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  1. Hmm, yeah. That makes total sense. Something I’d jump on, like that time I bought those Armani jackets out of a van in an outlet mall parking lot. Turns out they were “Armeni”.
  2. Ah, I wish I had Portillo’s right now. Breakfast of champions!
  3. What is love? Baby, don't hurt me!
  4. I'm a newb to the fuzz world. Very limited experience, but I've managed to march through a few. Liked the DOD Carcosa, Keeley Fuzzbender, Fulltone '69. Currently have a Petty John Rail on one board, JHS Kilt on the other. Kilt is only (heavily gated) fuzz with all gain stages enabled. I know nothing about the OG fuzzes or even what the ones I've had were based on. Can't afford to be sucked into that hole
  5. This guy is great! Hamer brought up around the 12:30 mark
  6. Thank you! That really makes it seem like it’s possible. Forgot about those
  7. Looking for feedback, if you could be so kind... I picked up one of those Mann Sustainblocks and have been thinking of using it on a build like a Starcaster. I haven’t any semi-hollows with string-through bridges. Is that even possible?
  8. Ditto. I’ll take one of each. HH, SSS, P90 and Bass
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