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  1. Wife, daughter, and I throwing darts, and listening to Live @ Budokan tonight.
  2. WOW! I'm just floored by these guitar pics. If they sound and play as good as they look, then The Shish is gonna busy filling out new orders for quite a while. To the new owners, ENJOY!
  3. Wife & kids got me an iPad 2 Air 64GB. Love it! And I got a Keurig coffee maker. Java time. ☕️
  4. That's just way too cool ! Ole Bill would be shitting a brick if he knew Paul Hamer was handling his guitar. Or maybe he is.
  5. The Sweet version sounded pretty good. Sounded like Steve Priest on the spoken parts. That's usually his M.O. Sweet must have been returning the favor, since Ace covered Fox On The Run, a couple of years ago.
  6. Ace did alright. The Roots probably only practiced the song a couple of times. Not that it's a tough one to play. But he didn't get to play the lead at the end of the song, like he usually does, because The Roots, obviously didn't go into the break. In my mind, I compared it to Rob Halford performing with Earth Wind & Fire. Just doesn't go together.
  7. After watching the 0017 slideshow, I feel like this ....
  8. Well ... just got logged in for the the first time today, and a new guitar company has been announced, AND sold out their first run of gits. AWESOME ! I guess I'm glad I got in late, because now I don't have stress out over trying to swing one of these, right now. The king is dead ... Long Live The King.
  9. 2 Standards ??!! You're doing it RIGHT ! Congrats on a great looking pair.
  10. Nice. And I'm digging the zebra skin rug, too.
  11. It's a good thing that was the last Hamer, cause there ain't no way they could have topped it. (IMHO) What bad-ass bitchin' Standard. Perfect. Congrats on one of the coolest Hamers Evah!!!
  12. I mean look at that thing. It's gorgeous, (the guitar that is ). What kind of a corporate rube says, "Hey ... lets quit making these things." (If I could have ever custom ordered a Standard ... it'd be just like that.)
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