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  1. Really...? I thought the strathead’s outnumbered the pointy headstocks in the 80’s because the charvels were more of the hot rodded strat while the Jacksons were designated the “super strat” with the soloist and dinky bodies... hey, I guess you learn something new everyday...
  2. I see what you did there. What I meant was that some of them were pointy headstock compared to the majority that were strathead. All USA Charvels had the 3+3 logo regardless of being strathead or pointy.
  3. Were you there on the first night or the 2nd night? i was there rhe 2nd night and didn’t think they were that awful. Got one of eddie’s picks also, still have it. Guy I used to know was a huge VH fan and saw them on the first night. Said Eddie was hammered and played like shit. I saw them twice on the balance tour, first time around at Rosemont Horizon (now Allstate arena with our lady peace and collective soul opening) then in the summer at the world (now Hollywood casino amphitheater with Skid Row opening)
  4. Here’s a Japanese made model series logo to compare.
  5. Charvel used 3 main logo designs over the years. The original San Dimas charvels of the 80’s with the strat headstocks and some pointies used the logo in that picture, with 3-on-a-side tuners at the end of the guitar shaped “Charvel” The 80’s Japanese made “model series” which were pointy headstock shapes like Jackson’s switched to a logo with 6-on-a-side tuners that resembled the actual headstock. The early 90’s “toothpaste” logo switched to using the name “Charvel” in the same script as Jackson on the headstock like on my 650xl in the original post.
  6. I saw Sammy in St. Louis with Van Halen on their reunion tour in ‘05 (I think it was...?) He does love the St. Louis crowd...
  7. This album cover was the first time I ever saw a scarab. In fact, to this day I’ve never seen one in person...
  8. I can’t do Saturday. But I could head over there Sunday if anyone wants to meet up.
  9. Finally got the Charvel all wired up, adjusted the truss rod and set the intonation. Had a chance to run it through the amp uninterrupted for a little over an hour as well. It’s wired to a 5-way superswitch with a master tone (.022 cap) and a master volume push/pull which will split the bridge pickup. That way I can pair the middle single coil with either the full humbucker or just the slug coil. The A5 Mongoose @JGravelin wound for me fits this guitar perfectly. It’s hot but not too much to overpower the single coils. Harmonics are effortless. Great crunch for rhythm work and the leads just sing. Rolling off the tone while on the bridge pickup gives me some near neck pickup sounds. The single coils are super clear and articulate. Great strat tone and super quiet when pairing the neck and middle pickups together. They handle clean duty with ease and work really well with some light gain as well. Pushing the amp with medium to high gain and then rolling off the volume on the guitar, the guitar cleans up perfectly. May never need more than a single channel amp with this guitar. Someone else said in a different thread that if you don’t have some of josh’s pickups in at least one guitar, you’re doing something wrong. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Josh, you did a fantastic job on these pickups and I can’t wait to decide what I’ll have you wind for me next. Thanks again and thanks for the tech support.
  10. It had crossed my mind. I think it’s more nostalgia than truly wanting to get it back. There are a few guitars I look back on having that I sometimes wish I hadn’t sold. That special FM and my ‘97 mahogany standard are two of them...
  11. One of my favorite neck pickups of all time. Love the DD in the neck of my Tally. GLWTS
  12. This is my old Special FM and it was a beast of a guitar. Anyone here get this one...? https://reverb.com/item/23258077-hamer-special-fm-1995-aztec-gold
  13. Dave played BC Rich early on in his Metallica days. He played a Bich quite a bit. If I remember correctly, it was a 10 string he stung up as a 6 string.
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