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  1. Learning a new lick is always good, but I swapped out a tapered pot metal block for a Guitarfetish steel block on a guitar for a friend at work. The new block was a noticeable improvement in tone. https://www.guitarfetish.com/Upgrade-Steel-and-Brass-Tremolo-Blocks_c_219.html Steel is $21.95, brass is $24.95.
  2. Green may not be the most popular guitar color, but when it's done right, it's as good as anything. And this is DONE RIGHT! Congrats!!
  3. Don’t let me post after my first glass of wine!
  4. A 500k pot for the tone and/or volume should tame the treble.
  5. Gravelin Charlotte https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/83596-gravelin-pickups-charlotte-and-schlabotnikults-limited-hfc-discount/
  6. Great wood choices, obviously, but what caught my eye were the Hipshot tuners. Not sure why - they just look like they "belong"... Fantabulous! 😀
  7. Was this guitar in the "The Book"? If it wasn't, it shoulda been. Yowza!! GLWTS
  8. aknapp


    That will look AMAZING after it’s carved!
  9. The top looks even better after bevelling. Stunning!!!
  10. The boy who cried wolf? Again? Hmmmmm, maybe the next thread, no one reads....
  11. I was going to say something similar...the Porsche really can be used as a daily driver and be reliable and last forever with very little maintenance compared to a Ferrari. A Ferrari V12 going through a tunnel, though......mmmmmmmmm! Back on topic.....
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