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    Current Hamers: ‘07 Talladega, ‘94 Mirage I, ‘97 Mirage II
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  1. Nobody? No partscasters being slapped together currently?
  2. How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb? none. The keyboard player can do it with his left hand...
  3. You and me both, brother. My Talladega V-neck is my favorite of all time. I wonder if our hand size has anything to do with us both preferring 10-52 gauge strings tuned to E-flat...
  4. No clue. My old prototype I built from a stripped chassis. Got the guitar completely stripped of everything, it was just the body and neck, maybe the tuners, too. I sourced everything else out and wired it all myself. You know, back when you could get a sustain block bridge for less than the cost of your first born... Another one of my Hamers I probably never should’ve sold...
  5. Great, this is all I needed to muddy my amp buying waters... Checking out his website. These look fantastic and priced very affordably.
  6. I would have no problem putting my beverages into a Hamer/HFC logo’d one of those...
  7. LOVE that maple board! Good on you, sir.
  8. Oof... that is one of my grail guitars. But no, I need a new amp first... GLWTS
  9. Pickups chosen. Parts ordered. And now we wait for josh to work his magic...
  10. I remember that mirage and it’s actually the inspiration for what I’ve been thinking. I asked Josh how close to a P90 he could get sticking with a single coil size. He said he could get some single coils done up with a p90 vibe. That’s where I’m leaning. this mirage was my very first Hamer, a ‘94 bought new in January ‘95 for me by my dad. I can’t bring myself to route it. After I pick up another mirage maple top to complete my trilogy (since I foolishly sold an insanely figured maple top years ago) I might look for another Mirage I to mod heavily...
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