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  1. But it’s not like Geddy Lee was known for playing it...
  2. I just told my wife that rick Nielsen bought Geddy Lee’s 1959 Les Paul at Mecum for $215,000. she looked at me and said, “do we have that guitar?” me: “do we have a 1959 Les Paul....? no...” wife: “I thought maybe if we had that then you should sell it...”
  3. It starts out tight but really opens up the harder you push it. It’s great for when you need something dirty but it’s not everyone’s favorite. Best if you start with heavy saturation and then slide it in the chain on the backend...
  4. They’re hitting St Louis, Grand Rapids and Detroit but not Chicago. Wtf...?
  5. This is good for me as 2020 is the year I return to buying. I did most of my flipping and selling from ‘04-‘10. I’ve since been disciplined enough to research ad nauseum before buying. This increases the likelihood I’ll keep what I buy for a long time. It also increases the likelihood that all y’all get real tired of my questions as I gather as much info as possible...
  6. Been watching several clips of this amp on them there YouTube’s. Sounds like a fantastic clean amp with some low to medium gain push for classic rock tones. How does it handle pedals?
  7. I know nothing of Eastman guitars. I’m reading conflicting information. Are these solid body electrics made in the US or imported...?
  8. Anyone have any experience with them? https://www.eastmanguitars.com/electric_solid_body the juniors with Lollar pickups they just put out look really tempting to me right now...
  9. 6L6’s? EL84’s? you tubes? boob tubes? Eustachian tubes? Fallopian tubes...?
  10. Shouldn’t HFC pricing be $350 plus $3245 shipping? Super sweet guitar. GLWTS
  11. Currently all of my guitars are 25.5” I am aligned with your reasoning...
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