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  1. I'm betting the owner's earlobes have a similar appearance.
  2. BTMN

    Forty Years of Playing Hamers

    Congrats on being a loyal Fan of the brand. In no way to take away from you. I was lucky enough to have brought my first Hamer home in December 1982. It's still here too. Sherry Baby Life IS Good!
  3. Last home state of Hamer. I will look in to the status of what is and what will be. I know I would like to see Geoff Hartwell, maybe Mike Shishkov, Diablo, BCRGreg, either or both Matthes brothers, and perhaps a couple others as it works it's way South to you and me. Maybe a couple have a turn before it leaves the Northeast.
  4. BTMN

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    I'm thinking the original report of intubation was incorrect as Joe was out of the hospital a lil quick if that had happened.
  5. BTMN

    The Sultan, Dion

    Stay warm and I LOVE the grin.
  6. BTMN

    Generation: Axe...

    Got a ticket for Dec. 11th. at Ruth Eckerd. should be cool enough but yeah I was really looking forward to Yngwie's as much as Nuno and Vai's.
  7. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-judas-priest-guitarist-k-k-downing-is-auctioning-off-stage-and-studio-equipment/?fbclid=IwAR01_DhSL5upscDo2QXOOHHh4KaahV5ywf3ccdChKzvqS_EX6gGQu_92Ggw WOW!
  8. BTMN

    RNGD Hamer Standard MIK

    Welcome! Nice choice to go with your Vector. Nice to get those upgrades too.
  9. My Mighty Hamer Daytona Mite has a late 70s Wayne Charvel body to it. Wayne was very cordial about it in email years ago and I hope everything goes well for him and all the fire victims. I gave a lil to the Red Cross in response to the fire as I know others gave when Florida had it's hurricanes. https://www.wayneguitars.com/campfire.html
  10. BTMN

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    Joe posted, or someone for him, a lil bit ago on FB that he is feeling better. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJoePerry/
  11. A lot of HFC familiar info in there. Is Gary a member? That or he has read The Book. I know that one of those 4 digits went through here. It was owned by a former NASCAR Truck series driver and HFC member. That is his last name on the TRC in one of the shots. Is that Ken Jones shot of Rick from '79 in the video too? I know I have seen that shot here from it's original photographer if it is not Ken's.
  12. BTMN

    My "Last" new Hamer

    Beauty! Enjoy it well!
  13. BTMN

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker, that's Joe. Read his book if you haven't.
  14. BTMN

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    DANG!! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joe-perry-hospitalized-billy-joel-754609/