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  1. You had me at “chunky neck” That’s gorgeous.
  2. For those of you that use single coils or P90’s: what kind of noise suppressors do you use and where in your signal chain do you use them? i recently put the stock DD pickup back in my Talladega and I’m really digging the tone. I’ve always loved the neck pickup tone, probably the best neck pickup in my experience ever... my question is this: for higher gain settings, what noise suppressors do you use and how, to tame your 60 cycle hum? Or, do you just get really good at turning the guitar volume knob down super fast...? asking for a friend...
  3. I made a joke the other week about the increase of gun sales being for the purpose of protecting the toilet paper supplies stocked up by the hoarders. Now I have a face to the name... 😜
  4. Yes, I much preferred zakk’s older stuff from No Rest for the Wicked and No More Tears. A couple of his earlier BLS albums are decent but I agree with the “parody of himself” statement. Guy sure can play, tho. I watched that Live and Loud VHS so many times, had the double CD as well, with the speaker grill cover... always liked that guitar he played in the video you posted. Wasn’t his normal Les Paul. Always figured it was a dean because of the split headstock, now I’m not so sure. The Split shape is a little different and it’s not a Cadillac... Any idea which make/model it is...?
  5. Uh... what’s been happening close to home...?
  6. Plus, the headstock shape is wrong, proportions are way off.
  7. Mmm... I’m liking the mirage I and that burst mirage maple top in the lower right, next to a special fm that looks a lot like one I used to have.
  8. Ahhh!!! P90’s and a wrap tail. Boner....
  9. My thoughts exactly!
  10. How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb? none. The keyboard player can do it with his left hand... ba dum psss...
  11. YES! The Mirages are perfect mod platforms. So far I’ve only don’t pickup and bridge replacements to mine so they could conceivably be brought back to stock. But I do have more ambitious ideas for the future...
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