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  1. I know... I see guitar auctions for the same guitar in Japan buy 10 different sellers all the time.
  2. I emailed them twice so far... no answer. I asked for a price with shipping. Please feel free to reach out to them and purchase it. I've purchased 2 USA Hamers from Japan. It is important to have the description on export paperwork say it is a Hamer Guitar manufactured in the USA returning to USA with SN. There are no import fees on that. I had to fight with DHL about this. According to cbp.gov no duties or import fees are required for items manufactured in the USA returning to the USA from Japan. https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-375?language=en_us I hope this helps. H.R.
  3. The lower the serial number the earlier and perhaps better build. I just purchased Hamer Slammer Series MIK Cali 3XXXXX serial and it has a three piece length wise maple neck. My MIK Bass, 4XXXXX has the same. They've become great backup pieces with a few part changes... pots, tuners, pickups. Still working on Cali. I'm putting parts in tomorrow.
  4. Hello: There is a nice 1990 Chaparral Elite FM body on eBay for $2513 free shipping from Japan no affiliation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224609547140 I think it looks awesome. A few through the finish knicks. After hearing from Bennyboy-UK I'm looking into buying it. I didn't buy it. Hope who ever did enjoys it! H. R.
  5. I enjoy my Spark 40 with my head phones in the bed room while my lady is sleeping. Mine also sounds great through its speakers and with my bass as well. I dont play it very loud. 9 o'clock on the master and output. I need to purchase an iPad or Android tablet to unlock it's full capacity. I recommend it for a nice personal practice amp! Not that my opinion means much. M
  6. Thanks, answered my questions! I'm definitely not as knowledgeable about Hamers as most people here. Thanks for your help.
  7. Can I ask if a couple details look off to you? Tone Pot on an 1989. My 89 Cali Elite and all 89's I've seen do not have one. Number under serial (I understand normally limited run count but when did Hamer start that?) The Fender style metal plug in neck for angle adjustment without a device on body to adjust it. Copper foil in electronics cavity. I understand it is shielding but I've never seen it on a Hamer. Could this be a Vegas Roman guitar or really good K.O.? I'm not saying there is anything wrong but these things caught my eye. Thanks, M
  8. Here are the 95 Cruise Bass pages from the brochure. Also a pic of my 96 5 2TEK factory Basslines.
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