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  1. First ask, Are they $400 shipped? http://www.trmguitarcabs.com/ported-cabs.html
  2. Here ya go @MGauf As sweet a Hamer as you'll find .. and I'm talking about the seller!🥰
  3. Yes. It's a small magnet. You have to overcome the initial magnetic attraction, break over force is the only term I can come up with for the process, then it moves and grooves. Balancing the setup is a bit of work. No effect in the opposite direction.
  4. I second the Screaming Demon for a JB. Same reason; much better output match with SSLs. Mine is in an PAC 812 HSS. Doesn't split worth a shiitte though..
  5. JGale

    Dummy coils

    Just my $0.002 cents, but if you have 5-way switching conundrums, you needa biscuit, er, a 24 pole, 5-way switchy thingy. https://guitarelectronics.com/oak-grigsby-5-position-super-switch-for-strat-tele/
  6. I'm partially color-blind and that color combination of blue, gold, black and nickel is extremely vibrant and pleasing to my eye.
  7. https://reverb.com/item/63093059-hamer-studio-1996
  8. Hamer Studio Wraptail. No bling. All Wraptail. https://reverb.com/item/62600209-usa-hamer-studio-guitar-1995-in-aztec-gold
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