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  1. Avatar makes a two story replica for $600. https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/guitar/3d-212-vertical-forte-replica/
  2. I'm just going to leave this here: http://www.trmguitarcabs.com/
  3. $90 shipped CONUS. Basically unused for most of its life. Used in the loop of a Tim until that went South. 18V wall-wart includido.
  4. $125 shipped CONUS. Purchased new during the time period mentioned in the attached 3page TGP (sosorry) description by the designer of this and other Scummies in existence at the time. Has very little time on it. I replaced this with a 50 watt Red Fang only because this speaker is 30 watts. (the RF was replaced in turn with an ET-90, see where I'm going?) The Architectural Ballerina in me wants to say this is what the Red Fang wants to be when it grows up: sweeter, a little more presence.
  5. What makes or breaks these guitars? What to look out for. What to crave? Care to share your thoughts? Thanks in advance. Jim
  6. Talcum powder works for me. No itching.
  7. I have not had the pleasure of owning that Les Paul, but I'd surmise the acoustica voce is as sweet as all get out.
  8. Not mine. No affiliation. Nice store. this is where I got the last Tone Press. <---Clicky!
  9. I bought what must be the last available Tone Press in the country, using his dealer list. Last U.S. entry had one in the database. Hope it gets here.
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