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  1. Popped in to the Delta park store yesterday. Surprised to see this in the used section. Don’t see many hamers around here. Played well and the frets were in pretty good shape. Medium neck felt similar in the hand to my 03 studio custom. Has flat wounds on it. I think it’d look better with black pickup rings and chrome covers. Had a dent in the middle and some hameritis along the fretboard edge. Sales guy said it Comes with the original case. They were asking $999. Took some pictures since you know how well guitar centers always are.
  2. Nothing. The failure was selling it. It was a magnificent guitar. my real biggest fail this year wasnt music stuff it was selling my well sorted Bmw r1200gs to get a super Moto. dumb. Always wanted a sumo and finally got one. Too slow yet too frantic and too one dimensional. Lost money on both ends of those deals. Not that I expect to make money with motorcycles.
  3. Best score and biggest failure in one. bought this and sold it later.
  4. That listing has been up for a couple months on reverb. It was in a different listing before that. Pretty sure same seller. at least the pics here are clearer but there are only 2 of them http://www.jpstingrayguitars.com/miscguitars_clone_clone.html Still. COCV.
  5. Nice. I just put in a request for neck Charlotte and a custom wind bridge pickup with Josh. I picked up a used bridge Charlotte and bought a superstrat bridge pickup he built on an epi frame a couple years ago. The strat is gone and should have swapped the pickup before I sold it. Very excited to be ordering some more. Maybe I’ll have to consider some for my tele In the future.
  6. Gotta love the photos of guitars that look like they were just pulled out from under a bed or from a closet
  7. https://reverb.com/item/30784134-hamer-sceptre-1985-w-floyd-rose-great-condition-for-34-yr-old-guitar no aff
  8. Sunday’s morning here and the GAS hangover from Saturday night is strong. Lots of hardware headed my way this week. also I have a set of full size Schallers 3+3 if anyone is looking for some Tuners, chrome, used great shape. All the hardware no box. $sold
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