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  1. Built for me by an inmate. I thought I'd never give-up the amp, but London Power has dissuaded me of that idea. Drop-in fit, uses your bolts and top washers to secure the head. Room for the reverb bag. Don't forget your amp has a balanced line out for FOH. $100 shipped.
  2. Paging Tom Terrific. Tom Terrific to the White Courtesy phone.
  3. Breedlove Revival OM-R. NAMM proto. BCR Music. Plekked with a bone nut installed.
  4. I like Red Fangs. Been having me one now for many, many years. Looking for big clean tones, I found it nicer than the Weber 12F150.
  5. Pacifica 812V. SSL-1/SSL-1/JB
  6. I have a cheap Pow-wow-lina guiutar. Vibrates like a massage chair when I play it. I like it.
  7. Tune it OpenG. Play some Kottke. Swoon.
  8. Let me know if you do. I have two sets of matched 5 x J201 FETs on SMD to 3-pin adapter boards. One is for you if you decide to build. I'm tempted but my attempts always seem to have circuit noise problems. Translation: Ima klutz.
  9. Titties. Post titties. Ya wanna make little frens here? POST TITTIES!
  10. I asked myself this many times and I always come back to two life experiences at root: First, I grew up semi-poor (we had a snowmobile) in semi-rural upstate New York (I used to skip school and hitchhike to Albany). Dad worked nights and was never "social"...so I never got to stuff a large engine into a small chassis and then drive it like I owned it. Second, confronting my college flatmate about the Klipschorn Cornwalls and 225wpch Harmon-Kardon tha appeared overnight in the living room, no-doubt sourced through some nefarious act; he looked at me, popped a Remy Martin and said "Fuck it! This is my Turbo-charged Porsche"...and then we ran through every side of every Who album we had. This makes sense, right? The beast is wired Neck, N+M, M, M+SplitHB, HB (spittable by PP switch). The OEM JB had red2hot, white2ground, green/black to the switch stopping to effect the split HB @ #2. Damnedest switch, 12 lugs per side, took a while figure. The B/G to ground maneuver apparently sets the Bridge-side coil during the split. So far everything matches the schematic I found online. Volume is A250K with 330pF bypass. Tone is P-P A300K with .022uF to ground. Lately I have grown fond of using A250Ks, bypassing Volume with 7-800pF in parallel with 150K. Tone to ground .022uF. Josh @JGravelin. I'm very interested, but I expect due diligence on my part should now be, as you suggest, to install new pots and then return to my impressions. I will do so using the OEM JB and a PATB-3 I recently installed, and hopefully give y'all a small spread of expectations. Thanks very much. Watch this space!
  11. Flame maple over Alder. HSS. Bright. very bright. Not looking to change it into another guitar (Izsa Strat). Just maximize what's there. Not looking to play with a lot of gain, if at all. What do you recommend, or have used in the past, to tame the screeching banshee? Make it pretty and seductive? TIA, J.
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