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  1. Ditto. I’ll take one of each. HH, SSS, P90 and Bass
  2. Now, are you free to go your own way?
  3. Why, yes it is. My son's name is Danny too. We're staying in room 237.
  4. I’d just like to point out that Steppenwolf, regardless the consensus on genre, was mostly Canadian, though formed in the US.
  5. Resisted GAS for quite a while. I've been working, but I'm the only one in the entire building (temporarily closed hotel) and there really isn't a whole lot to keep me fully occupied. I had a guitar at work already, so brought an amp and pedalboard and just play whenever I can. Of course I started thinking about making changes to the board. I'm still "learning" how to fuzz, so that's a open rabbit hole at the moment. Keeley Fuzz Bender is cool, but let's see what else is out there. Engage research mode. Reading, watching videos obsessively, scooping out deals and sales until finally breaking down. Ended up with a new fuzz (Pettyjohn Rail) and a few other additions; Mac mini and peripherals Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 mk.3 (I'm just starting this journey of computer based recording - was using a digital Tascam 4 track) One Control Anodized Brown (brown sound distortion) J. Rockett APE (Echoplex type voltage boosted pre-amp with loop for delay pedal) So far only the Mac and the Rail has arrived. I haven't hooked up the mac yet. But I have rocked the Rail. Wow, it's tasty! Goes from tame light crunch, through to a nice wild gated fuzz. I've discovered that I should have waited for the Rail to arrive before ordering yet another drive in the Anodized Brown, but hey i'll have all the drive I need between these two and the Earthquaker Plumes (TS-ish).
  6. So sweet. I would jump on this in a heartbeat if I needed another amp. Still tempted... I have an Allen built Old Flame head w/ 2x12 cab and it’s my favourite ever amp. That’s a “Super” at 40 watts and a “Deluxe” at 25 watts (tube changes and rebiasing required for that). The Reverb is killer. The Raw Knob is great. Helps it get very close to the 67 Bassman I had before it. Such nice amp drive/crunch. This here would be my ultimate Princeton/small amp. good luck with the sale and advanced congrats to the buyer. I’m jealous
  7. '92 Gibson Les Paul Special (Cherry with Gravelin P-90s) '05 Hamer Studio Custom ('59 Burst w Sheptone pups) Matt-o-Caster (Parts build, Emerald Green stained swamp ash Cabronita-style with TV Jones Powertron+ and Gravelin Dynosonic style filtertron) Fender American Performer Jazzmaster (Lake Placid Blue, Novak WR-JM in bridge, Super Vee Bladerunner trem) G&L Doheny (Emerald Green sparkle w/ Racing Stripe & matching headstock) No guns, other than my biceps......which are like Derringers.
  8. Sorry, shits been wacky, right? There is amp gain that's quite nice. It's low gain, but nice on it's own and real nice to stack into. Basic tonality comparison - The cleans, to my ears, sound like a Deluxe Reverb. Add a verb effect and you're in that ballpark. I frequently pair it with a Super Reverb for some stereo fun and I mostly keep it clean, which is against most of my other instincts for playing. But when I use a drive in front, I have enjoyed every loving minute. I haven't tried any sort of Vox or Blackface flavoured pedals in front, but I would be confident in it's ability to work well with either and beyond. It is a fantastic pedal platform. I have had great success with everything I have thrown at it. TS-type stuff, Marshall flavours, Fuzz (clean amp and dirty). All great. The PT15 also looks great, but seems a bit more complicated and the price too is not nearly as friendly. The Revv's are made in Canada, so that's a plus for me. Pete Thorn being a Canuck is cool, but Suhr stuff is beyond my rational reach. Yeah the G20 is more high gain oriented, but of course you don't have to crank the gain. It's cool/different for the midi capabilities. You can set multiple voicings, as many as you can program/your controller can handle. You can set the gain type (or clean signal), cab sim and reverb for each voicing. I may have gone for that had it been out when I got the D20, but I don't need the super high gain stuff.
  9. Great guitars. Had a USA so cal in Pagan Gold. I regret selling it, but I didn’t appreciate Floyd’s (I still think they’re fugly). It was a new old stock that was marked down severely. They slow released the different finish options. Some sold, some were gold and their sales went cold
  10. Congrats! They are great. Sound great, good level of flexibility. Enjoy!
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