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  1. Yes! 12at7 inverters rule. Kevin O’Conner recommends them in all his designs. A 5751 works well at slightly higher gain than the at.
  2. It was below the fold but definitely front page at Action NEWS Ten on Your Side Working for You! tonight at 5, 5:30 and 6. More at 11 no doubt. A large outdoor Rock Concert interrupted by Rain. Who knew? The VA AG is on it! Refunds for Industry. Refunds for the Dead!
  3. What fun! Thanks for doin that Brooks!
  4. I asked Brent Jesse for a 5u4g rectifier recommendation to replace the JJ that came stock with Freznel power amp. His choice “there is no other” was RCA. I’m of the opinion he was right! Also, the Weber Copper Cap, even with the requisite sag programmed in, is another solid choice. Typical SS snap and quiet.
  5. How does that hunk o hunk of mahogany work with mini hums? I usually think big Mahogany means big pickups.
  6. WTF!? https://reverb.com/item/65578920-1975-black-ibanez-2402-spot-model-experimental-model-splittable-double-neck-3-made-w-ohsc
  7. https://reverb.com/p/paul-cochrane-tim-v3 iphoney doesn’t want to copy pic there’s a bunch of them
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