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    Current Hamers: ‘07 Talladega, ‘94 Mirage I, ‘97 Mirage II
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    Peavey 5150, Budda SuperDrive 30
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    Full tone Supa Trem, Guyatone Delay, EVH Phase 90, Fulltone Fat Boost, Lovepedal Black Glass OC42 BBB, Lovepedal Eternity Burst Handwired, Lovepedal Black Mamba Tchula, Boss DS-1, Tone Bone Hot British, T-Rex Roommate Jr Reverb

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    Doctor of Chiropractic, father, husband, lover of beer, whiskey, strength training and guitars.

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  1. I came back the other night with the same thing. My wife (the boss) was not as enthusiastic…
  2. My old ‘01 Artist Korina had that carve and it was the perfect “C” carve. Only neck I’ve liked better over the years has been my Talladega with the V shape. Someone needs to get this before I sell stuff to fund it. Or…. Maybe I cancel the vacation the wife and I are taking in two weeks and pay for it outright…. 😂
  3. I remember that one from way back. I believe that’s Mobster’s (old HFC member) Sexy guitar…
  4. Oh, F me…. I’m gonna have to bust out my book tomorrow morning first thing and see this shit for real…
  5. Wait…. Flamed Scarab…? As in a Scarab with a flame maple top/body…? I’ve only ever seen them in solid colors. Please explain…
  6. Well, whether it’s a 2008 or a 2013, it’s a fantastic looking guitar. And if it plays anything like my ‘07 Talladega then you’ve got yourself a true top shelf guitar there. Enjoy!
  7. Well…. It already had the wrong headstock. Couldn’t screw it up any more… 😂
  8. Two words: Josh Gravelin… 😂
  9. @JGravelinis a wizard in the pickup department. I’ve got his sets in all but one of my guitars. He’s the man.
  10. Wow, that’s light… Should be a winner based on those numbers.
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