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  1. Almost worth it in parts alone. Bet this is a fun ride.
  2. Nice. Unfortunately not Birdseye, but a very nice quilt.
  3. Thank you! It doesn’t seem to cause any other issues at the moment. I’ll keep an eye and ear on things in case they change or worsen. much appreciated
  4. Oh, no ringing. Just the thump coming through the speaker.
  5. It also happens with anything other than the phone, yes. I had minimal gain. But the master was up loud and clean.
  6. Weird issue, or maybe not but how I came across it kinda was. I have a Revv D20 (20 watts 6v6s with Two Notes Torpedo built into it) on my computer desk, running into my DAW and also out to a cabinet behind me. Just now, I was playing, put my phone down on my desk and heard a much louder thump than expected. Turns out is coming out of my cabinet behind me. Guitar is muted through a tuner and volume rolled back all the way. So it's not that. I do it again just to confirm. It seems to be the phone making the amp do that. Any tap on the desk or amp itself, for that matter. Gu
  7. Cool! Love the look of that one. I had and Orangutan Jr. from Bubs that was an awesome amp. Just wasn’t enough headroom for what I needed to play in the band I was with. I’d love to try one of their higher powered heads someday. I need more sparkly cleans!!
  8. This particular Super Vee is the for 6 screw set-up.
  9. I do have a standard Strat trem from a US Performer Jazzmaster and all the bits for it (I think. Will have to double check) also have a Blade Runner Super Vee available. In the Great White North though, if that’s a detractor for you (possible shipping delays) DM if interested. Not offended if you want to wait for other opportunities within the States.
  10. Looks good! What is it? Some sort of "tweed stack" flavoured thingy?
  11. Damn that's awesome. Amazing snag. Any more of these floating around at that price, let alone just at all?? Lol! Dang it.
  12. Ah man, that sucks. I was hoping it was the pillow that fell... I scratched and dented a new car the day I picked it up. Grabbed the car, then went to reward myself with lunch at Dairy Queen. Opened the door, and the crazy wind caught it and slammed it into the light standard. I was kind of relieved to have the first one out of the way so quickly , but man did it ever impact the value of my Bugatti (I mean Corolla).
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