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  1. aknapp

    Sweetness in Sweden - #0077 lands!

    Great wood choices, obviously, but what caught my eye were the Hipshot tuners. Not sure why - they just look like they "belong"... Fantabulous! ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Was this guitar in the "The Book"? If it wasn't, it shoulda been. Yowza!! GLWTS
  3. You're KILLING me with these loaded pickguards... Great stuff - GLWTS
  4. aknapp


    That will look AMAZING after itโ€™s carved!
  5. aknapp

    Pickups repair

    I've never heard a negative comment about Josh or his pickups. We are fortunate to have him as part of the HFC family. Josh could certainly be a poster boy candidate for "Minnesota Nice".
  6. aknapp

    #81, a different but cool build

    The top looks even better after bevelling. Stunning!!!
  7. aknapp

    Sunburst Pickup Tweak?

    That would brighten the tone for sure. If you're handy with a soldering iron,, you could replace the tone control with a 1 Meg pot and/or experiment with different values for the capacitor.
  8. I think I have some nickel plated ferrules. I'll check when I get home. What color knobs are you looking for?
  9. aknapp

    Oh Henry, Just STFU

  10. Sounds terrific - Well done, sir!
  11. aknapp

    Unusual new build teaser

    Great personalization - the army strap is nice touch.
  12. 60โ€™s neck profile?
  13. The boy who cried wolf? Again? Hmmmmm, maybe the next thread, no one reads....