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  1. I have a shitfukton of them. PM me your interests and address.
  2. One in. One out. My sister-in-law is part of a small (acoustic guitar, tablas, electric bass, female and male vocalists and tabla shakers, etc) band of gypsies. She needs a compact, low to medium cost PA system that can take all their vocals, a couple acoustic guitars and some lower frequencies. Venue size small, but outdoors with no reinforcement. Assume electric is available Interested in bang for the buck with scalability if possible. TIA MFkrs. Jim
  3. I'd have to say yes. Brass will put a damper on things to some extent. Fender's "grease whatever" treble bypass circuit (parallel RC in series with R) will affect tone. If you are going to be anal, cough, cough, like me 'cuz you got nothing else, then it matters to the degree it's entertaining. Some of it seems surprising interesting, but real life, repeatable under duress...stick to whut you know. These insights brought to you by Grapefruit enhanced agave tequila. Ice cold.
  4. 30 or 60 por favor. I have found the amp to unseat my Trademark 60, and it's another Tech-21 device, a PSA-1. Presets 10-19 are fs(king gorgeous. Can't get it work in the FXloop of my TM60, so a power engine it tis. TIA Jeem
  5. I'm still running Win8. I have a little program that intercepts Win10 attempts at updating, even notifying me. GWX Control Panel. I installed a rider in the software that brings up Classic Windows Windows rather than the graphic desktop crapola. Classic Shell is the name. I'm sorry. Years exposed to the Apple operating system in business cured me of Apple Infatuation Disease. I feel more for Banjos thrown off of a roof in Lemoyne, PA than I do anything from Messrs. Jobs and Wozniak.
  6. OK then... GUY WHO OWNS THE AMP VIA THE GUY AT THE STORE THAT KNOWS ABOUT THE AMP SEZ: He bought it that way in 2005, white power cord and everything. He doesn't know anything else about it. Worked fine for him. Price is firm. ---------------- I'm done here. Offer still stands to help with shipping. Store does not ship consignments. Jim
  7. THE GUY WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE AMP AND ALSO OWNS A '68 SEZ: Serial Number A23... makes this a 1969 Silverface B1270. (A255....was the last in that year group.) GZ34 rectifier. "The Mallory can cap is an indication that a cap job was done. Just like mine." The tube chart is scraped up like it was shoved when they amputated the cabinet. Nice work though. Still awaiting contact with owner to verify what we know.
  8. Okay, so I played through it with this Strat. The only cab available was 16 ohm. All the sounds are there. Sweet. Sparkly. Reverb works. Not an RCA plug to be had, so vibrato not evaluated There is a low persistent hum that does not change in volume when it warms up. Not really all that noticeable. Single coils in a room full of fluorescents is noisy, but it cleans up well in positions 2 and 4. If I had to guess, it has had at least a cap job, maybe also the power resistors because hiss is low. Power tubes are EHX. V2 was accessible to my fat fingers and is a Sovtek. The output transformer has a winged "M" stamped on it. Couldn't read the codes in the light. "The guy who knows about this is off today." They have my number with a list of questions.
  9. If someone wants this, but they will not ship. I will be happy to assist you.
  10. Local to me. Looks in good shape. Power cord is now three pronged white and thin. Cap can reads Mallory. I have asked for more details. $810 http://fretmill.com/product/fender-princeton-reverb-head/#wpcf7-f64952-p69491-o1
  11. Seriously. Where have these been all my life. As Rafa, the Draftsman I used to work with would say, "is much more better."
  12. I think I found those videos. I put them in my dropbox folder: EL84 version here and 6V6 version here. Is that Greg Germino playing? *** I need to reclaim my Dropbox to transfer some large files. These are two videos of Greg Germino playing both versions (EL84, 6V6) of Reinhart 18 watt amp. If you would like a copy leave me a PM. - Jim ***
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