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  1. That 30th is a sweet one I can’t believe it’s still on the market at that price ! Beautiful Hamer !
  2. I’ve done the same on my Strat but retapped the hole and it worked great I think it was a 15 min fix that’s still working perfectly 15 years later .
  3. I would point him towards chords and scales number one , but to keep the interest mix in songs that he likes connects with . That was my drive in the beginning I heard Jimmy Page , Paul Kossoff, and that was it ! I had to learn it or die trying !
  4. Hey curious if anyone here has experience with these guitars ? The Traveler EG-1 custom , Pickup changes ? Getting them to sound better ? I have the original version not the new V2 . I think the original version came with a epiphone design pickup I haven’t pulled it apart yet . Any acvice is much appreciated.
  5. Don’s always got the sweetest guitars ! Drooling !!! Love to see that Duotone !
  6. Sweet top on that one ! I couldn’t let my # 28 go without tears 😭. GLWTS
  7. Sweet Hamer no affiliation. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/msg/d/puyallup-hamer-b12m-medium-scale-12/6804516707.html
  8. Oh just drill out those holes larger with a hole saw on your drill , add a piezo and you’ve got yourself a proto-duo-tone haw ! 🤪
  9. Nice standard for sure , sorry cash flow is low at the moment hence putting up the Cali as a trade . I’ll keep yours in mind if I can make some moves and come up with the cash . Thank you best regards!
  10. Yeah it’s been up a long long time Seattle just isn’t a Hamer town. I bet theyd take a lower offer at this point being up so long .
  11. Hey what’s the build on this one it’s very cool I dig it !
  12. This Mirage has been up a while not sure if you Mirage fans have seen it or not ? No affilation . https://www.tradingmusician.com/product-page/hamer-mirage-iii-used
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