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  1. ‘89 Cali Elite re-stain


    1. John Riley

      John Riley

      This page doesn’t let me download decent HD pics???

  2. ‘91 Cali Elite


  3. I spent 5 hrs tearing it apart, polished the body and headstock,,,,,,,it looks brand new now
  4. Diodak Ghost Guitars designed a pretty cool programmable lamp for me, a Californian Elite,,,very cool4C5BD158-F891-400B-B27A-5CA069D17E44.jpeg.29cc1886ea5ba5222595082af52b8e18.jpeg

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    2. John Riley

      John Riley

      Incredible detail!


    3. John Riley

      John Riley

      Programmable, multi colour available for everyone, for an extra cost he can design one for you!


    4. John Riley
  5. Even better, tell me what shop it is so I can buy it🥴
  6. Very nice guitar, it would be too bad to miss out on this one. $1900 is more realistic. If this was at my local guitar store,,,it would be mine😎
  7. In search of a Californian Elite and a Chaparral Elite in any condition or any colour to purchase, thank you.
  8. John Riley

    John Riley

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