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  1. Not to Hijack the thread here but does this conversion require anything more than a new nut and a truss adjustment? Dan
  2. Thanks for all the information - It is much appreciated! Dan
  3. The tuner buttons on my '50's Gretch lap steel guitar are, for lack of a better description, melting. Anyone have an idea about how to slow or stopping this disintegration? I seem to recall reading that the old kluson knobs did this too but I can't remember where I read it or if there was a fix. Any help is appreciated Dan
  4. "I love the way you smack my ass...." Puddle of Mud "Elvis was a hero to most But thats beside the point A black man taught him how to sing And then he was crowned king The pelvis of Elvis Too dangerous for the masses They cleaned him up and sent him to Vegas Now the masses are his slave Slave? slave Yes, even from the grave...." Elvis is dead - Living Colour
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