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  1. Did you get the pickus ? I have a Tele with Yardbirds and have had Apaches in a Musicman Silhouette plus Crawlers in a Les Paul Custom and VH11s in a Les Paul Classic.They were all good. The Apaches I bought used,one not working.I sent them to BKP and they were returned the next week repaired for five pounds.Great after service.
  2. I dont think theres any problem changing them.Heres my 93 with Phat Cats and the stock SD's using the same rings.
  3. Great work greg and fantastic threads.You are the Daddy.
  4. Lovely color! Is that a reissue? FSR? Here is my Dakota Red 2005 FSR (Fender Special Run) Tele Custom '67 Reissue with 9.5" radius, Callaham bridge/saddles, and Fralin pickups. You have good taste . Its a MIJ my wife boght for my birthday last year.The pups are Bare Knuckles yardbirds.
  5. No its CAR.The flash made it look fiesta.
  6. Beautiful gits Gents.I MUST get a Hamer with P90's.As someone mentioned 93, I have no option but to post a pic of my 93 FM Special again. And one with her sisters.
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