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  1. Any Aussie Shishkov owners yet? Love the design of the DC - best new shape in decades. :drool:
  2. Jol is referencing this proto limba Talladega. http://www.premierguitar.com/Video/2008091...ars_Part_3.aspx
  3. I like them all, though not so fond of Indian rosewood - too bland and coarse most of the time. I either go for ebony or Brazilian/Madagascar rosewood.
  4. W'IT is probably my fav overall (my custom Newport has that finish) though I wanted to narrow it down to the stock bursts that are widely available. Amberburst and W'IT can look pretty similar from the top.
  5. Hey all, I thought it might be interesting to run a poll that covers the bursts that you're most likely to find on stock-built Hamers. I know there are more bursts out there - let's just pretend that you've won a Hamer and that it has to be finished in one of the three usual suspects. My guess is that Darkburst is going to come out on top.... Looking forward to your votes and comments!
  6. Here's more of that one : (it went to Wildwood in 2006) Here's the twin that went to Oz :
  7. If you like soaps, there were at least two of these done :
  8. Hah, I pick with my middle finger too - must have felt natural to do it that way. Joe Perry approves your NGD.
  9. If that was the case, we could become the Vics and Boomers forum.
  10. Sad to hear the news. Though like others in this thread, I trust that we'll be seeing Dantzig guitars at some point down the road. All the best to you, Jol!
  11. That's about my limit too. I secretly hold out hope that PirateFlynn will put the PiratePro up for sale some day. It'll save me making an order! Shame it won't happen.
  12. Coming across the below pic in a Vintage Guitar mag was the catalyst for my interest (and subsequent purchase) of my first Newport. I'd far rather see a shot of a designer than a player attempting to draw a paycheck.
  13. Gear Page guys (small luthiers board) are generally obsessed with unobtainium, and thus desirability is directly linked to how difficult something is to acquire. It must be incredibly frustrating for Hamer to put out top quality axes only to have them ignored by the masses (it's not a Gibson!) and dismissed by the booteek critics as factory guitars. I suppose (selfishly) that this situation is good for me personally, though I'd love to see the brand get the recognition that it deserves.
  14. It's the twin - came stock with adjustable TonePros bridge : Wonder how many 2PU models are out there. Here's another :
  15. I think it would look great on a Talladega. Have you thought about sending one to Hamer?
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