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  1. I was thinking about this thread last night. It started because my friend Al Brogdon, who I know from Facebook, but never actually met in person, is coming to town Sunday. Our friendship started out as my friendship with his son through a guitar forum. His son and I, with some other guys, met every year for a while to jam, eat pizza, drink more beer than we should and make our rock & roll faces. He and his son are equally older and younger than me and I'd say over time, I've become just as friendly with Al as his son Mark. We have this idea about doing some sort of duet, maybe a video, an
  2. That thing looks tiny in front of you Tom. Imagine what it will look like on me! And if the neck is small for you, my hands will probably wrap around it twice while I try to make mandolin chords.
  3. I'm in Miami, Florida, so it's usually pretty humid. Our AC system is made to put a balanced 55% RH through the place and from what I've been told, that's just about what factories who make acoustic guitars do with their climate systems. Since my acoustics are my major investment, those are the ones I make efforts to take care of. My electrics are cheaper and I don't do anything to them.
  4. Very cool. I'm all the way down in Miami, so it's sort of out of the way, plus I don't get a chance to jam, much less gig electric anymore, but this is a really neat project.
  5. That's a really neat idea. Where has it gone? A buddy of mine in an acoustic forum had a guitar he donated to a family who lost their house to a fire. He took it to his church and had a ton of people play it, then autograph it.
  6. I'm looking for a Duotone

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