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  1. Why do all the hamer amber knobs crack? Also why does the binding come loose and shrink so bad on many of the studios? I see lots of them where the binding is pulling away in the curves. I assume this one is since it’s celluloid and shrinks really bad. Also it might be called hameritis, but I sure see a lot of 90’s And early 2000’s Gibsons with clearcoat lifting problems. Especially on the headstocks.
  2. People buying online vs no one bringing in more used instruments
  3. You’re so right. Factor the cost of taxes, labor, and the rest of overhead too. Running a business ain’t cheap.
  4. p90s will be dope. Once I recover from the upcoming economic disaster I’d love to build a tele with a humbucker bridge/p90 middle/p90 neck. Blue flame maple top. Inspired by this guitar. I forgot who sold this (sorry for using your picture without permission😬) but I loved it even in its pizza day glory wish I had bought it
  5. So any decisions yet? I would say the precision guitar kit would be awesome. I actually want to start an explorer build but I’m on financial lockdown. I wish I could convince them to offer the double cut with the neck further in the body like a Hamer instead of a Gibson jr. Balances better. I would ask for for a light neck if you go for the dc. Mine has a skinny maple neck and I had to take off the schallers I originally built it with. I replaced them with some kluson style grovers that were a lot lighter so it wasn’t so prone to neck dive. Of course this might be because the body is so damn light on mine. The whole guitar weighs 6.8 lbs which is surprising for a solid body. Also as far as I understand, Fast Guitar Kits are the same company as Precision guitar kits.
  6. Thanks. I think so. While not perfect, I doubt a nicer studio could be found for this price.
  7. I will still be able to come to my work during the stay at home order. So I will be able to ship this week.
  8. Also I put together a partscaster using a warmoth ash body with a 24.75 scale neck from USACG. I Had warmoth paint the body and I did the neck. Cool guitar. It didn’t do anything more than my other strat did, besides look cool.
  9. Precision guitar kit I did 2 years ago. Still rock it daily. A really nice guitar. Lightest I own, despite a maple neck. It is thin though, just right for me. African mahogany with maple top. 30 or so coats of tru oil on the maple cap. Ebony board on maple neck. The most sustain and rings louder unplugged than any guitar I’ve ever owned, including the ultimate junior I bought this year. I would like to do another but it looks like I’m going to only be building depression style instruments for awhile. I built this ghetto lap steel today while on quarantine with parts I had laying around
  10. I’d talk to gravelin. I put a custom wind he did into the bridge of my 04 and it’s all kinds of awesome. He has no name for it yet. It is quite a bit hotter than a 59 but still sounds great clean when backed off the volume a touch. Also I have a set of his charlottes in an lp custom that are awesome. I think they would lend themselves well to a studio also. plus I think he’s running a sale on them currently.
  11. Sweet. It’s gonna end up looking sort of like this without the boomers.
  12. Hell yeah. There are quite a few of them out there, and if you like korina, no need to be stuck with having it only finished in vintage amber. It’s not like korina is the most beautiful looking wood out there. Most any of my friends and even some fellow guitar players that aren’t gear whores that I’ve shown any natural finished korina guitars always give me a pretty indifferent response. I showed a pic of a the korina standard to a coworker and he said “ that’s pretty plain, did they cut it out of a school desktop?” All that being said, I love the natural finished korina guitars myself.
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