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  1. I’d rate it about the same from warmoth for the body work and cnc shaping and sanding. Plus you get a set neck which they don’t offer. I think the woods are of a higher quality at a better price point than warmoth. I’ve had warmoth and USACG stuff in the past. Id say the fretwork is a bit better for the precision guitar kits also. You do get a lot more options through warmoth, like nut width, scale, headstock shape,and more. If you have the skills, I think a PGK could give you an equivalent quality guitar of a nice usa factory set neck guitar, vs many of the other cheap kits out there, which I think would take a lot of skill and work to get an equivalent to a mid range import guitar. IMO a full build from a high end luthier or smaller quality brand would outshine any kit put together by the the same top notch luthier. I.e. I don’t think I could fully replicate my hamers even if I had a professional assemble and finish these. I have really come to appreciate the true craftsman who build guitars. Still, I enjoy these projects and they are better than the budget minded attempts from Gibson . All that being said, by the time you add up hardware, pickups, and the kit price, along with finishing products (sand paper, lacquer, tints,), the price is likely to get close to a decent Hamer Studio. Standard prices are crazy high though(maybe not high but out of my range it seems), and I really wanted the mix of woods and bridge type i chose in my first build. At least this is my justification sorry long post ranting post. Little too much Vitamin R. Short of it, I’ve sold the warmoths in the past and the USACG neck I had. The PGK I did up is still here and I play it a lot. I hope this one is the same. Either way you better like sanding. And more sanding. Did you say you like to spend your free time sanding. Cool how about more sanding?
  2. I ordered it rear routed so if I didn’t want one I could rock it without. 🤘 I have a big blank of tortoise w/b/w in case I want something different and a white one if I want classic. also neck all glued up, hopefully I’ll get all the little bits done this week and Sunday I can put some sealer coats on it.
  3. Cuz that’s how the old school specials where with P90’s. Hamers necks are further into the body, the 22nd fret is into the body and inch or so. On Gibson’s which these kits are modeled after the fretboard ends at the body (I prefer the hamer method), and there wouldn’t be enough wood to glue together at the joint and the joint would be too weak. I was expecting it be up against the neck when I ordered it but this is how they come from PGK. I’ve gotten used to it.
  4. Well duh, how come I didn’t think of that first. Of course he makes a tron. We’llsee, I’m still leaning towards the charlottes I got though for now.
  5. I didn’t, but I think some streaking is too be expected normally. I’m sure they could fulfill that request though. I did have it made to order instead of one of the off the shelf kits. It is 3 piece though. the one bit of character on it
  6. This will my first explorer shaped guitar. Gravelin Charlottes are slotted to go in. Already have em. could be crazy and order some tv Jones filtertrons and adapter rings. the grain is nicer than I expected. I might have to contact Stike. Get this done properly.
  7. Got me another Precision Guitar Kit. I did up a les Paul dc special a couple years back. Love it. Had it made to order with a mahogany body, plain maple top, maple neck and ebony fretboard. Damn thing rings like a bell. If you’re not familiar, they are made in BC Canada (CNC) with high quality tonewoods. You can order a “stock” kit or have one made with a menu of options. Been itching for a pointy white limba guitar for awhile. Don’t think I can afford a Hamer standard Korina even if one came up for sale. I actually ordered one of the stock explorer kits last December but it came with a big streaky flaw on the upper bout. It would have had cool character but it had a filled wormhole that went from the top to the side. They graciously let me return it. Great customer service from Kevin. Anyways, fast forward to May and I ordered one again but with some of the made to order options. Lead time said 7-9 weeks but it showed up in 6. 😀 Makes me a happy camper. So I ordered it with white limba body and neck, but rear routed. I Just don’t like that big channel on the front. Plus I can decide whether or not I want to rock a pick guard. I’m kinda leaning towards a tortoise Pickguard. I also ordered an ebony fretboard and headstock overlay. I have some gold hardware and all the parts ready to go. I have a set of Gravelin Charlottes going into it. Can’t wait. also any tips for getting that golden honey color on white limba? I assume there is some amber added to the clear coat. I plan to follow this finishing schedule sand fine, (maybe it seems sanded to a higher grit than my last kit from them) Couple of lacquer wash coats Grain fill seal coats tint coat more clear ok enough rambling Pics and obligatory pic of the special I made 2 years ago thiss the special I did. Way to many coats of tru oil and the new kit
  8. I can understand that frustration. The one off hamers that everyone seem to know, go quick. Lucky my last one worked out. 🤪
  9. Damn! That’s crazy. also I’ve found a new grail to search for.
  10. If You choose to rock a scepter at any point in your career you decidedly don’t suck.
  11. Yeah, steal your money. If this is legit congrats on anyone who gets a deal. But I truly think this is too good to be true.
  12. I’m sure it’s a scam. The website doesn’t show up on ICANN search. Also the completely generic cut and paste website with no real information. Check out this generic about us page About Us Our Mission1. providing our customers with the best quality service, tailored to your industry solutions.2. to establish a transparent, automatic billing, time-saving shopping e-commerce market.3. to provide cost-effective trade services, using the latest e-commerce technologies and integrating trade channels.4. the buyer in the shopping process simplification. At the same time, save a lot of buyers shopping time.Our advantages1. Resources and e-commerce in a variety of domestic and foreign trade channels.2. advanced search technology that can provide all kinds of information.3. Unique mode of operation, combining traditional trading channels and Internet channels.4. We have now introduced, online shopping information security encryption submitted. Support credit card payment online functionality. functionality.Any questions, please contact us!
  13. hmmmm seems totally legit.....one per customer must mean it’s safe to give them my credit card number. do you have a link to the Facebook posting?
  14. http://www.ntlguitar.com also known as murkat, I believe, on this forum.
  15. I think This is why I love the finish on Hamers. Didn’t Hamer just use toners/tints for the most part? I feel the dyed finishes on some guitars can kill this effect and look blotchy.
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