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  1. Yeah, having only seem them online and seeing their list prices, I was not immediately turned on. I really like some of their interpretations of the classics. But none of them inspired me to look past a used Hamer. Just wondering if anyone had a different experience.
  2. I know a few on here have Friedman amps. I’ve lusted after one for a while. Got a chance to play a Pink Taco a few weeks ago. It ruled. However... the Friedman brand also makes guitars. These are made by Grover Jackson who made two of the most iconic of all rock guitars: Randy’s Concorde and Eddie’s bumblebee. while I’m not a huge fan of the relic finishes, there are some models/specs that I’m really digging. Anyone have any experience with these guitars?
  3. Yup. Totally get you there. I wanted the fat feel for sure. But I also like that thickness that comes from more wood vibrating. Told josh what body wood, bridge and neck I was using and what I was looking for with the sound. He wound the pickup accordingly. I think once I get it slapped together it’s gonna kill. only thing I have left to decide is whether I’ll use a pick guard or not, and what style if I do. Sound familiar...? 😉
  4. Which specs on your allparts neck? I just ordered an unfinished FAT tele neck with tall frets from allparts earlier today for my Esquire build. Gonna slap a couple coats of tru oil on it and scuff it down to a satin feel.
  5. Ahhh! and the inline 6 headstock... Great grab on that one
  6. But trombones on the other hand... the rustier the better...
  7. I seriously cannot stop staring at these pics. This outline is absolutely amazing.... I could see myself getting several “Paris customs” in different configurations. 1) thank you for creating this shape 2) damn you for creating this shape
  8. Oh, sweet Jesus, my pants just got tight... Is that particular shaping to the single cut proprietary or is that being offered as an option now? Those lines are PERFECT!
  9. Looks fantastic. Congrats! and I suspect there’s at least one member on here who is eternally grateful you’re wearing shoes...
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