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    started at 23, down to 5, goal 2
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  1. Miss you Caddie

  2. Miss you Buddy!

  3. Miss this dude.

  4. Just think of them as another serial number. Beer rings are to Shishikovs as Hameritis is to Hamers. A birthmark of authenticity.
  5. Dig dem Wild Ca-Ray-Zee boomers! Well done grasshopper, well done.
  6. as we speak there are dozens of HFCRs scurrying around pawnshop to pawnshop looking for those components.??
  7. what amp & effects are you using? Sounds grrrrrrrreattt! and visually you abso-freakin'- lutely nailed it. Feels good when a project comes together like this. Be proud my brother. Be proud. Cheers! caddie
  8. ok, now ya did it. now i'm cruising youtube for unusual, rare, unique, overlooked muddy waters stuff. Perhaps this should have been MTV's first vid instead of something like the Thompson Twins. MTV's First 30 vids First up The Buggles!
  9. weeee dawgies! That is one sweet looking axe. The Tony the Tiger Model by diablo. Well done.
  10. Regarding the headstock label: If its too late, decision is done, sorry. But may I suggest taking a stand, market yourself. The diablo 175+.com underneath, smaller font, Made in USA Chester County, PA. Be prepared for an avalanche of orders.
  11. Will these fit a Mirage II?

  12. I'll take the Rod Stewart book.

    1. Jakeboy


      You can mail it to:

      Mark Revel

      3880 Marshall Ave Sedalia, MO 65301




    2. Caddie


      Sorry about the delay Mark.  Your stuff is going out tomorrow.


    3. Jakeboy


      All good Eric!

  13. Caddie, didn't you have some matched sets of Mesa el84s? After selling a bunch last year, I have a Mesa TA15 inbound....so I will need a backup set.

    1. Caddie


      Sorry Jakeboy,  the el84s are long gone. Still have several el34.  Mesa, JJ, Ruby, Sovtek!


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