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  1. Geoff Hartwell has it. Diablo is to be getting it Not sure what has held that up. Might need to get that happening. Geoff seems to be a busy man.
  2. He was a private Public person might be the best way to describe Neil Peart! Man, I dug that guy's angle on playing music. R.I.P. Mr. Peart! Thanks for the memories!
  3. Sold! Thanks for the interest. It is an Iced Tea kinda color to the eye in room lighting and all kinda shades under brighter lights and sun light. Sad I gotta let it go but the new owner wanted it the moment he saw it and I know he will enjoy it.
  4. You need this. It is not Ibanez thin but similar to a LP Custom somewhat C shaped.
  5. Thanks guys! I could use a lil good luck bubs. Radiator just took a dump in my car.
  6. So who needs a great 1991 Sunburst Archtop. This is a really nice one. Looking to clear $1300 for it shipped lower 48 states. More on shipping elsewheres. Duncans JB/59, few little dings to surface of back and a couple spots on edge from sitting on a stand. Photos of them if needed. No dings trough the finish and no chips. Thinish neck consistent with that time period. Nice HSC too.
  7. Safety Harbor is about 15 miles away. Keep a handful of the best ones that might mean the most and move the rest. See ya when ya get here. BTW, Robin Zander lives in Safety Harbor.
  8. Great looking ride!!! Enjoy it LOUDLY!!!
  9. Page 8 of the catalog below is Justin Miller of tHrOnE with the Trans Green Pearloid I mentioned above. He briefly came on the board. https://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/2003cata.pdf
  10. Thanks guys. I hear this might be Korean and not Chinese. No stickers or serial number anywhere on it. No sign or residue from a sticker either.
  11. Well I did not set out to buy a guitar today but G.A.S. will grab ya when you least expect. Tell me I'm wrong. Found Pearl while looking for something else and is the first thing I bought through a FB ad. Chinese made no serial number or XT markings. I remember first time I saw one of these a new member from a New England area band had it in Trans Green. Only have played it for a few minutes. Typical import guitar but nice big fat neck like I like so that was a plus. Anyone have an old Hamer catalog that has this model in it? I would love a copy of thespecs and more definate year it was in the lineup. IIRC, it might be 2003-2006.
  12. Absolutely be cautious. He never solicited funding. Travis offered up and I went with that sentiment also. I feel the OP was unaware of the potential rareness and cost of such a nice one off Hamer. Maybe they can't really afford it but really miss the lost family member. I get that. My idea was just that, an idea. Passing it on, paying it forward, all that. If you do not wanna give, no one has to. Please give elsewhere this upcoming holiday season. It will mean a lot for some and yes, some that don't deserve any assistance will get a piece of that pie too.
  13. So Cool Story so far. I see that the guy that wants a piece of his brother back for his family has $700, not nearly enough for such a guitar. Travis you serious about having a lil something to chip in. I got $25. We as a group did this kinda thing once before and I recall it generated a lot of good feelings. Christmas is coming maybe it is time to contribute to something like this or somewhere else you choose. So anyone in? 🏁
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