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  1. Miss this dude.

  2. starting 1 on the far left my money is on 6. 4 is wild! Beautiful but not for this body,🍻😎
  3. Like geese migrating back north? Geese.... tearing up golf courses worse than gophers? soooo many choices, very difficult to pick just one. Judge Shmaies driving up sees a flagpole disappear blowing up Bushwood gopher bites Spacklers finger McFiddish getting orders from the Judge McFiddish giving orders to Spackler oh so many good choices. If it rains today, it'll be a Caddyshack Directors cut day. I'm Only Happy when it Rains.
  4. I'm not sure we can even make deals with people in Canadia. Doesn't selling & shipping a Hamer USA into Canadia violate NAFTA?
  5. Seems like the problem is me. I read an interview with Joe Walsh a few days ago. He said that he will not play a guitar with strings that do not line up with the center of the pup pole pieces. Perhaps Joe did a little too much "coke, dope, smoke" as an Eagle. I paid a little more attention to my faves. a VintS with 3 SD Cool rails, a Strat Plus Deluxe with 3 Gold Lace Sensor pups, an Eclipse with mini hums with no visible pole pieces a Duotone with conventional hums, and a Studio with hums. They all sound great centered over the poles or not. So like my Dad (RIP) said " Son, if it ain't broke don't fix it." Thanks Dad for pulling me back from the cliff. "Here's a nice frosty Hamm's. Dad Cubs still losing? From the land of sky blue waters Hamm's the beer refreshing. Haaaamms! Cheers Dad. caddie
  6. I have a Studio and have seen this on other Studios, Specials, Artists and Duotones. The strings don't line up with the center of the pickup pole pieces. Do I see a problem that is not really a problem Is this poor pickup mounting poor nut cutting poor bridge saddle cutting all or some of the above should I take it to my certified luthier for diagnosis and treatment befuddled at Latitude: 41.86530233391187 Longitude:-88.10165047645569 caddie
  7. Just think of them as another serial number. Beer rings are to Shishikovs as Hameritis is to Hamers. A birthmark of authenticity.
  8. Dig dem Wild Ca-Ray-Zee boomers! Well done grasshopper, well done.
  9. What's the man looking for?!! Like the man said, new Hamers! fer Cripes sake. I know you can read... c spot run. Oh golly I'm hot today!
  10. Pliz Lucy, esplain to me the diff between an Artist and a 25th Anniversary other than the truss rod cover. Cheers! caddie
  11. as we speak there are dozens of HFCRs scurrying around pawnshop to pawnshop looking for those components.🏃🕺
  12. what amp & effects are you using? Sounds grrrrrrrreattt! and visually you abso-freakin'- lutely nailed it. Feels good when a project comes together like this. Be proud my brother. Be proud. Cheers! caddie
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