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  1. Hey all Thought I would give some love to Mick Brierley and his amazing pickups, built right here in the beautiful hills outside Adelaide, South Australia. http://www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au/ Courtesy of Kalessian, I scored a beautiful '95 Blue Hamer Studio (with BKP Mules) and a pair of Josh Gravelin's Ult (formerly Schlabotnik) I decided to have some variety in my original Hamers (a 2007 Artist Custom with the original SD Seth Lovers and a 2005 Studio Custom with the original SD '59 pair) So Mick provided a pair of his B90's for the Artist and a Modern Hot A5/Modern Vintage A5 combination for the Studio. I am also the lucky recipient of his new 'Numbcaster' set for my 85 Fernandes Strat. I left the Mules in the Blue Studio and put the Gravelins in a Patrick Eggle Natural finish Vienna Plus, which previously had Mules. With me so far? The end result is that Brierley-fied Hamers have been transformed from night to day! What was previously mud across a large part of the range is now giving me real punch with a terrific range of tones, amazing clarity and response and this is at all volumes through a variety of settings on a Line 6 Helix LT and a couple of Blackstars. Josh's Ult sound great in the Eggle as well so I am happy I have the output and tonal spectrum covered A lot of fun to be had!! Mick provides incredible friendly customer service and will help out if you don't get what you are after. Love his set up!
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