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  1. Go Jays Go...actually, it doesn’t matter. Go Rays Go!
  2. Thank you, though I never hope for excitement. It just comes naturally.
  3. That's the ENTIRE story? When were they made, what was it for? Was it just someone who randomly decided to make them? Was it at a member event? Was it just the plates, or was it plates on specific guitars?
  4. Mike McCready (lead guitarist in Pearl Jam) would be the other best well known. At least one of the other two dudes was in Screaming Trees.
  5. Now that it comes to mind, I was running that Orangutan Jr. of yours with a PRRI, and it was very sweet. Needed more headroom for what I was doing band-wise, so they had to move along....sad face emoji
  6. Running two Princetons in stereo or wet/dry would be an awesome time. Hmm, also the same with Deluxe Reverbs...and Super Reverbs...and Twins...and...
  7. Forgive me if i posted this in previous years
  8. Check out PUP at Bluesfest! Between them and The Dirty Nil (who aren't playing Bluesfest) my favourite recent bands....such great balls to the wall, high energy punk-ish rock.
  9. What great Canadian ambassadors. Love Strange Brew.
  10. From a message to sellers received May 21.....At Reverb - State taxes will be collected on purchases from sellers based in... - Washington & Minnesota (Current) - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, South Carolina, Connecticut, Alabama, Oklahoma, Iowa, DC, South Dakota, Wyoming (effective July 15)
  11. I never stopped loving all those murderecords related bands, Sloan especially, but also Local Rabbits and Hardship Post, The Inbreds, Jale, Sloan, Superfriendz, Thrush Hermit Superfriendz dude - Matt "Guitar" Murphy. He used to rock a Rickenbacker 481 and I've wanted one ever since seeing him sling one in the mid 90's. It was Flashing Lights. I do like them, but it is certainly a different flavour. Super awesome guitarist. Check out TUNS. It's Chris Murphy from Sloan, Mike O'Neil from Inbreds and Matt Murphy.
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