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  1. Weber has 6x9 Alnicos. https://www.tedweber.com/speakers/vintage-series/6x9/ Foil https://geistnote.com/diy-products/ribbon-microphone/foil/
  2. I have possible replacement Yamaha single coils here I can throw in the mix. I'll ship 'em.
  3. I am undergoing advanced kitten therapy, so I have that going for me.
  4. Weel..it's brighter it seems. Little richer in the mids. Playing hard the notes seem less squashed together. Overall warm decreased, overall detail increased. Spent only a half hour with it. I will have to tweak a few things in the signal chain. The fucking gain settings roar though. Too bad I don't know what to do with them. Articulate and smooth. Lost on me with my skill set. More later. First impressions: save your money for a nice pedal instead. That could change, today is one of those days where nothing is going right and sidelong glances towards a firearm last longer than usual...
  5. I played this one today land quite liked it's acoustic voice if I may be so bold. https://fretmill.com/product/reverend-warhawk-2020/ It's local, so only tax. Do We the UFC like? Thank you.
  6. I know, right? That off tempo 12 string riff gets you settled and the rest of the band proceeds to do an elephant dance on your.....what? Of course I'll pass it...cough.
  7. That turntable sucks, just like Ringo! Hey Johnny!
  8. I saw them all together in a gymnasium turned concert hall at SUNY Albany. Sat on the floor six feet away from MJM, Laird was behind him, Hammer to his side. Beside John, all I remember is Goodman's antics and wondering how in hell the bass player kept up with the "chord" changes. Cobham was entertaining opposite MJM. My first ever drummer/guitarist duel.
  9. "Can I use this tonight?" 😁 Great clip. Funny guy. That sheeit is tight!
  10. Where is a good place to learn more about the mark?
  11. I did frens silverface super reverb. Is not difficult at all. Just follow piece by piece replacement. Power Resistors and supply caps. An opto thingy if I recall. Kits here: https://www.amprepairparts.com/fenderkits.htm https://vintagefenderamprepair.com/collections/silverface-overhaul-kits
  12. From what I know of the man, and that's not much, I'd wager L'Oréal or Botox spokesperson.
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