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  1. There is talk about the resemblance of the logo and the inlays. I’m betting it was a Gibber idea more than Dave’s.
  2. Curious about the serial number on that one. With the logo down at the end it reminds me of mine 0189.
  3. Great to hear you are rehabbing but honestly I missed that something had happened to you. Speedy recovery for you.🤩🏁
  4. Look up 4 posts. There it is.🏁
  5. Along with today being the day John Lennon and Dime were killed it is the day Wyldbil left us. We miss him but through him we shared the experience of this guitar. What fun it was. Play one of yours for Bil today.
  6. Cool lil '97 Standard I had at one time with a Tortie guard. Wish that one hadn't have to move down the line.
  7. No guard was the sweetest but that Tort looks great too.
  8. Hated the Dean headstock for 25 years until I got my first Dean V in 2003. Now I am a fan of all 3 versions.
  9. Nice looking first score! Enjoy it well. Gravelins if it is a keeper.
  10. Great deal and good job on the friend getting it in your hands. IIRC, Natural Specials from that run are some hard to find versions especially with HBs in it. Enjoy it well.
  11. That Baby's Gonna Rawk!!! Love the grain to the main body board. ETA: No guard please.
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