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  1. This popped up in my local Kijiji. If it appeals to any of y'all, I'd be happy to assist. Description 1967 VOX APOLLO BASS GUITAR owned and played by hall of famer Tom Petterson of legendary rock band cheap trick. I acquired this bass from a shop in Nashville TN. It comes with pic of Tom and the bass guitar and also a COA from the shop in Nashville. $3200 CAD - approx $2450 USD
  2. Made in China, but by luthiers. High quality. They made traditional stringed instruments (and still do) before venturing into hollows, semi hollows and acoustics. Started with solid bodies last year or the year before. Very nice. Every one from any lineup I’ve played has been super. There’s a couple Id like to own. Those juniors look great!
  3. I had a very similar experience a couple of years ago. Ended up cancelling altogether after a couple of months. He fought that pretty hard and was angry about it. I said - keep your end of the bargain. A business should not operate this way and it’s customers should not tolerate it. You ask us to pay upfront and then provide NO information. Of course people are going to be curious to know what’s going on after the 3 or so weeks you said it would take... I ended up with a pre-owned GigRig Quartermaster. Paid more for it, but it was great. Probably would have went with Road Rage had the GigRig not popped up.
  4. Love I'll buy that pedal from you Love the JHS content and look forward to it every week. Paul Gilbert seems to be a cool dude in all times I've seen him speak.
  5. Wins; Pedals - Strymon Flint, JHS AT+, AND - not a pedal but an awesome book about - Pedal Crush Amps - Allen Old Flame (Allen built) head with 2x12, REVV D20 Guitars - G&L Doheny - So in love. I love the colour (Emerald Green Metallic), matching headstock, competition stripe, the MFD pickups are very versatile (Roll back that Treble pot a bit), I found the tone controls to be different than expected, but very functional (Bass and Treble cuts) especially for this guitar, pretty bright fully open. Oh and the G&L trem is so good! Misc - Mono M80 guitar bag. Came free with a Tick 2.0. Never thought I'd love a gigbag so much. But I really do. Fails - Strymon Riverside. My second attempt with one. Not enough lead boost for my needs. Tried to replace a couple of drive pedals and lead boost with just the one. Nope. Drive sounds are great, but the pedal is large and takes up too much real estate to just add a separate boost at the end. 1979 Hamer Sunburst. Kinda fell into my lap. Traded straight up for a 2018 SG Standard. So that's a win. Just didn't connect with it. Sold it for a good profit, bought that G&L mentioned above and a set of winter tires (wheee!!!). Not a total fail, but the guitar to me was. If you like it, the dude who bought it is listing it for 5k now. Was $8500.
  6. Just build a big board Need updates on the board thread...or a new thread
  7. I’d pick MusicMan if had to go with one. There’s enough variety and they are all great IMHO
  8. Some nice ones in this thread, for sure. My limited experience is with Fenders and I’m a fan. Had an Antigua “re-issue” tele that was great, that I’d love to get back someday. Love the Seventy-Sevens I’ve ever seen. Would like to fill my semi-hollow hole with one of those...yeah, that’s right. Fill my hole...
  9. Now I know for sure the true meaning of identical ha ha. Dumb question on my part.
  10. Ha ha! All sparkly purple? That's great. I love the "rare" in ads sometimes. Oh, it's rare? I better get it then.
  11. Here's a purple one! Anyone know anything about the "limited edition" claims? # 47 of 150... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/ottawa/hamer-californian-custom-limited-edition/1476270738
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