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  1. Chunky neck? Even more interested....my Strats are boatneck 1" all the way down....
  2. I think I am going to set my sights on a Talladega...better get a bigger piggy bank...
  3. Thanks so much for all the great info and diving back into a topic that has probably been beaten to death on here. Time to take my notes and take a fresh look at what's for sale out there! I hope to be sharing some NGD Hamer Porn with you all in the months to come! -Ryan
  4. Unfortunately the guitar is away from me at the moment so I can't go check. Would I be looking for screws that tighten the bridge to the posts (studs)? Or something else?
  5. Ok, so the Hamer I have, the Hamer I had, and the Hamer's I'm looking at right now are all from the mid-90s. But I know there is much more out there and I am just fixated on that era for some reason. So...Hamer experts...what should I open my mind to? What is considered the "golden age"? And thanks for entertaining my newbie questions...caught a bad case of HAS a month ago. Thanks! -Ryan
  6. Yes, it also has a filled-in XLR connection on the bottom body edge below the typical output jack (can't be seen in the photo)...I believe I read somewhere that after abandoning the idea, he filled the hole with his own concoction of glue, sawdust, and paint. And to think with all these flaws someone was still willing to pay $4MM for the guitar haha!!! What a sucker! And when the buyer gets the pickguard off and sees the middle pickup rout was hacked away to accommodate a humbucker!! Oh the humanity... Here's another picture I kind of liked. I get a kind of "Wish You Were Here" vibe from it. A juxtaposition of art vs. commerce--the musician getting burned by the industry. For the record, I was NOT guided through the exhibit by a Christie's salesperson. Maybe because I forgot to wear my suit that day. And, oh, sorry to say no Hamers were part of the auction. Maybe he just realized they were too good to sell--even for charity. -Ryan
  7. Hi Everyone-- So...I was at the Gilmour auction preview a few weeks back in NYC and during my 90 minute visit, I noticed a gentleman that was standing transfixed at Gilmour's Black Strat for much of my time there. I could tell it was hitting him right in the soul...I exchanged a few words with him, but didn't want to pull him out of his zone. When looking over the pictures I took on the plane ride home, I found this one serendipitous image of the Black Strat and his pensive expression reflected. I know he would have loved this photo--too bad I have no contact info! And, yes, I suppose it could be Jesus admiring and approving of the Black Strat.
  8. Thanks! So glad I found my way to this forum...you guys rock!!!
  9. Great info--thank you! The one I had before must have been a '92 or '93. Which would make sense as I remember playing it during my senior year of HS and into college before I stupidly sold it to waste money on something else....probably rent...LOL.
  10. Many years ago when I smoked, I remember one time the cherry fell off the cigarette and started burning a hole in my drivers seat right between my legs. I did not notice until I started smelling the burning fabric and foam. Maybe something like that? Or maybe they just put it out there coz there was no ashtray handy...heh.
  11. Small world seeing your guitar again! Oddly enough, I did initially think it could have been a cigarette burn, but couldn't explain the green. Maybe it was a menthol? LOL. It would make sense that the burning cigarette would react with the finish, possibly causing the crack, and over time maybe turning green over time? Or maybe someone just put their gum there too....
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