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  1. Travis


    I like the way you think. did you have the build Considerate of the inherent brightness of the sustain block bridge? Chambered body, different pickup magnets/wind, etc? if it sounds half as good as it looks it’ll be an absolute winner. Congrats, man.
  2. Damn. Give the devil his due, brother. RIP.
  3. Travis


    Outstanding... 🤤
  4. Got any old pics of #2? I’d love to see them if you do...
  5. So glad you’re still here with us. Best wishes for your recovery.
  6. I was looking at picking up one of those Yamaha THR amps for low volume practice when the family is sleeping. Buddy of mine got a spark last week. My brother has the Roland cube that runs on batteries. So many options...
  7. Probably for the best. Maybe I should just build a 1x12” extension cab... 🤔
  8. The amp itself is probably worth $50 on the used market, maybe $100 if I take advantage of someone who doesn’t know any better. But, there is some sentimental value to it, which is why I still have it after all of these years. I started with the EQ completely flat with bass/mid/treble all at 12:00 and contoured the tone on the pedal. I did end up boosting the bass on the amp trying to get a bit more low end. Didn’t do much. It will definitely serve its purpose as-is, in that I can hear what I’m playing and I was very surprised at how “not awful” it sounded. Now, as a gear nerd, I always want it to sound better. it does seem like the amp is a solid pedal platform with a clean that is well more than adequate for my purposes and would probably do well enough for a gig. While I can do a ton with pedals, I do absolutely feel that the speaker is the weak point. I don't HAVE to have this amp sound “amazing” but if I can get it to sound significantly better for $100 or less, then I’ll do that all day long. I’ll more than likely try it with the manowar and vintage 30 I have just to see what kind of difference a speaker will make. Then I’ll explore other speaker options at that time...
  9. I ripped the active boost circuit out of my Charvel 650xl years ago. I’d vote that knob be the one to go...
  10. I mean, you could rout it for a neck pickup and put a new neck on it... 😜
  11. You know, I did a search for his sale thread before posting this but I didn’t find it. Wonder if he deleted it or else I’m not the worlds greatest detective...
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