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  1. Ooh…. That Tokai is NOICE…. 🤤 If I hadn’t just picked up a new guitar a couple weeks ago… GLWTS
  2. Dudes…. This is a great price for this amp with those mods. Build quality is top notch. Somebody please buy this. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Illini alum here, too. Not a Hamer but, at least it’s blue. Homemade Esquire partscaster…
  4. Just for point of reference, this was the one I sold next to the one I just picked up… The old one had a much better horizontal flame while the new one has a lot more going on vertically. And I just dropped in one of Josh’s pickups into the bridge so it immediately kills totally….
  5. Had a little bit of time before lunch today so I decided to do a pickup swap. Yanked the stock JB out of the bridge and replaced it with a pickup @JGravelin wound for me. The Gravelin (with raw nickel cover) was originally for a project that has since stalled so I figured, why the hell not…? I only had about 5 minutes to plug it into my little Yamaha THR practice amp to make sure all the connections were solid. Uh…. WOW!!! The harmonics just jumped out of this thing effortlessly. Sustain for days… I was originally thinking of putting some HB sized P90’s into this one to differentiate it even more from my Mirage II. But, now…. We’ll see…. Obviously need some more time with this before I make any decisions. But, I can already tell that this is another winner from our very own master wonder Josh.
  6. I remember seeing pics of that one. It had an insane top on it.
  7. Glad it made it. Note to self, mummify the tote in duct tape on the outside and add more “filler” on the inside…
  8. Thanks! And yes, the Mirages have volutes. They are the only model I’ve owned or played that’s has been constructed that way and I’ve had the good fortune of playing a decent variety of models thru the years. They don’t get in my way and I find that sometimes I even anchor my thumb on the volute when playing certain things on the first few frets.
  9. Looks like the upper horn of a BC Rich Warlock, to me…
  10. Mmm, very nice! Congrats on the score! Anxiously awaiting a full tone report.
  11. What he said…. ^^^^ And in all honesty, the blended heel on the I is way cool, but the standard heel on the II/maple top doesn’t hinder upper fret playability at all.
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