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  1. Ugh... If that’s the one you’re selling, what are the ones you’re keeping...? Beautiful guitar. If it wasn’t for that first fret victory... 😜 J/K A tally pro is on my bucket list. Someday I’ll grab one to match my amateur tally...
  2. Based on Stern’s interview of Wolf, Joe Rogan interrupts his guests way more than Howard now...
  3. Thanks for that! I’ve been watching baritone guitar videos for the past hour and I heard this guy’s name mentioned but I hadn’t come to any of his music yet. This is killer!
  4. The stern interview was actually pretty good, I thought. Howard was way more courteous to Wolfgang about letting him speak uninterrupted than most of his other guests. Granted, I haven’t listened to stern in years so I don’t know if he’s gradually backed down and let more of his guests speak without interruption. Wolf talked about his solo project a good amount and Howard played two songs from the upcoming album.
  5. Ooohh... what about a baritone/extended scale...? Don’t have to figure out that extra string or worry about the extra width of the neck when switching between 6 & 7. Always wanted to try the Monaco Subtone. Never seen one of those in the wild. This could be something...
  6. Wait... this is an option? i had a couple of Ibanez 7-strings years ago but sold both because the necks were too flat for my taste. i now have an idea for a second order... 🤔
  7. I’d be down for something. And have no problem paying in advance.
  8. Killer stuff. GLWTS you want this in the FS section instead of the outer circle..?
  9. ARGH... if those necks were a bit bigger I’d be all over one of those. Had it in my mind to pick up a beater special for a while now... GLWTS
  10. Yeah... we need to X-ray that guitar... 😉
  11. THIS.... as I’m in the process of building a Tele and I foolishly let go a diablo years ago...
  12. Nice diablo! I had one of those years ago in a dark trans red. Regular headstock and black hardware. Bigger than average neck and it played great. Only got rid of it cuz I was getting out of Floyds. It was probably the beer at the time for me, too...
  13. Congrats on the trade! Pics, please! If you want to know what the chambering is like, feel free to send it on over and I’ll X-ray it for you. No charge. 😜
  14. Yes, Duncan could and would make double cream, but only if they left the factory with a cover on them. Seth Lovers were very routinely double cream. But not always... About 12-13 years ago the Seymour Duncan users group forum got together and had a custom shop pickup wound to spec, a 10k hot PAF style: the “Brobucker”. They came in double cream with a very lightly soldered cover on them. I had 2, one of which kept the cover and one I removed for the double cream. It was the best pickup I had ever played until I started having Josh wind my pickups. After a couple sets of his, I sold bo
  15. Interesting pickup arrangement... Can’t say I’d be getting one. Seems like it’s trying to be a little bit of everything. Which usually means it’s not very good at any of them... Maybe I’m wrong. One of you guys getting one can let me know.
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