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  1. My Special is baby-poo yellow, too. Not the best color Hamer ever used, but with a pickup swap (Zhangbucker P90s), mine also sounds fantastic.
  2. This perfectly describes the set of Firebird pickups Josh wound for me.
  3. I was going to say something similar...the Porsche really can be used as a daily driver and be reliable and last forever with very little maintenance compared to a Ferrari. A Ferrari V12 going through a tunnel, though......mmmmmmmmm! Back on topic.....
  4. Funny...every time I see a Prototype, I think of Bubs now.....
  5. I'm happy Mike's business is off to a ROUSING start, but I wonder if part of him is saying: " HOLY F*CK! What did I just get myself into? I had no idea there would be this much interest!" Regardless, what a great problem to have when starting a new business.
  6. 2nd run here - you'll have to wait for the NGD to find out what it is.
  7. Congrats and best of luck with the new endeavor. I just noticed on the quote page: Bridge Stop/Tunamatic Sustainblock String Through/Tunamatic Trem (please specify in description) Other (please specify in description) Wait...what was #2? Sustainblock? SUSTAINBLOCK?!?!?
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