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    '78 Hamer Sunburst w/ Dan Armstrong headstock, Dean Boca 12-String Electric Dual Humbucker, Fender Accoustic 12-String Cutaway Dreadnought
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    Rocktron Twin 8
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    Some Boss pedals

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  1. OOPS! Sorry people... I tried to post a pic of my '78 Sunburst w/ Dan Armstrong headstock but.....No Go!! Finally!!
  2. PM sent Bruce, did you get my PM? Gettin' real antsy on this end!!
  3. 55 here. Look 42, 43 maybe? Feel 26, 27 mentally! Good tune choice, raymund! How about 'Happy Jack' and 'Substitute'?
  4. Hey John (peedenmark7), I didn't feel like starting a new topic, and this is a total non-sequitor to the above topic BUT.... I believe you may have beaten me out on a bid for a set of 6 Vintage Grover Bulls-Eye Tuners months ago. You wouldn't be inclined to sell them to me, would you? I really only need one (1), but I'm sure you wouldn't want to break up the set. I wouldn't. The only thing missing on my '78 Sunburst is one of the bulls-eye tuner post caps. Let me know.
  5. Jisham, Just took a look at your web page. You can actually play the geetar! Great pics!!
  6. I'm ready to let it go now, H&S2. Just wanted to let you see that "Funny" is a pretty objective AND subjective word. Shit, I thought my comments about you were HILARIOUS!.....Kidding!
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