side input jack on my duotone ultimate . I’ve checked all solder joints and no problems there it’s very much looking like the jack itself is lose inside . I’m not sure on the make EMG ? I do see a EMG on the adjustment circuit board . Anyone know where to get a replacement part ? It’s driving me crazy to keep cutting out . thank you in advance
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  14. My brother got this one he couldn't resist such a great deal ! He loves it ! I'm jealous !
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