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  1. Sent a pm if it’s still available. Thanks
  2. No problems. I’m away from home for the next week
  3. Sweet. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. Thanks bloozguy I’ll try them Tortious 6DJ8 is the equivalent. I don’t think the orange tester will test them. Thanks!
  5. Anyone here test tubes? I have a couple dozen 7308 tubes I would like to be tested and graded. Can’t seem to find anyone local willing to do this. Unless maybe someone here knows A place in Portland/SW Washington area that would do this. I’ve contacted all the places I can find in the area Thanks
  6. That one has me questioning my guitar reduction strategy.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Longer day than expected. Pm sent.
  8. Chunky neck. It’s a vintage carve that’s more full than the vintage carve on my studio custom.
  9. It’s cheaper when I don’t have to ship and pack 😀
  10. Gave her one last rock through tonight. Then into the case to wait for the next owner.
  11. I wish I was a better photographer. Getting the detail of the grain on the chevron mahogany top is not easy with red.
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