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  1. I keep telling myself that I have no need for a full stack and that the half stack I use maybe once a year is more than enough. And then I keep coming back to this thread and staring at your picture... 🤤🤤🤤
  2. Love that paisley pick guard. Tell us more about the pickups. Some of Josh’s stock offerings or something extra custom just for you...?
  3. Love the look of the Mirage. Did you change the tuners over to black as well? I went with nickel for the MannMade bridge on my Mirage II because it went well with the nickel covered pickups. When I finally get around to replacing the bridge on my Mirage I maybe I’ll go with black as well... 🤔
  4. Mirage 2 before and after. Had Josh rewind the stock JB/59 so you’d have to tear the pickups apart to tell the difference. He switched the 59 over to an A4 magnet so it keeps the chime with its cleans and remains clear as a bell under higher gains for leads but loses the woofiness that I’ve always heard from the 59. I don’t remember what exactly he did to the JB but it went from “meh” to “my god!” The one minor tweak you *can* see is the installation of the MannMade vintage trem. HUGE improvement over the stock Wilkinson VSV. I never had a problem with the Wilky. It worked fine for me. I
  5. Yes. The Diablo 2’s had the middle single coil. Regular Diablos were H/H.
  6. Those look fantastic! I love the idea of a cabronita/Esquire set up. And those Allparts FAT tele necks are killer. I’ve got a fat tele and a fat strat neck on a couple of my builds. Love that thick profile. I’ll be very anxiously awaiting updates pics of the #2 build as it nears completion.
  7. I played Vector #69 for a few minutes back in St Louis around 2006-2007. I remember it feeling very nice. Good luck with your search.
  8. I, too, had an assigned front row seat on the bus when I was in junior high. To this day, I still don’t know what I did...
  9. Totally get it. I don’t NEED anything else at the moment, or probably ever. But that doesn’t stop the searching. In fact, I’ve found new ways of justifying the acquisition of new gear. I’m considering taking Egnator’s amp building class. Not only would I walk out with a cool new amp, but I also get an education and the pride of building it myself...
  10. That’s absolutely stunning. You’ve GOT to have it completed somehow...
  11. Yes, I believe the Diablos used 1 piece necks as opposed to Hamer’s typical 3 piece stressed neck construction. It was one way of bringing down the cost.
  12. Damn you... 2nd dibs... Have Mike take the body and finish it...?
  13. I love everything about it with the exception of one thing: the headstock. It just doesn’t look right. Dare I say that the Hamer headstock on the true to spec Les Paul body, from certain angles, looks like..... a Heritage...
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