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  1. There were so many suggestive albums back then ('50s/ '60s):
  2. Thanks, Arnie Z. I wanted to start noodling on fretless bass as a well-focused PT exercise, but my instruments and amp are all stuffed in an unused bedroom so cluttered that I can't navigate the obstacles to retrieve the instruments and amp. My ordeal, however, went well beyond the stroke. I was hospitalized 7 times between March 2019 until January 2020 for: The flu (5 days in March) Cardio-pulmonary edema due to heart failure in a heatwave (3 days in May) Stroke(s) in July (3 days plus weeks of in-home physical therapy--I wasn't fit to drive) Installation of an ICD (ht
  3. Well, I did have a couple of strokes in my brain last July. Eleven months later my left hand can barely grasp anything, the fingers on my left hand are useless for typing, my left foot drags and shuffles when I walk, and my short-term memory is shot to shit. Gosh, do you think that could account for the drop-off in my critical thinking?
  4. It looks like the post on Facebook has mysteriously disappeared. Hmmmm... Since you asked, the website is www.ycmcl.com but I can't seem to get the link to work. If you copy and paste www.ycmcl.com in the address box it'll take you there (so far). I also noticed that the website never reveals the store's location, let alone street address. I also noticed that the site has a LOGIN page that asks for your name, phone number, city, address, state, ZIP, and phone no. If a phisher gets your name, address, and Soc Sec #, they have everything they need for a total identificatio
  5. I'm guessing the owner is the victim of the CoVid-19 shutdown. I've bought some MIK Gretsch Electromatic hollowbody basses from Musicians Friend on sale for $599-699 and they were really good. $94-99 each is a steal! Caveat: I'm brain-damaged.
  6. The link on Facebook says: "No money to pay the shop rent, I plan to change career. The cheapest guitars in the entire network, stock brand guitars all $90-$99 clearance sale. We'll Help you Find Your Own Unique Musical Voice." Find them HERE. At the website I found USA, MIJ, MIK Fenders, Squiers, Gibsons, Martins, Taylors, Electromatic Gretsches, Ibanez, Jackson, PRS all under $100. Caveats: Only one guitar per order. I think the sale ends today or tomorrow. You can contact them via email from their website page. Disclaimer: I have no financial arrangement with th
  7. Been around a long time. Smooth and subtle. Pesocaster's favorite (if I'm up-to-date). I like it too, and for a true Scottish12-yr-old single malt, it's reasonably priced. Speyside in origin, which is a pleasant balance between swampy lowland and too-smooth highland. Available in the USA. Distillery website HERE. Professional review HERE.
  8. Every once in awhile, I have a need for a Dire Straits fix. I just spun their self-titled debut (around 1977) back-to-back with 1985's Brothers in Arms: In 1978 I was taking evening classes in computer logic and programming. "Sultans of Swing" was on the radio every time I drove to school. The night classes paid off. Two years later I moved to Silicon Valley and became a career technical writer/editor for 25 years. "Sultans of Swing" always takes me back to that life-altering time, and the introduction of Mark Knopfler and his mad finger skills on a Strat.
  9. I heard the definition of a boat from a former owner: A hole in the water into which you pour money.
  10. 4 guitars, 4 basses, a mandolin, banjo, and ukelele. I used to play mandolin a lot, but I've never really bonded with the banjo or uke. Probably because they were free and the music didn't come as naturally to me as the mandolin. I really miss a couple of basses, that I consigned when the band broke up: a thunderous G&L ASAT fretless semihollow with massive MFD humbuckers, ebony fingerboard with up charge fretlines, orange translucent finish over figured ash, contrasting natural wood binding, and matching headstock,: ... plus an orange Gretsch Electromatic G5123 h
  11. Oh, man! I love those pictures too. I lived in SoCal for a few years, and the local TV stations have the sort of connections and programming in a league with national broadcasters. The local TV programs in the Sunday newspapers had the listings, synopsis, and quality ratings. I watched a few one-star movies that were a lot of fun: One was an old Robert Redford movie, another a jazzy musical starring trumpeter/singer Louie Prima and wife Keely Smith. The most fun was an AIP horror film titled "The Terror," directed by Roger Corman and starring a 26-year-old Jack Nicholson as an AWOL soldier fro
  12. Word is that he had to find his hedge trimmer to cut back the cobwebs from the candle before lighting it. ?
  13. If you want to hear how a Hamer 12-string bass in the capable hands of Tom Petersson can drive a song, listen to CT's rendition of "I Want You to Want Me" at their "Live at Budokan" performance. Play the video sound through a full-range set of headphones to hear how the thrumming of a 12-string bass can propel the song from start to finish.
