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  1. I'm liquidating some of my collection. This is a barely played 93 USA TV Yellow Special with the original HS case, warranty card, tag, and nut tool. No nicks or dings. No scratches other than a couple very light surface scuffs that I can't capture on camera that could be buffed out. Beautiful condition for being almost 30yrs old. High Vis fret marker stickers were added and can be easily removed. This guitar is basically identical to the one on EB and RVB. Happy to send more pics to anyone seriously interested. Not interested in trades. $2199+shipping. I'll let this sit here for a few days before putting it up on the other sites. Thanks!
  2. Dude, chill a bit. I know I'm not advocating or romantisizing the use. I made an observation about a particular band, then generalized it.
  3. Depeche Mode. he he...he said "as good as", not "as BAD as..." LOL Do they play Hamers? I dont thing Hamer make sequencers, do they?
  4. That can easily be turned around. Is it not possible that heroine ruined these guys? Again, I have a hard time believing that heroine is responsible for those great albums. I would argue that they would have happened *without* heroine. Whoa, Whoa...I'm basically saying that it ruined them. I'm also not advocating the use. Geez. It's just an observation I'm making that for whatever reasons, there was some good shit getting cranked out during those dark days. That's all. Please dont read into too much. Perhaps I should have said "as creative after they cleaned up as when they were doped out".
  5. The best Aerosmith stuff was written around the time they were completly wacked on heroin (Wings/Rocks/Toys), then they kind of went over the edge during Draw the Line, and it definitely could be heard in the recordings. I dont think they have been able to put out that kind of stuff since then (Well, Pump was actually not too bad). Can any one name bands have acutally been able to get clean and put out stuff as good and creative as when they were wacked? Hmm, I'm having a hard time naming any.
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