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  1. For 5k I’m glad they couldn’t be bothered to take more than 2 pictures.
  2. That sad old bastard looks unhappy no matter what he’s holding. “If if I hold it for one photo, now it’s worth so much more”
  3. I have a guitar that has Schaller M6 full size tuners. Heavy mofos on neck diving guitar. Anyone know of a lightweight replacement that would have the same screw hole placement? Thanks.
  4. There’s one for sale on the board here.
  5. It’s been on there for at least a week maybe 2. I saw it awhile back. I always wonder who takes a nice high dollar guitar like that to trade in at guitar center? I’m actually surprised they know what it’s worth. At standard rates I would rather buy something like this used from the current owner not a mega store where it’s probaly within reach of any schmuck. Of course these aren’t for sale often but I believe there is one other listed on the board right now.
  6. Cool looking guitar No affiliation https://applink.reverb.com/item/15201603-hamer-usa-usa-artist-custom-12-string-1996-natural-quilted-maple
  7. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/msg/d/usa-hamer-californian-elite/6674053497.html No affiliation.
  8. Daaaaaammmmmn. I’ve been looking at metal flake guitars hardcore for the past year. Stikes gallery is a page I revisit often. This is just over the top awesome. Want.
  9. Ua D

    The Beasts

    Rad collection Yeah make it an even dozen. Here’s one for sale https://bend.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-usa-cruise-bass-guitar/6667872997.html no affiliation
  10. Ua D

    A pair of 87s

    What is the Hamer on the left? edit: never mind figured it out. Steve Stevens II. Cool guitars
  11. Must have been a fan of this 59 les paul “bad coconuts”