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  1. Instead of the rubber strip on the lower side of the Flying Vees, they should have put one around that corner.
  2. Notice the hole next to the screw and the crack extending away from it.
  3. If they had a patterns for regular standards already, why would they even change this neck joint?
  4. That one has gone up for sale 3 times or so in the past year and half. The high e tuner was all crooked and Looked like it had been whacked out of shape when it was first for sale. It was on craigslist if I remember correctly. I f you look closely you’ll see the tuner has a hole right next to the screw. I don’t know structurally how much this affected anything but I’d want to see it up close first.
  5. Nice. Flying V jr. would be sweet
  6. I understand that. Who really needs another project or guitar. I have more than I can play well. Plus I doubt I’ll ever assemble or build something as phenomenal as my Hamer Jr. True craftsmanship at that professional level is hard to attain as an amateur working in my basement and garage. This last kit was a big step up from the first one for me in skills attempted. Spraying a finish with a gun instead of can, making the pick guards, and really dialing in the nut. I made 4 pick guard mdf templates before I got a good template. I’d mess something up and end up starting ove
  7. I would think ordering one of the made to order kits and requesting cleaner grain would be you’re best bet. Of Course you have to wait a couple months to get it. I ordered an off the shelf one last year and it had bit of streaking. I didn’t mind so much and I was expecting some, but there was a 1/8” filled wormhole that went from top through to the side that I really didn’t care for and they let me return and be refunded. I just had to pay the return shipping. I’m very glad it ended up this way, but mostly because getting it made to order allowed me to get an ebony board which i gr
  8. Because I’m mad, I was looking at precision’s site again and noticed they just added a Firebird kit to their lineup. Neve have got on with them, but I know there are some fans here
  9. No one ever told me how awesome playing a coffee table is. When I started this project I wasn’t sure if I’d bond with the shape. Well no worries there. Balances well and just seems to fit me. Already banging it in to stuff though. Oops. Now it might be the honey moon phase, but I’m seriously smitten with this guitar. Quality wood, hardware and awesome pickups tend to help with that, but you never know until a guitar is all together it seems. unfortunately now I might start gassing for an actual maple topped Hamer Standard.
  10. Beautifully done. That sc shape is awesome.
  11. Because the resale sucks? Or you hate sanding?
  12. Thanks. Since I’m being such a photo whore here’s a couple more
  13. Well I might try to find a matching truss rod cover. My fingers are more precious than trying to get that close to the router on such a small piece.
  14. Made 2 pick guards today. think I’m gonna rock the tortoise for now
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