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  1. So …what does a Blitz bass with scratches go for ? Is the Blitz only type of Hamer 4 string Bass with " Explorer " type body ? Cool looking Bass . Just started playing my Fender JB thats been hanging on the wall, in case a Bass player drops by. What a Blast ! But it weights a Ton ! So I´ve been looking at basses
  2. OK ! Thanks , I wasn't sure if the customs also had a bound headstock. Looking at these Guitars- The Hamer folks sure knew how to pick nice wood.
  3. Here is mine . Not sure what the model is called -can someone help ?- it's a 2003 , and does not have a bound headstock. - Studio , Studio Custom , Archtop ? Might be the richest / loudest guitar I have , plugged strait in.
  4. Guitarsforever


  5. Ok ,  I'll try and catch something next time 



  6. Looks very nice. Can't meet you this time ,but If your willing to ship to Europe, I think we can work something out. Send a pm?
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