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  1. Le Prof mentioned these inna HFC Experts thread. http://www.phaezamp.com/ampshop/en/30-in-stock-amps What's the story? Your experience? Recommendations? TIAMFs
  2. Okay. Ten Commandments aside, I am extremely jealous of you right now.
  3. #amamakalist #possiblesuspects #poppedupsearching Electrovoice 12L WGS 12L Eminence Legend 12L Eminence 12N (neobymbolydim) Eminence Delta Pro 12A Eminence DELTALITE® II 2512 Eminence Hempdog Weber Michigan This Jensen CD12 looks interesting if a PSA-1 qualifies as a "modeling rig." This Celestion BN12-300(8) appeared in one my searches. Hempopotamus Loudspeakers says they build them from OEM components. Here's a pair of Schlotz-inators for $600. More as I come across them.
  4. I am in the market. I am not opposed to the real thing. I have/had a Fuchs Fat S-1, which Fuchs has described as a Delta-Pro slightly modified. I am presently leaning towards the Neo version of that speaker DELTALITE® II 2512. I am operating in a speaker exposure vacuum here and would like to collect some collective knowledge before proceeding. Can't say as if I have ever been disappointed from the advice given here.
  5. There seem to be several on the market.
  6. Watching that Shawn Lane vidya, and this came up!
  7. Ooooo. Those neck specs are very much like the Yamaha Pacifica 512 series. Meks me go woo woo. Shawn Lane was another Vigier adoptee... https://youtu.be/YLEuZXCrgpQ
  8. Just musing here. Don't really have the exposure to these, but, and its a big butt Larry... DR Z Carmen Ghia. I read again and again how well this works with everything. Anything with an EF86 front end, like some Vox circuits. The power tubes typically distort before the preamp in such a setup. I have an 18 watt EL84 power amp fed by an EF86 and an ax7 splitter. Its loud as hell though. or, in the same vein, a parallelled 12AX7, both triodes driven in parallel to a splitter. Like a Matchless Spitfire circuit, but with the aforementioned paralleling (stock is a single triode IIFC) and 6V6s vice EL84s. Trademark 60. Bedroom levels up to gig. Great with pedals on the clean channel. You can do a lot with the drive channel and a good overdrive (like a Tim😊). Trinity TC15 Kit is an EL84 kit that gives you both preamp tube choices.
  9. New Old Pacifica Day! Out for Delivery from my Preferred Luthier(c) In Baton Rouge... '90s Yamaha Pacifica 512 in Reddishy Red. Same body shape as the 312, thinner and wider neck, just perfect IMHO. After years of "huuge necks are the shizznit", this is welcome relief. G&L Alnico single coils (6.3k, 6.5k) and a High Order Maximus (A5, 9.88k). I like very much. Youcantoo!
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