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  1. At last I'm able to present my subjective impressions of new $34 AT-95VM with bonded conical stylus. I like it for a number of reasons: It has a rich, forward soloist range, whether vocal or instrumental, with a pleasing blend of the backing instruments. This makes it particularly engaging if you're listening to Sinatra accompanied by Nelson Riddle or Count Basie, or any number of pop/rock groups such as The Cars, Police, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, etc. The cartridge body has built-in mounting threads, making installtion siimpler and with no need for bolts
  2. I agree that the Babicz versions of the Tunamatic bridge and stoptail bridges on guitars are busy-looking. But Babicz's J-bass version is sheer elegance compared to Fender's bent sheet-metal plus adjustment screws. I'll take Babicz's ability to do a setup in 10 minutes any time over the fussy Fender design. And that's no slam on Leo, either, because he also designed the smooth and comfortable Saddle-Lock bridge designs at G&L: Having played the stock Fender J-bass with sheet metal bridge and owning a J-bass with the Babicz drop-in replacement plus a 1980s G&L Lynx bass with S
  3. Friday update: I just wasted 2 hours writing a description of Audio-Technica's AT-95VM moving magnet series only to have a virus take over my screen with no escape but pressing the power-down button, thus wiping out everything I wrote. Now I need a nap. So here's the URL to Audio-Technica's well-illustrated description of their AT-95VM series: https://www.audio-technica.com/vm95seriescartridges/index.html I bought the entry-level model with the bonded conical stylus for $34. I've been playing a wide variety of records lately and will post my opinion of its performance later this aft
  4. Audio Technica has a brilliantly conceived new line of moving magnet cartridges. More info to come Friday.
  5. Unlike the sharp and ratty Fender tailpiece, the Babicz cams are smooth and provide a comfortable place to rest your plucking hand.
  6. I tend to agree. Some displays of virtuosity fit in with the music and raise the energy of the songs, but when overdone, it distracts from the song. I got a CD of Eric Johnson from the local library. I was interested in checking him out because he was touring with G3 and got a lot of good press here. But after slogging through his solo album, the pentatonic meedly-meedly got to me, leading me to conclude, "It's Still Wank 'n' Roll to me." To be fair, I think too much reliance on the pentatonic scale is getting to me. I recently played a British classical orchestral album of Ralph Vaughn W
  7. My stepson gave me this vol. 1&2 double vinyl remastered180-gramg repress for Christmas: This music evokes fond memories going back 58 years when I was 8 yrs old. This album shot to #1 in 1962 and the singles got lots of airplay on our local top 40 stations. To hear its biggest hit, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-YqaTDDCDM. I got a new phono cartridge and I was breaking it in on the Ray Charles, some gems from my jazz collection, and this amazing album: This is a meticulously mastered and 180g pressing from a 1963 recording. It was recorded by Mercu
  8. Here's a web page about the 2230 at a website called "Classic Receivers."
  9. In the Wikipedia entry for FujiGen it says, "In 1981–82 FujiGen obtained the Fender Japan contract which lasted until 1996–97..." It was around 1997 when I saw the one in the music store, and Robben Ford was still endorsing it.
  10. Any love for the MIJ Fender Robben Ford Esprit model? I played one in a music store and it seemed really nice.
  11. I just finished watching all 8 episodes of Ken Burns' documentary, "Country Music." In one segment, Dwight Yoakam was on-camera describing what a spot-on, poignant lyricist Merle Haggard was. The thought of Merle's lyrics (and, I suppose, his passing in 2016) got Dwight so choked up he could hardly make it through the segment.
  12. I played this CD in my car a few days ago. I'd had the LP version since my sister gave it to me for my birthday in 1969. I was quite taken by the high energy chart, "The St. Petersburg Race" from the film, "Run Sunward" That film has the distinction of having no entry in imdb.com I found out that it was a film about offshore high-speed boat racing. It turns out one of the major figures in this film is Don Aranow, who was a great boat pilot and also founded Magnum, Cary, Cigarette, Donzi, and Formula speedboats. There are a couple of bio-dramas abou
  13. I have an Al Hirt Greatest hits, which includes "The Best Man," a duet he did with Ann-Margret on this album. The band leader (and my first drum teacher) at my elementary school in Cincinnati, was John Hirt, Al Hirt's cousin. They came to Cincinnati from New Orleans and studied at Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music together.
  14. My favorite Tubes video is when John Candy as outdoorsman, Gil Fisher, takes The Tubes on a fishing expedition:
  15. It replaced an empty spot on the top shelf of my component rack. I had had a nice Hitachi P-38 DD TT and a decent collection of LPs. I lost many of the LPs to a rain-induced flood in our basement apartment which resulted in moldy, warped records. A couple of years later (around 1982) our cat jumped off the turntable, sending it flying and crashing to the floor, after which its speed control never worked again. Here's an example of a HItachi P-38 in working condition. Mine looked just like it until the cat got through with it and I tossed it in the trash. Soon word got around that
  16. What a gorgeous, lush-sounding album! I gave it a complete spin last Monday and will probably do it again tomorrow. I have the 2003 30th anniversary remaster/reissue. Bought it soon after buying my first turntable in 31 years. Glad I did.
  17. I just ran the C22 in a Mac production history page. The C22 was in production from 1963-1968 and retailed for $279. Adjusted for inflation that comes to a Sinatra-sized $2339.21.
  18. Here ya go. Price: US $5,695.00 You're welcome.
  19. Also, the stereo LP wasn't produced until 1958, but some studios made and marketed stereo recordings on 3-track stereo tape. That's what Frank is threading up in the picture. Notice that the front panel of the R2R tape machine features controls and meters for three channels. This was cost-no-object high-end home audio in the mid-'50s.
  20. Yeah, I thought about that when I finished posting. Also, in the early days of stereo recording, they recorded in 3-track--left, right, and center. In fact, here's Frank Sinatra's state-of-the-art 3-channel stereo setup back in the day:
  21. My record-spinning and hand-eye coordination exercises Monday must have worked, because my physical therapy session at the hospital yesterday was particularly good, specifically the balance exercises which had always eluded success.
  22. I use both speakers, and ensure that I get the same amplitude of signal to each of the two speakers to create what is called a "phantom mode," which sounds like there's a single big, broad speaker in the middle. Actually, my two main speakers create large soundfields. They are panel speakers, each of which has an 11" x 44" radiating surface, both forward and rearward, which is reflected by the wall about 4-1/2 feet behind them. This creates a realistic wall of sound which--although it doesn't convey left-to-right sense of location--it does convey a front-to-back sense of depth. When you think
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