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  1. So that last shot, he handed it to you? 😳🤠😍
  2. Great looking Eclipse. Enjoy it well. 😎👍
  3. Late to the condolences. Haven’t read the HFC as much as I used to. Saddened to read of your brother’s passing. He is missed around here greatly as I see from reading the thread.
  4. Just reread through the thread and I gotta say this was one of the coolest guitar things I have ever been involved in. You folks made it happen. I really got lax a few times letting it sit and I see a few folks got left out that really wanted a visit. Maybe a second trip out after COVID really clears. 😎
  5. Day to day, hour to hour, and even minute to minute sometimes... hang in there bubba!!!🤠
  6. They were done by Rocketeria a shop Elduave had at the time to replicate Hamer Standard #0004 made for Robin but commandeered by Rick.
  7. This is Flo from 1996 big fat neck on this one too.
  8. Yes it is a bit on the big side. I like it a ton. Mine is an October made guitar. The two numbers after the 96 are the month and the last two are guitar that month.
  9. Is that a ‘96? If so the serial number is on the fretboard in the last space. I have one from October of ‘96 that is outstanding.
  10. Glad to see you get something that means a lot to you. Enjoy it loudly!!!
  11. There is talk about the resemblance of the logo and the inlays. I’m betting it was a Gibber idea more than Dave’s.
  12. Curious about the serial number on that one. With the logo down at the end it reminds me of mine 0189.
  13. Great to hear you are rehabbing but honestly I missed that something had happened to you. Speedy recovery for you.🤩🏁
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