  14. I've gotten some good classical guitar at thrift shops, including a couple of WIlliams albums, plus various members of the Romero family. I also have some Laurinda Almeido and Julian Bream as well. I got my current turntable in March 2007, just as the return to vinyl was taking off. I had lost most of my record collection to a flood, so I hit the used record stores and thrift shops to rebuild my LP library on the cheap. On my first try, I hit a St. Vincent De Paul and got a lucky strike--an LP of Mozart woodwind suites recorded and pressed by Everest Records, whose claim to fame was no-co
  15. In that case, I took it wrong. I interpreted it that you implied that the music itself was bad or corny, which was not the case. I need to be more cautious of my reactions. I had a couple of strokes last July and I'm still trying to work my way through it. In this case I got lost in the fog. Instead of "rolling with the punches," I had a "swing and a miss." Ten months after the incident, I still feel like I'm trying to fight my way through a fog. One thing we have in common: I l-o-o-o-ve those Beatles mono remaster/repressings. I even bought an Audio Technica high output moving
  16. Dude, what's your damage, anyway?
  17. For Memorial Day, I love spinning this LP of Sousa Marches. I got it from a used bin for $1.99 in great shape: ... and Side 2: This brings back fond memories. I was drum major in my senior year, and we played a Sousa march at every halftime at football games on weekends from September through November. It was a great feeling that I still experience whenever I hear any of these marches. And July 4th isn't too far away either.
  18. Spun George Benson's 1972 album, "White Rabbit" on CTI, not his first album, but my first encounter with George Benson's music. It became a staple of my playlist through college. Here's the whole album. I love the Brazilian touches throughout this album, from the opening title track which makes great use of Brazilian percussionist, Airto Moiera, who plays shakers and other instruments he designed, and contributes well-placed wordless vocals. Rounding out the Brazilian connection, Benson plays a number titled, "Little Train," an improvisation of a signature Heitor Villa-Lobos composition, "The
  19. I'll have to check that out. I'm a junkie for LPs with audiophile-grade sonics. In the meantime, I was sifting through my present collection so I could stand in the sweet spot and and listen while I sort the mail. I happened upon -- and played this to my delight: Nothing like grooving to a legend with a great rhythm section. This album was released in 1966, and it still had the original price sticker on it--$5.79, which in today's money comes out to $45.82. There's a personal tie-in for me because I'm a Metheny fan, and when he saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan on Feb.9, 1964, he p
  20. Yes, on jazz boxes played finger style with a clean signal chain. And the flats minimize wear on a fretless fingerboard. Want more attack from flats on a bass? Play with a pick; it'll bring out attack and a sense of drive.
  21. I have a neighbor who plays cello, gives lessons, and participates in youth string recitals hosted at another neighbor's house. When we were talking about cellists in general and Harrell in particular, she mentioned that she'd had private lessons from him at Aspen. Harrell had a closer relationship to Aspen than I realized. It turns out that this WaPo obit mentions that his father, opera baritone Mack Harrell, was one of the founders and then the second director of the Aspen Music Festival and School. I saw him play cello concertos fronting the Seattle Symphony. After the concert, he and Se
  22. You got that like-new Carvin so cheap, it might make sense to replace the pickups with USA-made Bartolinis. There's a reason USA-Barts are the overwhelming choice of boo-teek guitars and basses. USA-made Bartolinis sure picked up the sound quality and playability (more sensitive and easier on the fingers) of my Cort and Squier import basses.
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