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  1. You can see a serial number on the picture that shows the entire back of the guitar. Can't make out what the number is, but there is a number.
  2. Its gone up and down as he pulls and re-lists it. That was the price before he pulled it last time and re-listed at $1599.
  3. https://reverb.com/item/38157416-hamer-usa-studio-custom-goldtop-1996-goldtop What do you think? It always catches my eye when I search Reverb. It was pulled not too long ago and then re-posted. The price doesn't seem crazy and the seller has moved some other Hamers recently. Just curious if anyone sees any red flags that I don't. Thanks J
  4. Very cool. Don't know what I would do with one, but I still think they are cool. GLWTS
  5. U2 - Zoo TV in Chicago. An all out assault of the senses. Incredible show. U2 - All that You Can't Leave Behind Tour. Again an incredible show. Paul Simon Graceland Tour Tommy Emmanuel - Small club. Mind blowing. Life changing event for me. Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives - same small club. What a bunch of showmen.
  6. Clapton Behind the Sun Tour in Chicago. He played halfheartedly. I spent more time trying to get out of the parking lot than he did onstage. Read in the paper the next day that he went into the city and jammed with Blues guys into the wee small hours. Los Lobos - twice. The first time was in Chicago in the mid 90s. I like loud music, but they were playing at ear splitting levels and we ended up leaving early for our health. Second time was a few years ago in NC. The show was poorly advertised and the theater wasn't even a quarter full. They were clearly not happy. They played a song off of This Time and we all cheered. After the song, Cesar said pretty sarcastically "Oh. You guys are familiar with our music?" Tedeschi Trucks, also in NC. I was really looking forward to the show and they were just flat. Susan seemed really tired. At one point, she literally said "B.B. King died. So there's that......."
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