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    [**present**NOS(GCAS-XC) 88'' , (GCAS-XG) 89"] [**past(GCHS-XB) 91",Kramer Stagemaster Custom, Kramer Nightswan II,B.C.Rich Warlock,Jackson Kelly std,Washburn wr150,Swing EZ-10,Epiphone lp goldtop,Ibanez GRG 07 ltd,Yamaha FG 301,Takamine ED50C,Ovation 2778 USA.]
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    Bangkok , Thailand (We r the land of smile)
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    I am a member of this website because I have friends who love HAMER similar. And I met many good friends here.

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  1. Excuse me.. I ever heard some one said If wood of ur guitar is low grade & cant give good sound . EMG(active) can help . cause all sound come from EMG pickup more than wood tone. Is that truth ?
  2. Congratulation.....When Kids succeed Daddy&Mom more successful than..
  3. Hi! Dave . Did you find a little challenger already.. fight .. I always will be ur side.
  4. I hope you will not be anything more.Get well soon.
  5. Is this high end pickups ? What do u think about this brand ? If u can afford . Will u be choose this brand ? I try to listen " Miracle man model " it is very cool sound but every clips from seller must be good .I think them use very best equipment for clip in every brands.....
  6. I vote Jackson and the second is Bc Rich. these bands are match for metal style. I ever had both bands . just the guitar look good for Metal but the sound & feelling came from underneath ur heart even u use Classical guitar. i guess......
  7. Cali have best of character. 27 frets . nice shape. cool headstock . best wood for Rock. & since 1988 until 2010 they are never out for look or for play.
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