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  1. So, that means your junior is up for grabs...? DIBS!!!
  2. Either way, a mid 90’s special FM is worth way more than the asking price. That being said, I bought and sold my ‘95 special FM (with an insane flame top) for the mid $500’s back in the day. Which was a Wednesday, btw... still an insane player and sounded phenomenal. One of the few I regret selling.
  3. Maybe we need to have a sticky post on dibs and the proper etiquette...
  4. Almost...? When it crosses over to absolutely obsolete, let me know. In other words, dibs...
  5. I feel like you can’t do it anywhere other than the Dead Sea...
  6. Exactly. The guy who called “dibs” gets to know first, then the notification can go about like a phone tree of sorts...
  7. Personally, I just don’t get black binding with a dark fretboard wood. The contrast just isn’t enough for me. I like the black binding with the mahogany/zebrawood (love examples of black binding with mahogany/Koa I’ve seen). I’m sure this is a killer playing and sounding guitar but some of the choices on custom touches don’t align with my reasoning.
  8. My Charvel 650xl It was my first pro level guitar, a gift from my dad when I was 13. If my son doesn’t want it and I go early I told @JGravelin it’ll go to him because of the phenomenal pickups he wound for it. Next would be my ‘94 Mirage, also a gift from my dad.
  9. I could offer a supplement to her diet...
  10. She looks better now than she did then...
  11. The mahogany flame on the back and neck has me more impressed than the zebra wood veneer top. That is just sick...
  12. I’m about 30 minutes away. If you really want it I can help you out with it.
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